Chandragupta Maurya 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Saves Mahamartya

Chandragupta Maurya 20th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand thinks he has something which nobody can even imagine. He looks at gold mines and Piplivan’s army working there as slave. He calls Piplivan’s senapati Agnimukh and addresses slaves that he has spared them to let them mould goin coins for him from this mine and now they should work tiredlessly to create him wealth. Agnimukh says all slaves are very tired and cannot work continuously. Dhananand warns they should be ready to die or create wealth for him.

Seleucus’ aides ask him who must have attacked him and on whom savior has warned him. Seleucus says is Mahamartya who is irked after his insult and attacked him. He orders his trusted aides to disguise as brahmin and kill Mahamartya when he goes to river for pooja every morning. Aides attack Mahamartya

in river and are about to kill him when Chandragupta enters and rescues Mahamartya out of water. Aide try to attack again, but Chandragupta showers arrows on them. They run away. Chandragupta follows them. They reach Seleucus and inform that they were about to kill Mahamartya when Dhananand’s slave Chandragupta entered and rescued him. Seleucus says slave is very close to Dhananand and will reveal everything to him. Chandragupta reaches there and staring at Seleucus runs away. Seleucus gets more afraid.

Mahamartya is taking back to palace. Dhananand gets concerned seeing his condition and applying medicines on his wounds says though he is angry on him for failing repeatedly, he cannot see someone attacking him, who is it. Chandragupta walks in. Chandragupta asks who dared to attack Mahamartya. Seleucus walks in just then and says he cannot rely on a small kid. Mahamartya asks when Seleucus can rely on kid, why can’t they. Dhananand repeats his question. Chandragupta looks at Seleucus and says Chanakya’s men with their trademark dhoti and pony tail. Seleucus thinks why did Chandragupta lie and hid the fact.

Dhananand takes Chandragupta towards jail telling him that just he heard Chandragupta and Chanakya’s conversation last time via fake wake, even now he will listen to them; Chandragupta should let Chanakya open his mouth and reveal where his wealth is. Chandragupta walks to Chanakya and signals him that Dhananand is listening to them, he acted as Chanakya ordered and created doubt in Seleucus’ mind, so Seleucus’ men attacked Mahamartya and he saved Mahamartya on time, etc. He then shouts to reveal where wealth this, else cunning and shrewd bhramin will be punished. Chanakya just says haa.. Chandragupta walks out. Dhananand asks what was he doing silently for so long, what are they up to. Chandragupta misguides him again with his clever talk.

Chanakya Niti: World’s most deadliest attack is words, enemy will die with weapon, but with words, enemy will get more ferocious and dangerous, so one should think well before they speak.

Precap: Dhananand asks Dayimaa who dared to attack her. Dayimaa points at Chandragupta. Dhananand says Chandra?

Update Credit to: MA

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