Chandragupt____Frustrating and Disappointing serial

Introduced admist of huge hype and cast popularity, chandragupt serial turned out to be a very dissapointing soap so far. Such a worst imitation of Bahubali including its poster.

Rajat tokas performance is the only saving grace of the entire soap but even that is not upto the mark compared to his performance in prithviraj chauhan and Jodha akbar.

Sweta basu performance is at its worst. Her performance in makkhi was far better. Her physical appearance is also really irritating. They should have hired someone like paridhi with natural aura even with basic dialougues. Oh god whenever she says pita maharaj or cries I get irritated instead of feeling pity on her.

Helina’s character……… shown psycho and I initially dislike her but her performance is improving from time to time and it is interesting to watch her on screen. I like her attitude.

Durdhara’s performance although not adequate still good.

Graphics and wireworks are worst in this serial. People fly for no reason. War scenes are most unnatural I have ever seen. I really hate that this serial is named after nandini and wants to watch his chemistry with helena or durdhara but not nandini. Even today when chandra feels pity on nandini, I did not like it at all. The serial is progressing too fast and Im sure now it will stall just to show chandra and nandini’s love story. Ekta team has already made dunny imitation of creature 3D in the form of Brahmaraksas and now creating a spoof of bahubali in the form of chandranandini. I believe this will not achieve the success level of Jodha akbar at any cost.

Sorry to say I could not forget sweta’s scandal till now. I even hate her voice. As mentioned by few it is strange that so many people hate female lead in this soap.

I would like to see if someone shares my views or not. Please comment below.

  1. I just love this show. And sweta acting is really good. Good going so far.

  2. This show is awesome. Both rajat and sweta acting.are fantastic. You are simply overeacting.

    1. i feel the same

    2. Yess even I too feel same..all are perfect in der roles…

  3. I like this show though much like CAS history is bit messed up here but still

  4. Sathya

    Okay…if we compare this show with Jodha Akbar then definitely, Jodha Akbar will be the best historic serial and Rajat’s best too. But what i felt after watching it is, Rajat is being offered only for this kind of roles. So far he is the only actor who acted more historic characters in hs career which is not a good sign. He should try something different. Yes, he is doing a good job..infact, he is the best in replicating the characters of history but one or the other time we might get bored of seeing him only in this kind of attire. This s my opinion.

    Now for Sweta basu, one correction is she is not the one who acted in Makkhi. Makkhi heroine is different her name Samantha. She acted few tamil & telegu movies. yes, you are right…she need so much of improvement in her acting when she is doing a era character. But if we again see Paridhi here for this role then this will be Jodha Akbar Part 2 kind of it. And already so many scenes are look like it is already shown in Akbar serial like heroine entry and Rajat-Sweta sword fight (Same Jodha akbar fight)…

    My thought it just started and going in some speed, let it watch for some more time…hope Sweta improves her acting skills and the creaters make a good script having the intelligent actor like Rajat in the epic role. I hope ki, they should not waste skill of talent actor like Rajat.

    1. Mona146

      sorry for typo it is not makhee it is makdee.

  5. Vanshika

    I agree with you totally Mona dii cos Ekta is messing up the history she’s worst creator and director ever… N nandini ufff. She doesn’t see anyone above pita Maharaj… Fictional characters ? only Arpit ranka acting was fab as Padmanabha Nanda suited him n secondly Rajat.., otherwise ???? will give only 1.5 star

    1. Mona146

      true. Im glad someone’s thoughts are in line with mine. Yes Arpit ranka is best for his role.

  6. i agree with you but sweta acting is good. Even if it is not the exact history,it’s interesting to watch the show. we can’t expect to see only paridhi with rajat, there must be a change.

    1. Mona146

      Im not expecting paridhi here exactly but I expected someone to perform at her performance level. Sorry to disagree with regarding swetha since I get irritated with her performance.

  7. Nandini performance was good in yesterday epi. The way she was crying in pain was fantastic. She is not overreacting like others. We have to support the main leads to increase the show trp.

  8. Why do you get irrated with sweta performance? She acts well like others.

  9. Love this show. Far better than sathiya , suhani or yhm.

    1. Mona146

      well you are right if you stick to watch only starplus.

  10. Nandini acting is natural Jodha over actingAlso age wise Paridhi is elder to Rajat whileSwetha is young and energetic.For audience this kind of nandini role is new .Hope the real story start from today’s episode between lead pair.

  11. u r absolutely right mona di . i agree wid u the show needs somebody like paridhi sharma , she was fabulous as jodha , whenever we think of jodha we get only her in our mind . but nandini is not getting settled as nandini , may be because she is a imaginary character . hope we get used to it soonas we watch more episodes . the only reason for watching this show is rajat tokas and arpit ranka . u said what i thought, People fly for no reason .

    1. Mona146

      thanks varshini I believe we could not accept nandini because she is ill mannered all the time when she speaks to elders like Moora and also blindfolded to her fathers nature. Also one princess needs to maintain her stature and dignity as well. She keeps talking rubbish, gets aggressive repeatedly and provokes everyone around her. she can surely be confident of her warrior skills for sure but she cant demean others for no reason.

  12. Well said. Shweta acting is natural. We need to support the leads if we want the show to run longer like Jodha Akbar.

    1. Mona146

      why do you want the show to run long? Is it because you enjoy doing it or you are scared that production house or cast will go into losses. Remember Watching a tv soap is not a act of charity. You need not force yourself to support leads neither you need to pray that show should run for long. I have no ill will against you. Please understand my comments. Jodha akbar ran for long and is a hit because people liked it not because people sat forcibly to make it a hit.

  13. Compared to other serials in other channels, chandra nandini is not also less.

  14. Nandini is at her worst and the most irritable character who is truly unfit for this show..and the rest is fantastic.

  15. another paridhi fan spotted! I don’t understand what is so irritating about shweta’s acting to you.. may be she does not overact like paridhi and others so according to you people that is bad annoying acting..
    Nandini is supposed to be around 12 – 13 yrs of age that suits shweta well, unlike paridhi who would look aunty – like for the role (no offence). Also the way shweta showed pain was amazing and to the mark and so natural..
    I think all these shweta haters are just jealous paridhi fans. Nevertheless people like us will support shweta and the serial..

    1. Mona146

      Great who said nandini is supposed to be 12-13 yrs for you? No madam I’m not jealous of swetha. There is nothing to feel jealous. I just voiced my opinion.

    2. Madam, according to what they had shown in the beginning episodes nandini was born 8 yrs after Chandra’s birth and Chandra defeated Magad king when he was around 20 yrs, so according to calculation nandini’s age would be around 12.
      Hmm ok.. and I voiced mine as I came across all the shweta haters and they were Paridhi fans and hated on the serial only bcoz paridhi was not cast. and I don’t think that’s a reason to hate on an actor.

  16. Well said Genni. I enjoy watching this show.

  17. Both Rajat and shweta acting is really good.. Eagerly waiting for chandra nandni love story.. Love this show

  18. Sarayumane

    i really agree with you, i hate shweta, i just hate seeing her, but i am just watching this show because of rajat

  19. I dont like the mentality wherein a person’s past should define their present. Ya the only expecption is for rapists and terrorists who should not be given a second chance and killed right away. Why is it that people dislike Sweta Basu Prasad as seh was involved in a scandal in which she has been given clean chit by court, even if she was guilty hell she was not committing murders. Grow up people and yes her acting is much better than Paridi whose expressions were largely limited to Smiling, Crying and popping out her eyeballs.

    It’s simple if you dont like the seriall then don’t watch.

    1. Mona146

      Paridhi’s acting was much appreciated by larger section of audience. She does not need your certification whether she popped her eyeballs or sth else. Also you cannot make swetha a better actress by criticizing Paridhi. Its an art to convey a lot of expressions through eyes without having to say many words. You wont get it since you like extreme emotions like cry out loud or fierce arrogant roles.

  20. Mona146

    I agree that persons past need not define their present. But don’t forget she came out because whole film industry(who supports salman khan) stood with her and forced media and govt to reveal the persons along with her. I don’t dislike the serial because of the scandal but because I found her performance lacking. Trust me I do not dislike swetha because I like paridhi. Even I got excited seeing the trailers but her actual performance and dumbness & overreacting nature of the character makes me feel against towards character nandini. I strongly feel santram verma should have been the involved in this serial who can bring best out of actors.

    1. Mona, I read your post. And I agree with you. Shweta maybe National award winner, but I find her also lacking her performance. The show is for me a disap.

      Only Moora, Helena and Durdhara are for me strong women and good characters.

      With Nandini i don’t feel a connection, sympathy. She looks and behave like a spoilt child. No ROYALNESS at all! Yes she doesn’t know the truth about her father, the writer should have make her character more mature, educated and aware of her surroundings. Why not a strong bond with her mother, that isn’t shown.

      Why not love story with Helena / Durdhara. Now the upcoming wedding scene will be grand with pandits, dancers etc. Feel sorry for Helena / Durdhara that their wedding was simple. Not even a Sangeet/Mehndi.

      Maybe new show Peshwa Bajirao will be much better. I am so excited for this one!!

  21. I somehow like the serial. Speed is also good till now. No comments on individual performance.

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