Chandragupta Maurya 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Performs Veerbhadra’s Last Rights

Chandragupta Maurya 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand kills Veerbhadhra and laughs on Mura that he ended her heir and today not only Peeplivan lost, even she lost in front of him. Mahamartya chants samrat Dhananand ki jai… Chandragupta also stands shocked and feels sorry for Mura. Dhananand walks to Mura and says still punishment is left, he will hang her son in Patliputra’s main door, he will decay and smell will get engrasped in Patliputra’s citizens, everyone will realize what will happen if they go against king Dhananand. Chandragupta dorns his shawl on Veerbhadra’s dead body. Mahamartya yells he is going against king. Chandragupta says he is not going against king, he is stopping people from hating king and praise him instead seeing his courteousness, king did what he had to to save his kingdom, he will do what he feels, to perform departed prince’s soul’s last rights, king has already punished Mura and she will not stop crying whole life. Dhananand permits saying he is permitting as he likes him and orders Maharmartya to help this slave perform Peeplilvan’s prince’s last rights. Chanakya’s aide maid informs him how Veerbhadra did not utter a word and faced death without any trace of pain on his face. Chanakya says he is indebted to Veerbhadra for his sacrifice.

Chandragupta with Mura, Dhananand and others perform Veerbhadra’s last rights. He walks to Mura and says he can understand her pain as he also parted with his mother years ago. Dhananand asks Chandra what is his name. Chandragupta says Chandragupta. Dhanannd says he will remember his name forever. Mura returns to palace and takes oath that she will not let Veerbhadra’s sacrifice go unnoticed and will punish Dhananand.

Chandragupta returns to his friends. They ask how did he enjoy as 1-day prince, if they beds were soft like silk, etc. He says he saw a boy losing his life, good he went there and did not find his mother. He asks about Lubdak. They describe whole story how Mahamartya came and questioned Lubdak and how they lit fire under his torso and stopped him from telling truth, etc. They also say that the should thank Chanakya pandit who informed them beforehand.

Dhananand’s soldiers search Chanakya getting a tip off from their spies. They see someone lying on cart with blanket on and thinking him as Chanakya warn to get up, his game is finished. Chandragupta wakes up and asks why did they wake him upu. Soldiers walk away. Chandragupta calls Chanakya to come out, he knows where he is. Chandragupta comes out of lake and thanks for saving him. Chandragupta says he saved Chandragupta from Lubhak and Chandragupta returned his favor, asks why he is following him, what is his greed in it. Chandragupta says he has a motto and not greed, he wants to see Chandragupta as united Bharath’s king.

Precap: Chanakya frees Chandragupta and says he is free now. Chandragupta says free from his dream of making him king and united Bharath. Chanakya says freeing from slavery is path towards becoming king.

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  1. Chandragupt safely reached home. Now Chankya will try to take him from Lubdak.

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