Chandragupta Maurya 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Kidnaps Durdhara

Chandragupta Maurya 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand enjoys torturing Mura and people calling her traitor and orders to serve him liquor. Durdhara walks to him. Dhananand says he got her special gift, traitor tilchatta/cockroach Chandragupta mother who is most precious for Chandragupta. Durdhara asks where is Chandragupta. Dhananand says he does not know, but he is sure Chandragupta will come to rescue his mother. Chandragupta hiding his face stands among citizens and watches drama. Durdhara walks to Mura and asks where is Chandragupta. Mura says she does not know. Dhananand walks to him and giving her whip says this is made of skin from Magadh’s traitor, when it falls on a person, person is forced to reveal truth. He asks her to use it on Mura. All citizens shout to punish Mura with whip. Chandragupta signals his team

to follow his order. His team wearing dancer’s masks dance around Durdhara. Dhananand also joins dancers. Unconscious Bhadrasaal is brought there and laid down. Mahamartya sees Durdhara trapped between dancers and shouts someone rescue princess. He calls Dhananand, but he is busy dancing. Mura thinks she is sure Chandragupta is somewhere around and has planned well with Chanakya.

Chandragupta takes Durdhara aside. Durdhara asks who is he. Chandragupta removes mask and says he is the one she is searching for. She tries to shout, but he shuts her mouth and points knife on her throat. Mahamartya searches Durdhara. Chandragupta ties Durdhara and carries her into cart. Mahamartya sees Durdhara and rushes towards them. Chandragupta throws spearhead with flag in front of Mahamartya and drives cart away. Mahamartya stands angry seeing Piplivan’s flag. Chandragupta dries Durdhara away. Durdhara says her brother will punish Mura now. Chandragupta says if Dhananand is having his mother, he is having Dhananand’s most loved sister Durdhara, so Dhananand knows what to do now.

Dhananand gets heavily inebriated and asks citizens who is Mura. Citizens shouts she is traitor and should be crucified. Mura continues pleading for water. Dhananand orders Bhadrasaal to get his bow and arrow and pointing at Mura shoots it above her head. Mura relaxes seeing herself alive. Dhananand says he will not kill her so easily, she told her son will force Dhananand to feed her water, he would rather strangulate her neck and let Chandragupta remember it whole life. He is about to strangulate Mura when Mahamartya enters carrying flag and stops him. Dhananand asks why he is carrying enemy’s flag. Mahamartya orders Bhadrasaal to form a protective circle around king. Dhananand reads Chandragupta’s message on flag that Dhananand captured his mother from tunnel, now he captured Dhananand’s sister between his celebrations.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya shows musk and says deer musk searches musk whole life even though having it in his umbilicus; similarly they search a competent rule all around and choose wrong ones during the process, one should be careful while selecting their ruler.

Precap: Baldev says he is eager to know how will Dhananand handle this situation. Citizens discuss Chandragupta kidnapped king’s sister in front of king. Mura orders Dhananand to feed her water.

Update Credit to: MA

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