Chandragupta Maurya 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Durdhara Offers Poison To Chandragupta

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Chandragupta Maurya 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanakya explains his team that they have only time till night and they need to find Malayketu at any cost by diving themselves into multiple teams. Mura tells Sthul that she wants to go personally and save Chandragupta. Sthul says she cannot go to Takshashila’s palace as it is very dangerous for her. She says she does not mind and can even risk her life to save her son. Sthul says for 5 years he thought Chandragupta is dead, but her belief brought back Chandragupta, she should not lose hope. Durdhara gives poison to severely injured Chandragupta and says it is better for him to die at once than being tortured by Dhananand and his team and die in severe pain, apologizes him for the troubles she created. He throws poison bottle and says he cannot do this, everyone will die one day, but he cannot accept a coward’s death, he is Chandragupta who defeated death many times. He continues his long speech and says he is ready to fight like a warrior till his last breath.

Dhananand with Ambhi Raj watches outdoor games in outdoor theater. Ambhi raj asks why don’t he kill Chandragupta at once. Dhananand he is more eager to see Chandragupta dead, but want s to end Chandragupta’s thinking first. On the other side, Mura tells Chanakya that they could not find Malaketu after searching so much, they should stop searching him and try to save Chandragupta instead. Chanakya says they should find Malayketu at any cost and walks out in disguise. They reach market, and Chankya asks his team to search for Malakketu in orphanages.

Mura getting ready for her wedding reminisces Chandragupta’s words that he would fight till his last breath like a true warrior. Ambhi Kumar walks in and says he has brought a special gift for his would be wife. Ambhi Raj walks into jail and stabs Chandragupta with Ambhi Kumar’s knife and reminds that Chandragupta stole this knife and tried to trap Ambhi Kumar falsely. He orders soldiers to drag him to open theater. Chandragupta is brought into open theater. Dhananand addresses citizens that traitor Arya tried to trap their prince Ambhi Kumar in a false case, now they will see him being punished for his sins. He walks to Chandragupta and removing his chains asks to reveal his identity, else he will die sooner than he should. Chandragupta says he should get ready to see an amazing battle.

Chanakya Niti: Fire will increase if we add wood in it, similarly in our lives we get a few haters who misguide and provoke us and make us lose, so they should keep away from people who provoke us negatively.

Precap: Monster wrestler fights with Chandragupta and brutally trashes him.

Update Credit to: MA

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