Chandragupta Maurya 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Durdhara Saves Chandragupta

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Chandragupta Maurya 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Durdhara reminisces Dhananand ordering his brothers to kill Chandragupta right away wherever they find him. She hopes Chandragupta is safe. Dhananand eagerly waits for Chandragupta near Kuldev’s mandir and thinks once he sees Chandragupta, he will kill him. Chandragupta rides his horse towards Durdhara’s Kuldev’s mandir. He stops near lake to have water and senses someone following him, thinks to reach temple soon. He gets back on his horse and rides towards temple. Durdhara waits for Chandragupta in temple. Ambhi Kumar asks if they can go, Durdhara says she wants to spend some more time in temple and he can wait outside. She walks in and requests Pujari to give a message to a great warrior that his life is in danger. Pujari says he is not a messenger. She says he is a future of Bharath and is a great human and his name is… Pujari says Chandragupta and turns. Durdhara is surprised and happy to see Chandragupta and asks how did he come here. He walks to her and apologizes for sending her with her cruel brother. She asks and.. He says he wants to express his true feelings for her as he cannot hide it anymore. Ambhi Kumar walks in and walks towards Chandragupta shouting he will take revenge. Durdhara comes in between and tells Ambhi Kumar that even he knows that he cannot stand in front of Chandragupta even for a second, then he should not show his unnecessary anger. Ambhi Kumar says he has brought a gift and calls musicians. Chandragupta asks what is it. Ambhi Kumar says it is his and Durdhara’s marriage right now. Chandragupta shatters hearing that and confronts Durdhara. Durdhara reminisces Ambhi Kumar seeking her promise to marry him if he convinces Dhananand to send her to Kuldev’s mandir. He sits for wedding rituals with Durdhara. Dhananandd with his army reaches there and laughs that it is tilchatta’s end today. He orders soldiers to kill Chandragupta. They attack Chandragupta and he fights with them, killing them slowly.

Mura with Chanakya and others heads towards Piplivan telling she is feeling very emotional to see Piplivan after so many years. She sees mentally unstable Rajguru passing by laughing and calls him. He says previous king died and future king will also die soon. Mura gets worried for Chandragupta and says her son is in danger.

Chandragupta continues killing Dhanand’s soldiers. Dhananand orders them to shower arrows on Chandragupta. Chandragupta shields himself with trishul. Ambhi Kumar sitting with Durdhara says after marrying her, he will take revenge from her and Dhananand. Durdhara sees an arrow heading towards Chandragupta and rushes to his rescue. Chandragupta pushes Durdhara aside and saves her. Durdhara warns Dhanananand to kill her first and then kill Chandragupta. Ambhi Kumar stabs Chandragupta from behind. Dhananand rejoices seeing that Durdhara pushes him and warning Dhananand that he can never kill Chandragupta and falls down from cliff with Chandragupta. Ambhi Kumar apologizes Dhananand and says he did not know Durdhara would do this. Dhananand says he is giving him another chance to prove himself and pushes him from cliff asking to search Durdhara. He then orders soldiers to search Durdhara and Chandragupta as they must be alive and escaped. Durdhara drags Chandragupta under a tree and asks him to wake up. Injured Chandragupta says he did not know she also gets afraid. She gets worried seeing blood from his injury. Someone is seen silently spying them. Ambhi Kumar reaches river shore injured and escapes death.

Chanakya Niti: Winning and losing is part of a game, they should respect their opponent whether they win or lose; similarly in war as it will signify their honesty towards their work.

Precap: Amartya Rakshas tells Dhananand let us kill Chandragupta.

Update Credit to: MA

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