Chandragupta Maurya 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Meets Senapati Matsaldev

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Chandragupta Maurya 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhairav informs Chanakya that he brought back Chandragupta to ashram as per Chanakya’s orer. Chanakya asks if he is fine. Bhairav says yes and asks why did he leave Chandragupta among poisonous snakes. Chankya says Chandragupta is very stubborn and arrogant, he has to get him off his stubbornness to make him a great king. Chandragupta is tied between pillars. His friends ask him to have food. He asks Stulbhadra when his favorite toy was throw out by Lubdak, what did he do. Stulbhadra says he cried for 3 days. Chandragupta says he cried for 3 days for his childhood toy, but Dhananand snatched his childhood, he kept him away from his mother and killed his father, he made his mother as slave and kept her hostaged till now. He continues venting out his anger and says his friends are no more loyal to him. They free him, and he runs shouting he will not spare Dhananand now.

Chandragupta’s friends inform Chanakya that they did as he ordered. Chanakya thanks them for their help and walks away. He disguised as old beggar stops Chandragupta. Chandragupta shouts that he completed his given task always, but now he should let him go to punish Dhananand. Chanakya asks him to give him a chance and walk with him once.

Dhananand tellsDurdhara that he is worried about her safety and now guard Chandragupta is not alive, so he wants her to select guard for her. Mahamartya introduces warriors from each city and they show their skills. Dhananand asks whom she chose. Durdhara says no one, he is king and should select himself. Dhananand says he is king for everyone, but for her, he is her brother who just wants to see smile on her face. She fakes smile and walks away asking if he is happy now. Dhananand tells Mahamartya that something is troubling his sister and orders to announce whoever makes his sister laugh, he will reward them.

Chanakya with Chandragupta disguised as beggar sits in front fo palace door and begs. Chandragupta asks him why is he making him beg in front of palace which he warned not to enter. Chanakya shows a beggar and says for him. Beggar bows in front of temple door and drags his cart away. Chandragupta asks why he is keen about beggar. Chanakya says let us follow him. They follow beggar who walks near a grave and hides money underground. Chandragupta asks why he is doing that. Chanakya says let us ask himself and walks to beggar and asks what is he doing. Beggar asks if he wants he can inform Dhananand, he is saving money to fight against Dhananand and save Piplivan’s pride again, Piplivan’s prince will return and take back Piplivan from cruel Dhananand. Chanakya asks why did he bend in front of palace if he hates Dhananand so much. Beggar says he bends in front of Piplivan’s queen who is hostaged there and knows soon Piplivan’s prince will free her. Chanakya asks who is he. He says he is Piplivan’s senapati. Chandragupta gets emotional and taking his name Matsaldev reminisces playing with him in childhood. Chanakya says he heard Dhananand killed Chandragupta. Matsaldev says it cannot be as he himself gave prince to his uncle. Chandragupta stands emotional. Matsaldev says this grave is Piplivan’s king Chandravardhan’s grave and he comes here to show king that Piplivan’s war is not yet over and they will regain Piplivan’s honor. Chandragupta emotionally touches Matsaldev’s feet. Chanakya says Matsaldev’s belief is right, this boy is Chandragupta Maurya. Matsaldev also gets emotional. Chandragupta shouts he will get back Piplivan’s glory from Dhananand and will end him. Chanakya stands smiling.

Chanakya Niti: Many rivers’ sweet water merge into ocean, even then ocean water will be salty, similarly expecting goodness from cruel person is waste, so they should not expect anything from a cruel person.

Precap: Shipra tells Durdhara that she likes Chandragupta, else why did she reject so many guards. Chandragupta enters on his horse, and Durdhara gets happy hearing his horse steps.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode, slowly Chandragupt is understanding Chanakya s guidance. Durdhara is missing Chandragupt in her life. This will slowly turn into love ..

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