Chandragupta Maurya 15th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Kills Chandravardhan

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Chandragupta Maurya 15th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand with cruel intentions reaches Piplivan with a peace treaty and with sugar-coated speech address Raja Chandravardhan that his 7 brothers could not conquer Piplivan and he knows it is impossible to win over great king Chandravardhan, so he came with a friendship request and a gift for great king. Chandravardhan says he could have sent his maid with peace treaty instead of himself coming. Dhananand says he did not want to disrespect great king, so he himself came, but will wait till king accepts his request and walks away from there looking at Chandragupta. King orders guards to accept Dhananand’s gift and take it in. At night, Mura tells her husband that they should not accept Dhananand’s friendship as he is very cruel. Chandravardhan says khsatriyas cannot reject anyone’s request. Dhananand’s soldiers come out of Dhananand’s gifted idol and kill Piplivan’s soldiers. Dhananand also attacks with remaining army. Chandravardhan hears danger alarm and gets tensed.

Dhananand continues his massacre. Chandravardhan asks Mura to take Chandragupta from here and if something happens to him to get ready Chandragupta to take revenge from Dhananand and reclaim his glory and kingdom. Mura says she will not and be with him. He says it is his order and walks out to fight. Mura asks senapati Matsaldev to take Chandragupta to her brother’s place and hide him till he grows to take revenge from Dhananand. Chanadragupta cries he will not leave his mother, but Mura sends him away and fights with soldiers, but soldiers injure and overpower her. Chandravardhan continues killing Magadh soldiers. Dhananand brings Mura hostaged and orders Chandravardhan to drop his sword. Mura pleads not to, but Chandravardhan drops sword.

Mura and Chandravardhan are brought into Dhananand’s courtyard. Dhananand’s courtesans chant Dhananand ki jai ho. Dhananand asks where is prince Chandragupta. Mahamartya says they could not find prince, but soon his spies will find him. Chandravardhan boasts that he cannot find Chandragupta and provokes to free him and see, what will happen to him. Dhananand says he will fulfill his wish tomorrow and sends him away. Mahamartya says Chandravardhan is very powerful and will easy overpower Dhananand. Dhananand says he will kill Chandravardhan tomorrow. Next day, Dhananand and Chandravardhan’s fight starts. Chandravardhan overpowers Dhananand. Dhanandand lies that his soldiers found prince Chandragupta and killed him. Chandravardhan shatters hearing that. Dhananand senses a chance and injures Chandravardhan. Chandravardhan cannot move a bit. Dhananand reminisces smear his sword with poison. He kills Chandravardhan. Mura is shocked seeing that and asks Dhananand to kill her, but he spares her and says he will keep her as slave.

Out of flashback, Chandravardhan shouts that he will take revenge of his parent’s sacrifice and will kill Dhananand today itself. He slips and gets into a trap. Mura gets worried for him.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya shows pearl and says the shell in which pearl was born had a life in it, but it did a mistake let a small droplet enter it, droplet grew to become pearl and killed life in shell, similarly they should not let enemies into their territory, else they will lose their identity.

Precap: Soldiers kidnap Chandragupta. Mura pleads Chanakya to help Chandragupta. Chanakya says it is his plan to make Chandragupta a better warrior.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Distorting historical characters is not good. It conveys a distorted mind & utter disregard for history & land.Only non indian can do it with confidence

  2. Sad episode, Dhananand killed little Chandra’s father, his mother is captive now. How Chandra will take revenge.

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