Chandragupta Maurya 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Punishes Jagatjala

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Chandragupta Maurya 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand reaches Paraspura and after Jagatjala welcomes him asks to show him Chandragupta’s dead body. Jagatjala takes him into palace. Everyone follow him. He excitedly says he can smell dead bodies. Martand tells Chandragupta/Arjun what kind of king is Dhananand is. Chandragupta says very cruel king, Martand should not become like him. Martand says never. Jagatjala asks Dhananand to bless his son Martand. Martand comes in front. Dhananand says he does not seem to be brave and powerful, good he is taluk chief’s son and not king’s. Jagatjala and Martand feel ashamed. Guards bring coffins. Dhananand excitedly asks them to open coffins and shouts in anger seeing Dahak and Nishumbi’s dead bodies. He throws Jagatjala in Dahak’s coffin and closes it. Jagatjala

pleads to spare him as he followed his order and killed his enemy Chandragupta. Chandragupta gets him out and says he killed his aides Dahak and Nishumbi. Jagatjala says he was told this man is Chandragupta and was even given evidence and shows Piplivan’s badge and flag. Dhananand says his aides must have gathered it against Chandragupta and asks who gave him this evidence. Jagatjala informs that his advisor Lakha napit gave him evidence. Dhananand orders to find Lakha napit and bring him. Amartya Rakshas scolds Jagatjala that he already had informed that Chandragupta is a 16-17 year old teenager, does Dahak look ike a teenager. Jagatjala feels ashamed for his mistake.

Chandragupta and his team silently escapes. Chanakya says they cannot fight or escape from here as Dhananand’s army is all around, so he will go in front of Dhananand and try to mislead him. Chandragupta tries to stop him with his emotional words, but fails. Durgam Dugu thinks he is sure Arjun is Chandragupta and Durgeshwari is his mother Mura, so he has to prove their identity to king with proof. He walks to Amartya rakhas and asks how to identify Chandragupta. Amartya asks if he is capable of. Durgam says he haas to try at least. Aamrtya says Chandragupta always keeps his mother’s bangle with him, reminiscing earlier incidents.

Mura is with Kalgi decorating room with flowers. Kalgi says they celebrate shivratri with decoration. Durgam walks in saying this room is full of beauties, why don’t Kalgi let her brother-in-law enjoy a beauty. He walks to Mura and holds her hand. Kalgi says she needs this servant for help. Durgam takes out mini arrow from Mura’s hair and says this lady is a complete warrior and is a shatrani. Mura gets tensed thinking he identified her.

Chanakya Niti: If he wants to use a pot, he need to know its capacity; similarly before trusting a person, one needs to find out his/her capacity, weakness, powers, etc..

Precap: Chanakya goes in front of Dhananand as Lakha napit/barber. Dhananand says he doubts this man is a barber.

Update Credit to: MA

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