Chandragupta Maurya 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Gets Chandragupta And Durdhara’s Wedding Invitation

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Chandragupta Maurya 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta asks Chanakya if Dhananand will attending his sister’s wedding, especially if it is with his ardent enemy Chandragupta. Chanakya says Dhananand will definitely come to stop it; they will take revenge from Dhananand for stopping 14 janpad chiefs from attending Malayketu’s coronation ceremony and if they perform wedding at Piplivan palace, that would be ice on cake. Chandragupta says then he must be asking Durdhara to write invitation. Durdhara writes invitation asking Dhananand to meet her at a specific spot. Chanakya hopes Dhananand identifies her handwriting. Durdhara says very much. Dhananand with Amartyya Rakshas travels towards Durdhara’s told specific spot discussing how to kill Chandragupta. They stop seeing Chanakya. Dhananand shouts he knew it is wicked brahmin Chanakya’s plan and orders soldiers to kill him. Chanakya says he has a special invite for him and throws message tied to a spearhead in front of Dhananand. Dhananand reads message that Durdhara and Chandragupta’s wedding will be held after 4 days at Piplivan palace. Dhananand shouts in anger. Chanakya creates fire and escapes. Chandragupta and Mura wait aside noticing Dhananand’s reaction. Tarini watches them hiding behind tree. Chandragupta notices someone behind tree and informs Chanakya, but finds no one there. He gets suspicious on her.

Chandragupta informs his plan about entering Piplivan to Sthul when Sthul sees Durdhara coming towards them and runs away acting as rushing to washroom. Durdhara walks to Chandragupta and says Sthul went away seeing her and asks which color dress to wear during her wedding. Chandragupta says whichever she likes. She gets sad. He holds her hand and says he knows their wedding is happening under wrong circumstances, but as his life partner she should support him in every step. Tarini passes near them nervously telling she is searching pain oil for her leg. Durdhara says she has seen her, has she ever gone to Magadh or Pataliputra. Tarini says never and walks away. Chandragupta gets more suspicious on her and seeing her riding horse follows her. She gets out of her horse and walks into a cave and looking at someone’s painting says Chandragupta is doubting her and they need to execute their plan soon. Once she comes out of cave, she sees Chandragupta near her horse who asks if she has leg pain, then how can she ride horse, who is she. Tarini asks to move away from her way, else she will crush her. Chandragupta says not before revealing her true identity. Tarini says she is neither weak women or has memory loss, she is the one whose bitter past can burn anyone. Chandragupta thinks he will find out her truth and past soon.

Dhananand with Mahamartya returns back go Magadh. Mahamartya sees citizens reading a letter and checking it informs that Chandragupta has sent a proof of his existence to citizens with his wedding invitation. Dhananand asks to bring firewood on Magadh lanes, he will burn Chandragupta in front of citizens.

Precap: Mahamartya asks Dhananand to give his important news. Mahamartya says they have already started traveling. Dhananand says he is happy with his aide’s work.

Update Credit to: MA

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