Chandragupta Maurya 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand’s Tests For Chandragupta’s Friends

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Chandragupta Maurya 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand excitedly tells Mahamartya that all his treasure boxes are empty, but tomorrow they will be filled with wealth gifted by his praja. Mahamartya says Magadh will be wealthy always. Dhananand says tomorrow his cockroach/Chandragupta and his 3 friends are coming and he does not like lazy servants. Mahamartya asks him not to worry, he will not let any lazy servant in. At Chanakya’s place, Stulbhadra says they cannot laze around in palace. Chanakya says he is happy that they realized it beforehand and showing rudraksha mala says in this one bead is poisonous and if they are caught or came under suspicion or would pose trouble to Chandragupta because of them, they should eat poisonous bead and sacrifice themselves for future king Chandragupta. Chandragupta tries to stop them. Chanakya stops him and provokes Chandragupta’s friends to step towards path of revolt and sacrifice. Chandragupta signals friends not to accept it, but Stulbhadra wears rudraksha mala and says they are all with Chandragupta in his revolutionary journey. All 3 friends hug Chandragupta. Chanakya says they together will bring big revolution.

Chandragupta takes his 3 friends to palace and introduces them to Bhadrasaal. Dhananand stops seeing them and signals Bhadrasaal not to react. Chandragupta describes all 3 friends’s specialties. Dhananand speaks from behind and says he hates incompetent people and if his friends fail in test, he will be anxious to know what punishment king will give.

Dhananand starts Chandragupta’s friends’s test. He calls Stulbhadra first and says he has to taste 4 dishes and list out ingredients, one has poison mixed, and I have list of ingredients. Guards blindfold Stulbhadra. Dhananand reminds him that one pot bowl has poison in it, which one even he does not know as Dayimaa is master planner of this test; if he succeeds in this test, he will be royal cook and if he fails, he will meet death. Stulbhadra tries to walk back, but his friends stop him. He tastes 1st dish and lists out ingredients. Dhananand finds same ingredients in note. Stulbhadra taste next dish and acts as tasting poison. Chandragupta and other friends rush for his help. He says this dish has excess chilli powder and lists out ingredients, says it is very spicy. Dhananand says next dish please. Stulbhadra smells dish and says it has poison in it, a complete chef can even smell ingredients. Dhananand says awsome and appoints him as royal cook. Stulbhadra’s friends ask how did he identify poison in dish. Stulbhadra says Chandragupta helped him. Chandragupta says his mother helped him and reminisces Mura signalling 3rd bowl, so he got suspicious of third bowl and alerted Stulbhadra..

Dhananand announces next text for Dhoomketu and says he has to run against Bhadrasaal and has to win. Chandragupta sees many hurdles in Dhoomketu’s running track while Bhadrasaal’s track is smooth without any hurdles and questions Dhananand. Dhananand says a royal messenger has to cross many hurdles and deliver message on time, so Dhoomketu has to clear this test.

Chanakya Neeti: Chanakya shows knife and asks if they can set off fire with knife or if they can cut cloth with water, they cannot and have to use appropriate tool for each task, similarly one has to use different strategies for different tasks.

Precap: Dhoomketu competes with Bhadrasaal and runs crossing hurdles.

Update Credit to: MA

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