Chandragupta Maurya 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Durdhara confesses everything in front of Moora

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Ambikumar shows a garden to Durdhara which he has made. It has the best flowers in the world. They are no match to your beauty though. She asks him if there is any place in Takshshila which she hasn’t been to. He says there are an Ashram and one more place. I don’t think you would like to go there. There isn’t anything worth seeing there. She keeps her hand on him as she convinces him to take her there. She thinks this is the perfect way to look for Moora and Chandragupta. She throws the flowers away as she goes with him. Someone is keeping an eye on them.

Amatya tells Dhananand that their spies are keeping an eye on Durdhara and they are everywhere she is going. Don’t worry about her. Dhananand says I am interested in knowing what is going on in her mind. What is her plan! Amatya

is confused. Dhananand says I know my sister well. She is surely up to something. She has refused so many good marriage proposals in the past. I cannot believe it that she fell for someone like Ambikumar! There is something which I fail to understand. Ask our spies to keep us informed about her every step. I want to know what she is thinking. Amatya agrees.

Chandragupta asks a soldier about Sthool. He shares that Sthool must be busy in preps. He is overlooking everything. Chandragupta thinks only Sthool can tell as to who attacked Dhananand. Dhananand blocks his way. Chandragupta clenches onto his sword angrily. Dhananand calls him soldier but then addresses him as Arya. Why do your eyes turn red with blood whenever you see me? There is some strange tension between us. Have we met before?

Durdhara couldn’t find Moora in hospital. Maybe she is hiding in the Ashram. Ambikumar asks her to come back to palace to rest for a while but she refuses. He asks her if he should bring the entire Ashram there. She keeps her hand on his and asks him to manage the spies sent by Amatya. Ambikumar tells the spies to tell Amatya that he is capable of protecting Durdhara. I will think of it to be an insult if you guys are seen around Durdhara again. They nod and leave. Durdhara has disappeared by the time he turns towards her. She is just like her brother.

Dhananand says I see everyone happy with the prospect of Durdhara’s marriage but I don’t see that in your eyes. I don’t recall if we have met before but there is a strange tension between us. You aren’t normal in front of me. Something is strange about you. You were the only one who caught Durdhara when everyone was looking for my attacker! A gem like you should be on my side. Name your price. I can give you whatever you will ask for. Chandragupta moves his hand away. Thank you for your offer but you cannot buy everything in the world like my love towards my master. It is unshakable. Even if you get me on your side, I might become a thorn in your way. Saying so, he walks away. Dhananand says I know how to get this thorn out of my way!

Sthool tells the soldiers to wear their new dresses. There is a wedding in the palace! Shipra calls out to Sthool as soldier but he points out that he is their leader. She says you aren’t a King though. She tells him what all is needed but he refuses to abide by the orders of a usual servant. She introduces herself to him. Sthool thinks of the past when they had wrapped her in a carpet. She slaps him to bring him out of his thoughts. The carpet should be pink! He jokes if she is still fond of carpets. She replies him in his style. Get all the items in the list. I have to decorate Durdhara’s room before she returns from Ashram! Sthool mimics her as she leaves. He thinks to reach the Ashram before they meet! He starts running and collides with Chandragupta. Chandragupta gets curious and follows him.

Moora is helping kids practise yoga. She hides seeing Durdhara. Durdhara asks about Moora from a guy. He tells her that there is no set time when she visits the Ashram. Durdhara mentally wishes Moora comes soon. Moora is sure Durdhara has come to meet her only. She turns to go stealthily but a kid stops her. She walks away but Durdhara overhears him calling out to Moora. She goes after Moora.

Chandragupta is still following Sthool. Sthool is shocked to see Ambikumar outside the Ashram. What is Durdhara up to? I have to get Ma out of there. I have to safeguard the backdoor so no one can enter from there.

Durdhara notices Moora and follows her. Sthool closes the backdoor using a giant lock. Chandragupta is unable to get past that door. What is going on here? I must find out! He climbs up.

Moora is shocked to see the door closed. She too starts climbing the door from the other side. Ambikumar notices Chandragupta and asks him to step down asap. Chandragupta complies. Ambikumar takes Chandragupta with him. Moora succeeds in escaping but finds herself facing Durdhara. Durdhara says it was very difficult to find you but I am glad to have finally found you, Maharani Moora. Moora glares at her. I know you came here to capture me. You think you will take me to your brother? I am ready to fight anyone. Call your army. I will see if you can take me to him or not! Durdhara tells her she is misunderstanding her but Moora refuses to fall in her trap. Durdhara asks her to kill her right away. No one is here. Kill me! Moora pushes her away as she was trying to hurt herself. Durdhara requests her to listen to her once.

Ambikumar asks Chandragupta why he was climbing that door. Chandragupta lies that he was practising. I agree that a treaty has been signed and a marriage is about to happen but a solider must be always prepared. I exercise wherever I am! You should also do it. Ambikumar tells him to not talk nonsense. Go and bring my wife. Chandragupta agrees. Do you really wish to marry her? She left you here alone already before marriage. What all can happen afterwards? Ambikumar tells him to do as instructed. Find her. Chandragupta leaves to find Durdhara. Ambikumar smiles. He knows nothing! Don’t know where Durdhara is. Why is she taking so much time?

Durdhara says I know that there hasn’t been a guy like my brother. It is difficult to trust me as I have always been on his side but time changes. People change. You son sowed the seed of change in me! He showed me the side of Samrat which I wasn’t aware of when he had held me captive. A flashback is shown. He kept telling me the same thing again and again but I was blind in my brother’s love. I realised it soon that he wasn’t lying to me. My brother’s real face was what Chandragupta had shown me! It was too late by the time I believed him. I am living with this guilt till date. I don’t know why I dint listen to him! I felt bad that you all had to go through so much because of me and my brother. I have been living for this guilt since last 5 years. I have kept his mementos alive so I can keep his memories alive in Magadh! I have only asked for a chance from God to apologize to Chandragupta once. I only wish to meet him once so I can apologize. I want to make up for my mistake. I thought I will never succeed but I felt God blessed me with a chance when I saw you the other day. I wont come in front of you ever again if you don’t trust me. Please let me see him once. I will look him in his eyes and tell him that he was right. Where is he? Sthool says he is no more. Durdhara is stunned. Sthool says I saw it with my eyes. Moora counters him. He is alive! My heart tells me that he is alive. He will come back to fulfil his promise. He will certainly return!

Chandragupta feels stuck because of Ambikumar’s order.

Sthool says Mai’s belief is a lie but I saw the truth with my own eyes. I saw the dead bodies of Chandragupta and Acharya! Durdhara asks him what he saw. Tell me everything that you saw 5 years ago. He relates everything in detail. Durdhara is in tears. I have started believing Moora’s words after listening to you. Chandragupta is alive! Their bodies wouldn’t have been carried outside the city if they had died! There is a crematorium here too. Sthool says you are just giving false hopes to Moora. Moora says my hopes never died. I never believed even for a second that Chandragupta is no more. Durdhara decides to find out the truth from Ambikumar. They get alert hearing the sound of approaching footsteps. Chandragupta is right outside the shelter. He walks towards the shelter. He opens the door and looks on.

Our karmas and plans need to be balanced. A good plan can help us get good results. Maintain a balance if you want great outcomes!

Precap: Dhananand says burn down the one who attacked me and whom my sister is supporting by going against me!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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