Chandra Nandni 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandra telling nandini that the hole you dug, you only fell in it. Chandra says you must be thinking why I saved you and isn’t that right? Nandini says no I am thinking how to kill you every time. Chandra says I will tell you why I have kept you alive, I will kill you with my own eyes and hands by putting haldi on your face after I put it on my face. Just wait and watch, Chandra takes haldi and puts it on his face and says see nothing happened and they say that the haldi that is put on grooms face will be put on brides face and today that will happen. Nandini goes to behind, Chandra comes and hugs her and puts all face on his haldi on her face. Nandini syas leave me. Chandra says your father troubled and looked at my mom like this and s*xually harassed her and just see I will kill you just like this and harass you like thata. Chandra says I will burn you like that for your entire life, Chandra goes.
Nandini cries and remembers what Chandra said and gets angry. She picks the vase and is about to throw it when her Bhabhi comes and says its no time to throw things and stick all pieces together. Nandini says I will take revenge from Chandragupta.
There Helena is talking with mom and mom says Chandra has taken a good revenge and is keeping nandini alive and harassing her. Helena says that is the true revenge and nandini will suffer.
There chanakya tells Chandra that nandini is not safe and someone is trying to kill her in the palace. Chandra tells she will be safe and we will keep her safe. Chanakya tells she wants to play a game of death and in sangeet she will try to do that, Chandra says that’s good as I have always loved playing death games since I was a kid and I will play the game with her.
Nandini is crying and remember how her father was killed. She says I am sorry dad and I could not take revenge and he killed you and I cant live anymore with that pain. Nandinis mom hears this and comes with poison and tells you wanted to die then take this and die and go and live with your dad but before dying listen to this that your dad was not a good man and he was just a good father. He was not a good king and not a good husband too, he was ruthless to the people and has done bad things in the past but if you marry Chandra you can help in making the future of Magadha people more secure as many women have lost their fathers and husbands so you have to do it for your people. Nandini cries and says if its for the people I will marry Chandra.
Chandra is on the throne and chanakya tells Chandra that some important people have come to meet him. Chandra says but they are all the kings of different kingdoms and they did not support us, chanakya says you are now the Magadha king and they have come to meet the king and from now you will act like a king and their kingdoms are friends with Magadha. Chandra says okay. He is getting up to welcome them, when chanakya says no you should not get up and they will come here. The kings come there and chanakya welcomes them and they all sit and talk about administration.
There chandras mom is there and Chaya Helena and chandras wife is there. Wife says wow these jewellery are so beautiful and thanks for all this mom. Mom says what thanks? And we are a part of this kingdom and this is ours and we deserve it and I gave Chaya as she is my daughter and though you are chandras wives you are daughters to me so call me mom. Wife says okay, wife asks what is that thali with gold for? Mom says its for nandini, Helena gets angry. Mom says nandini is going to be chandras wife so Helena and you will go and give this to nandini. Helena says no I will not go, mom says you should and you both have to do this ritual. Helena says she is a servant to us now and I wont go in front of her. Helenas mom comes and says Helena will go, Helena says but…her mom says you will go and she is chandras mom and the rajmata of kingdom and you have to listen to what she says. Wife Chaya and mom go. Helena says what is this mom? Mom says in Magadha a queen does not rule a king does so you have to stay close to Chandra and his mom and listen to what they say. Helena says okay.
There Helena and wife go to nandini with clothes and jewelry. Helena gives nandini the jewelry and then shows her the bangle that padmanand had given to nandini. She says this was yours but I have it now and I don’t give the person his belongings unless I get mine. Nandini is in tears. Wife says don’t cry and take these clothes and rajmata has said that we are chandras wives so we have to live like sisters from now, Helena looks at wife angrily and goes. Wife tells nandini that don’t worry she is rude and even I don’t like her but I think we both will be good friends or more like sisters I future. gautami smiles, wife says you are beautiful and I like the way you are with everyone and don’t worry I know that you hate Chandra but he is a good man and we both have been childhood friends and see he will be good with you.

Precap: as the sangeet is going, chanakya comes and tells that the kingdom has been attacked. chandra is stabbed with dagger in his back, nandini is there. He tells her to help him and remove the dagger, nandini is confused.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Getting interesting day by day..Loving both chandra n nandini….and durdhara was fab too..Moora too good loving her…helena’s mom knw how manipulate d situation, until she’s der Helena will b safe.. Otherwse she’ll do some r othr mistake…around awesome epi wit brilliant cast????

  2. Please write Durdhara instead of “wife”….

  3. Mystery

    Now let’s see what nandni will do…in my opinion she should help chandra

  4. Chandra nandini…. what to say!
    Though folklore but still shows the depth of pain embedded in each and every person. Never leaves any stone unturned to bring emotions on your face while watching it☺?

  5. Amalina

    Who’s wife?? Actually i didn’t have time to watch the epi so i read the update! is wife durdhara??

    1. Hmm..wife means durdhara.. Writer itzz a request from all of us, please giv actual names…It’ll becm confusng for dose who missd epi..

  6. And also itzz not bhabhi who stops nandini thrwng vase itzz sunanda her badi Maa knw??..chanakya doesn’t say nandini is not safe..he actually tells Guptachar (women) frm rani’s palace to eye on nandini’s plan to hurt chandra or if ny1 plan to hurt nandini.. Writer plzz update correctly itzz kindhearted request…

  7. Chanakya tells chandra tmrw is Sangeet,nands daughter nandini won’t sit quite, she’ll do some hungama.. Den chandra tells abt death game n all..n also nandini n avantika conversation part also is little bit missing… Wer she tells to nandini Dat she lovd nand so much,but he illtreated her,n same way now nandini ur hating chandra someday hate may turn to love,but nandini refuses it…tdy so many mistak is der in update…

  8. Improve. Grammatical mistakes

  9. The show gets better day by day.. another fantastic episode !!

  10. Priyashree Chakraborty

    Moreover there was also a conversation between Helena’s mom and Helena where Helena wants to know why is her mother sending her for presenting the jewellery,clothes etc to Nandini and her mom says that it is very necessary to be in friendly terms with Nandni as Durdhara happens to be Chandra’s childhood friend, while Nandni is his biggest enemy and somehow there are chances of Chandra’s falling into love with them and they might become his favourite while Helena is neither his friend nor his enemy so there is high possibility that Helena might just get washed away from Chandra’s mind. She further advises that with enmity a person cannot gain his enemy’s trust but it is easier to kill a person with pseudo friendship after gaining that person’s trust. Helena’s mom is a big mastermind just like Maham Anga.

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