Chandragupta Maurya 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mura Kills Durgam Dugu

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Chandragupta Maurya 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandragupta warns Durgam that his sin pot is filled now and it is time to see his end. Mura says her son will take revenge of his mother’s insult. Durgam angrily attacks Chandragupta. Chandragupta counterattacks him and bashes brutally for his sins. Mura continues that her speech that a provoked a woman and provoked Devi Durga and now his end has reached. Jagatjala takes Dhananand with his team towards Durgam’s room. Chanakya hears that and tells Indra and Sthul that durga aarti is complete and Chandragupta should kill Durgam soon. Chandragupta is about to kill Durgam when Mura stops him and says only she and the women Durgam eyed on have rights to kill Durrgam. She picks Devimaa’s trishul and walks towards Durgam delivering her lengthy dialogues. Durgam swiftly tries to get up and attack her, but Mura overpowers him and stabs trishul into his chest and he dies. They all escape hearing Dhananand walking towards room. Mura with Chandragupta reaches a safe place and asks Chandragupta why did not he go with others. Chandragupta says it is his duty to protect his mother

Jagatjala with Dhananand and Amartya Rakshas walking and is shocked to see his brother dead and ask who killed him. Kalgi walks in and says she with the help of maids killed him as he crossed his limits. Dhananand says it is good she ended a sinner and asks her to demonstrate on him how she killed Durgam. He hands trishul in her hand. She nervously holds it and drops it unable to bearing its weight. Dhananand shouts if she thinks he is a fool, he knows shatrani Mura killed Durgam and just like Jagatjala lied protecting Chandragupta and letting his assassins killed, his wife is also protecting Mura. He shouts Chandragupta and his team are still in palace and orders to close all the doors and catch them. He warns Jagatjala and Kalgi that their end is soon for sure, but he will keep them for sometime to

Chandragupta and Mura try to reach horse stable when they see Bhadrasal in corridor. Chandragupta throws Dahak’s knife in the opposite direction and diverts Bhadrasaal’s attention. They then reach horse stable where their team is waiting for them. Chanakya says they should find a different route to escape than horse stable and should find out a way out soon. Chandragupta says they will divide themselves and meet under a tree in jungle. They then hear a fluttering sound in grass pile and sense someone in. Baldev pulls Martand out hiding in grass and grips his neck. Martand pleads to spare him and describes them about a secret door which will lead them to jungle. Chandragupta asks Baldev to spare Martand as he never lies and will not reveal their plan to anyone. Baldev leaves him and he runs away. Chanakya says he will go with Mura, Chandra with Sthul, Baldev with Indra. They all agree and leave in different directions.

Dhananand fumes that Jagatjala is a traitor and helped Chandragupta’s team escape. Martand enters and says his father is not a traitor and he knows where Chandragupta is.

Chanakya Niti: If he lights a fire torch with another fire touch, room with brighten more, but if he fails to control torch and drops it in oil, place with burst; similarly if power is under control, it helps and if loses control, it can destroy oneself.

Precap: Martand informs Dhananand that he saw Chandragupta and his team heading towards horse stable and they came to know about secret route, so they are trying to escape.

Update Credit to: MA

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