Chandragupta Maurya 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dayimaa Dies Before Revealing Chandragupta’s Truth?

Chandragupta Maurya 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhoomketu takes message from Dayimaa and asks whom he has to give this message. Dayimaa says she has to send this message as soon as possible to king. Indra says he will. Dayimaa nervously snatches message from and walks searching another messenger. She sees Bhadrasaal and asks what happened. She says she needs to give this message to king and asks him to just tell king that she needs to tell him something important. Bhadrasaal leaves with message. Dhoomketu watches them hiding. Mura in lieu of moulding mud pots prepares medicine and tells Chandragupta this will heal guru Chanakya’s wounds and relieve his pain. Dayimaa enters. Chandragupta nervously says this slave is not preparing pots properly. Dayimaa breaks pots and says king does not like incompetent people and will punish

brutally. Chandragupta nods yes nervously. Dayimaa leaves. Dhoom informs Chandragupta about Dayimaa sending message to king via Bhadrasaal instead of him. Chandragupta says not to pay heed to it as Dayimaaa does weird acts. Dhoom says it is a serious concern. Chandragupta goes Chanakya and applying medicine on his wounds informs about Dhoom’s words. Chanakya says it cannot be coincidence and checks walls, finds fake wall. Dayimaa hears voice and rushes away. Chanakya informs Chandragupta that this wall has ears, Dayimaa heard their whole conversation and knows that Chandragupta is Chanakya’s disciple and Mura’s son Piplivan’s prince Chandragupta Maurya, now he should stop her somehow.

Chandragupta rushes searching Chandragupta. Chandragupta comes in front of him and says even she was searching Piplivan’s prince Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta nervously says he is nont prince. She shows him knife and says he fooled everyone with his buttery talks; she doubted him and Mura from before and king killed some other child instead thinking him as Mura’s son, she has sent message to king nd he will be here anytime and will kill them both. Chandragupta walks till balcony end pleading to listen to him. Dayimaa asks if he does not have any words, she wants to see him punished brutually before being killed. She tries to attack him and he moves aside. She falls down and dies. Guards see her and rush to inform king. Chandragupta realizes Mura’s bangle in his neck is missing and must be with Dayimaa. He rushes towards her when Durdhara stops him and says she is writing a poem and could not complete 2 lines. He completes it. She gets happy. Guard rings royal bell. Durdhara thinks this is rang when someone dies from royal family and rushes down. She sees Shipra crying in front of Dayimaa’s dead body and joins her. Chandragupta rushes behind her. Mura reaches next. Chandragupta signals his bangle is with Dayimaa. Guards walks to correct Dayimaa’s position when Mura stops them and says stranger men cannot touch royal mother’s body. She herself walks and turns Dayimaa’s position.

Dhananand after getting Dayimaa’s message via Bhadrasaal rushes back towards palace thinking Dayimaa must have found some solid clue. Mura turns Dayimaa’s position and walks to Chandragupta. Chandragupta says where did his bangle go if it is not in Dayimaa’s hand. Mura gives bangle to him and says she took it silently. Vaidya enters and checking Dayimaa says she is alive. Chandragupta gets tensed.

Chanakya Niti: Chanakya says if birds are kept in cage since childhood, when they grow up, they will not leave cage even after being freed; similarly slaves don’t leave them even after freeing them as when mind accepts slavery, it does not accept freedom. One have to free their mind always to get away from slavery of other’s emotions.

Precap: Bhadrasaal tells Dhananand that he is sure that slave Chandragupta pushed Dayimaa down. Dhananand says if slave is culprit, he will be punished for sure. Chandragupta gets tensed hearing that.

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