Chandragupta Maurya 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Saves Mura

Chandragupta Maurya 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand laughs on Chanakya that he challenged to end him and his rule, but he himself will be killed with slave Mura. Chandragupta gets tensed and confronts that he promised to spare Mura. Dhananand says he spared Mura for a day, that is more than what he could do. Chanakya smiles. Dhananand asks if he has gone mad. Chanakya says he is still amused with Dhananand foolishness like before. Dhananand shouts what does he mean. Chandragupta says he will explain, if king kills Mura, many rebels will be born who will think king killed a rebel and hide his incompetency. Chanakya says he is thinking more than his age. Dhananand shouts Chanakya is angry that he did not get a student like Chandragupta and says he will spare Mura for some time now to avoid people’s criticism. Chandragupta

runs and rescues Mura. Dhananand then orders guards to cut Chanakya into pieces. Bhadrasaal comes running and stops Dhananand. Dhananand shouts how dare he is to interfere. Bhadrasaal says there was no wealth in pots and instead a poisonous fume emerged and killed all soldiers present there. Chandragupta reminisces asking his friends to fill fruits and poisonous smoke bomb into pots. Dhananand orders guards to throw Chanakya into their most cruel jail.

Mahamartya ties Chanakya in jail. Dhananand walks to him and breaking walls gets out Tithiraj’s dead body and says Chanakya took this great puzzle man’s help to loot his wealth, so he threw him under walls without food or water and let him die within 2 days; Chanakya’s condition will be similar if he does not tell where he hid wealth. Chanakya says he knows well who Dhananand is, he is just a businessman who talks about business and even now is busy negotiating; he insulted his barber clan who works hard whole day to fill his tummy, he is not a king a tall and shamed king’s dignity. Dhananand orders Mahamartya to give use most cruelest tortures on Chanakya. Mahamartya says he would love to torture Chanakya.

Mura takes Chandragupta to her husband’s grave. Chandragupta asks why did she bring him to his father’s grave when she took oath not to come here again. Mura says she took oath not to come here till her head is high in proud seeing her son’s success, but her son made her head fall low by getting guru Chanakya who is sacrificing his life to save Bharath; Chandragupta’s emotions are becoming his biggest weakness Chandragupta says his emotions are his biggest strength and he with Chanakya have planned all this to fool Dhananand. He takes oath on his father’s grave that he will live up to his father’s dream and get back Piplivan’s pride.

Chanakya Niti: Sandalwood tree is mot previous tree and people forget even poisonous snakes stay on it, similarly most sweet tongued people may spit poison behind them, so one should be careful before blindly judging a person.

Precap: Chandragupta informs Chanakya that Daimaa came to know that he is Piplivan’s prince and sent message to Dhananand who would be reaching here anytime. Dhananand reaches and kills someone.

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