Chandragupta Maurya 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta’s Plan to Oust Mahamartya

Chandragupta Maurya 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta angrily throws stone on Dhanand’s golden monument. His friends stop him and asks if he knows the consequences. Chandragupta shouts that Dhanand killed his father, made his mother a slave, captured guru Chanakya, now he cannot even meet Chanakya as Dhananand ordered not to give food or water to Chanakya, he cannot plan anything without Chanakya. Friends suggest to get let Seleucus and Dhananand meet and get inebriated, they themselves will open up against each other and fight. Chandragupta does not like their idea. Indra says he has to go as Dhanand’s one army battalion is going to meet Seleucus in sometime time. Chandragupta gets an idea.

Mahamartya makes a plan with Bhadrasaal to capture remaining 15 dynasties with Seleucus’ help. Chandragupta walks

to him and says he knows Mahamartya is angry on him after past incident and even Bhadrasaal considers him responsible for his mother’s accident, so he came here to show loyalty towards king and has prepared a plan to capture 15 dynasties without Seleucus’ help. Mahamartya shouts if a slave will guide him. Chandragupta says Mahamartya can trust him once and present his plan to king as Mahamartya’s. Mahamartya takes his plan and Chandragupta’s plan to Dhananand. Dhananand says here comes his chief planner and he heard Mahamartya is devising a plan since 2 days. Mahamartya says he has prepared a plan to capture 15 dynasties. Dhananand says he wants to show his superiority against Seleucus, so his plans should be superior than Seleucus, and if Mahamartya’s plan is not so powerful, then he should be ready to bear punishment and insult. Chandragupta hears their conversation hiding.

Dhananand and Selecus meet with their trusted aides. Mahamartya says he has a foolproof plan with which they will capture all 15 dynasties easily. Dhananand proudly asks him to present it then. Mahamartya reading Chandragupta’s plan explains that out of 16 dynasties, Magadh is most powerful dynasty, so Magadh should attack most weak dynasty first and capture it, they can repeat the process till they capture all 15 dynasties. Seleucus says it is such a lame plan and explains if they attack weakest dynasty, they will lose their resources and other powerful dynasties get alert and prepare themselves well, so they should attack strongest dynasties first. He laughs on Mahamartya. Dhananand feels insulted and orders Mahamartya to walk barefooted till palace gate. Mahamartya looks at Seleucus and fumes angrily. Indra sees that and thinks Chandragupta’s plan is amazing.

At night, Chandragupta disguised as masked warrior shoots snake towards Seleucus and then another arrow to kill it. Seleucus rushes to balcony and sees a masked warrior escaping on horse. His aide gives him message in which Chandragupta/well wisher warns against cut pony tail man/Mahamartya. Chandragupta rides aide and smirks thinking he created doubt in Seleucus’ mind against Mahamartya.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya burns paper with focus glass and says he had to point sun’s energy at one point to burn paper, similarly one has to attack at enemy’s weakest one point repeatedly to defeat enemy.

Precap: Seleucus attacks Mahamartya from behind saying he attacked hiding from behind and should bear same. Dhananand sees injured Mahamartya and asks who did this.

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