Chandragupta Maurya 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Kills Durdhara??

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Chandragupta Maurya 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mura insists Chandragupta to save Durdhara before Dhananand kills her. Durdhara in Dhananand’s palace reminisces Chandragupta’s anger on her and feels sad. Shipra asks if she is fine. She says yes. Dhananand enters and says he came to share his sorrow with her, he is mourning for losing battle and she is mourning for the person Chandragupta who is just a lie. She tries to walk away, but he stops her and asks her to apply black dye on his face and insult him. He himself applies black dye on his face and asks Durdhara if this is what she wants. Durdhara says his sins will not wash away with his black dye, his face is smeared with blood of her father and brother Govishanka, he deserves most cruel punishment. Dhananand says now he will show what he can do and drags Durdhara with her. Chandragupta tells his team that he will not accept that Dhananand will harm his sister. Chanakya says he is very cruel and can go to any extent, Chandragupta should save Durdhara before Dhananand harms her. Shipra pleads Dhananand not to punish Durdhara, but Dhananand continues dragging Durdhara. Amartya Rakshas also pleads to spare princess, but Dhananand drags her to balcony end and says she did a big mistake by supporting his enemies and she deserves death. She says he killed their father and brothers and deserves death. He pushes her, then holds her hand and says he loves her most in the world and cannot see her dying. She says it is better to die than be with a murderer who killed so many innocents. Dhananand leaves hand and Durdhara falls from balcony on ground severely injured. Dhananand rushes to her and panics seeing her unconscious, orders to call vaidya and warns if something happens to his sister, he will not spare them. Vaidya tries to treat Durdhara. Dhananand finds Durdhara’s blood on his hands and panics. He tries to wash his hand but cannot get wash blood off completely. He throws bowl and panics saying how can he throw away his sister’s blood. Amartya rakshas takes him to Durdhara’s room where Shipra says Durdhara is no more.

Chanakya with his team performs senapati Rudradev’s last rights and praises him that a great warrior like Rudradev is born once in century, Pourav rastra will remember his sacrifice forever, etc. He continues his speech how cruel Seleucus tricked and killed Rudradev, etc., and they will have to plan to kill him. On the other side, Seleucus discusses with his senapati that Chanakya and Chandragupta fooled him and used him against Dhananand and Ambhi Raj, he will not spare them. Malayketu says he will kill Seleucus with his dagger and will not wait. Chandragupta explains him that Dhananand did same with him what Seleucus did with Malayketu, he killed his father Piplivan’s king and destroyed whole Piplivan, even he wanted to kill Dhananand, but Chanakya taught him to be patient and wait for the right opportunity. Malakyetu says he is not Chandragupta and will not follow his ideology, Chandragupta got many chances to kill Dhananand, but he did not as he wants to kill Dhananand following rules; nobody can stop him from killing Seleucus now. Mura tries to stop him, but fails. Seleucus enters and says he needs to speak to Malayketu. Chanakya says they can speak. Seleucus says he said Malayketu. Malayketu walks away with him. Mura fumes that she is eager to see Seleucus dead.

Dhananand says his sister cannot die and himself prepares medicine and applies on Durdhara. Durdhara does not respond. He panics and shouts how can his sister die. Durdhara opens eyes and says he is right she cannot die till she sees him losing his crown. She says she wants to see him helpless and begging. Soldier informs that Ambhi Raj came to meet king Dhananand.

Chandragupta feels concerned for Malayketu. Chanakya says first they should plan to kick out Seleucus from Bharath. Chandragupta says he is right, what is his plan. Chanakya says they should unite Takshashila and Pourav rastra army and use them against Macedonian army till Seleucus runs away from Bharath. Mura says Takshashila people hate Chandragupta as he killed Ambhi Raj and Ambhi Kumar was forced to flee from his own kingdom. Chankya says hatred is such a strong emotion that will change into love with one strong move. Sthul brings Takshashila’s senapati’s daughter who helped him enter Takshashila army. Ambika asks how will they unite Takshashila and Pourav rastra. Mura and Chandragupta discuss various options. Chanakya says by performing Malayketu’s coronation ceremony. Chandragupta says Seleucus took him, how will they perform coronation ceremony. Sthul says if guru Chanakya is saying this, he must have thought something.

Chanakya Niti: A king is respected in his dynasty, but a guru is respected in whole world; king needs a scholar guru who can guide king in a timely manner.

Chandragupta says Seleucus will never forget prince Malayketu’s coronation ceremony.

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