Chandra Nandni 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Chandra gifts Prabha, nandinis jewellery

Chandra Nandni 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindusara drinking,and is very angry and is thinking of chandras words,Helina stops him and says it’s your haldi function,Bindusara says he never remembers my mother always Nandini,am I not his son,he is no ones but just nandinis,she doesn’t let us live in peace and bindusara leaves angry. Dharma trying to get her Mehndi off,bindusara sees her and says this won’t go so easily,and walks to her and rubs her hand hard with stone her hand starts bleeding,and says when you know I hate you why did you write my name and let that man speak about Nandini,dharma says it was your fiancé mistake,and if you think I’m happy to have your name,you are so wrong,and don’t worry b stands for many other thinks like bandar(monkey), Bindusara says how dare you,dharma says I didn’t mention it was for you.

Chandra looking at nandinis sketch,he goes to a trunk and looks at nandinis belongings, her jewellery,and it reminds of a old episode.chandra gets Nandini a gift,Nandini thinks is he upto a prank and says you open it,Chandra says you open it you will like it,Nandini scared and slowly opens it,Chandra very excited,Nandini sees jewellery and very happy,Chandra asks what did you think,Nandini says nothing these are so beautiful I will wear these on function,Chandra says you look so beautiful in these,Nandinis says I’m late now,Chandra asks what’s my gift,and sees a turban and puts on,and red kumkum falls all over Chandra,Chandra says so this was your prank to call me red faced monkey but I won’t let you go like this and pulls her close and applies it on her cheeks too.

Chandra calls dasi and asks to call Prabha ,Nandini aiding dharmas hand and says why scratch your hand with stone,dharma says it had bindusara name,Nandini thinks baba said that dharma has her future in Magad,Nandini says dharma behave yourself,dharma says he is so rude,Nandini thinks may be her future is truly here ,but my present and further all are a question mark,dasi informs Nandini that maharaj is waiting for her,dharma makes fun of it,Nandini gets upset and scolds her and says dont again and leaves.

Apma in corridor,its to windy,nandinis dupatta falls off,she covers it back but Apma sees her,and says Chandra was right Nandini is in mahal,am I mistaken is it nandinis ghost and why is she going to Chandras room.apma follows her.she being stopped by guards,she says how dare you,guard says it’s maharajs order not let anyone in,when dharma mother is in,Apma thinks this means Prabha is Nandini and Chandra knows it and let’s her in mahal with face covered all is so fishy here.

Haldi function,Helina says I will apply first haldi to my daughter Charu,Panditji says prince can join later,adornus walks in,Helina says what’s on your face,adornus says haldi face pack and now princess will fall for me,Helina asks what pack,adornus says one near humam,Helina says this was to clean the tub,wipe it off quickly.

Charumati asks Elis to go find how bindusara is looking,Elis slowly sneaks to other side of the curtain,Chitra sneaks too and says he is looking so handsome but there’s long line of girls to apply him haldi,Charumati says I have no jealousy issue,Chitra and Elis go join dance,Bhadra and Kartikeya join to,Kartikeya has his eyes on dharma,but elis dancing with him.

Chandra dressed into his old king clothes,he says Prabha you don’t have to cover your face here and takes it off,Nandini asks do you have any news about my family,Chandra says no I have something for you,Nandini asks what,Chandra shows her jewellery,Nandini says these are expensive how will I,Chandra says you did bindusara Tilak and it’s gift,nandini says I can’t wear these,Chandra says I will help you and helps her put earrings.

Bhadra holds chitars hand while dancing and looks at her Mehndi,she blushes,Elis shows her Mehndi to Kartikeya but he doesn’t notice anything. Chandra puts mangtikka on nandinis forehead,and all other ornaments, Chandra says Nandini.

Pre cap : Chanakya says Chandra I know you think Prabha is Nandini but we need to be careful before we get this truth out. Nandini thinks is baba lying to me. Apma tells Helina Nandini is alive.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Nandini is alive, the fact knew by Apama and now Helena, will they change their strategy to get rid of Nandini once again. Seems they will use Bindusar again, possibly Dharma Bindusar marriage will be their next plan. Dance sequence of lovers and comedy by Adonis was nice.

  2. Arpkishore

    Holy crap!. So evil witch seen nan face vry clearly. We taught she haven’t seen her face.. Precap is interesting so chanakya finds the truth and s back to mahal. Apama tells to her idiotic child nan s alive.. Dharma s getting close to bindusara without knowing each other. Once ch and nan getting married he even can’t find who s nan and thr everyone face s covered wit dupatta.. Likewise his son. He chooses dharma.. Anyone seen off screen pic in Instagram guys. Sbp uploaded into her profile..

  3. Savithri V Ramani

    My god let Chanakya found out the truth.Apma has seen her.what is in stores for Nandini let evil should not win

  4. Ada enna pa… eppavum indha apama mattum smart madhiri katuranga… am fed up… these two witches will plot against nandu again, everything will repeat… wat rubbish… one good thng s chanakya found dat prabha s nandu.. so wat will happen…???? Bindusar n dharma getting close day to day… surely helena use bindusar against nandini… the only solution s someone should reveal dd’s murder truth to bindusar… but i do thnk no one will do dat even chandra… we r going nuts bcoz of dis bad negative storyline… romba kodumaiya iruku, but enna pandradhu wait pandran nalaiku varaikum… good nyt drs…

  5. Why Chanakya is not letting the truth to reveal if at all they wait that two evils will plant dirty tricks to again eliminate nandini, already bindusar is angry with nandini he hates her even her name, we can’t blame him because he doesn’t know what is the exact truth no one has revealed it to him till now,at least this time Chandra and Chanakya should play very carefully
    What if apama and Helena try to brain wash nandini’s mind saying she has to leave Chandra for good or these two might can even blackmail her by capturing baba this might happen because both Chandra and Chanakya are not taking any chance of believing the wrong person as nandini according to them so learning this these two might play very dirty game hope Chandra and Chanakya never give a chance to these two
    By seeing the reaction of apama and Helena there is a chance that both are indeed involved in this mystery of nandini’s memory loss there is a secret behind this Chanakya might have known the truth hope so fingers crossed
    Now Chandra is back with a bang he is now regretting of marring Helena good
    I am eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode I want to see Helena’s reaction when her mother reveals that nandini is alive worth to watch
    Can’t take it any more the way she over reacts as if she knows each and every thing
    She is makeup evil, her presence on screen is irritating now makers should not repeat by showing evils wining again it’s enough and right time to punish the actual culprit or dd, the way apama reacted when she saw nandini very funny she is saying that am I dreaming hello lady are you nuts if I would have been there I would have pinch her such a way the whole metal would have woke up by her screaming in pain haa haa
    Any ways let’s see what’s in store for us
    Wow Chandra you have now started to dress up your wife and see her like before she used to be it was very pleasant to watch you both you know she is your nandini no doubt about it

  6. Chandra never ask abt nandu’s baby I think makers avoid this part. So lovely chandini scène shwetraj alw rocks amzing chemistry both combinaison is perfect. Chakku is come back hope he will find the true

  7. PORUS a new historic show is starting next month on Sony. I was a bit excited when initially I heard about Chandra Nandini ending and hoping Rajat would be a part of this new mega show but unfortunately Lakshya Lalwani has been roped in to play the role of Porus, while Rohit Purohit plays the role of Alexander. I am so disappointed with this news.
    I was looking forward for Rajat to come in a better show and appreciated for his capability but alas once again disappointment ……

    1. We are all waiting for rajats new show but that will only happen if this show ends.

  8. Nowdays Chandra gets lots of flashback, the dream scene was funny n happy. OH NO,
    Apama have seen Nandini, how come this evil lady always noticed, actually her work is to spy n plot again by using Bindu against Nandini.
    Adonis, is a joker,applied Haldi on his face, he always irritates Helena, she has a useless son.
    At last Chandra is back with his King attire, that is good news but Chandra u need to trim yr moustage n beard, it is overgrown.
    I think Chanakaya has still not found out about Praba
    Precap” not interesting , danger is coming for Nandini, as Apama will inform Helena that N is alive. Nandini start thinking again, she could be Nandini n Baba is lying

    1. We want a clean shaved chandra.

  9. Am I the only one who wants dharma to get married with kartikey and not worth bindusara?

  10. Apama saw nandini.We are all back to square one.They will plot against nandini and history will repeat itself.Dont these writers have any other ideas?I think they’re truly in love with apama.Chandra is back in his royal costume and that is a good sign.

    1. I have honestly given up with these writers….. nothing new about the script. The same old rewinding story of getting rid of Nandini. UFFFF………

  11. In love, not on love.Chandra is back wearing his royal costume and that is a good sign.

  12. Tanaya, please delete my 2 last comments.I didn’t see my first comment at first.

  13. Hi Roopa,padmini,cn Fan Hw Ar U??I Am So Curious Why Baba Tell Lie To Chandra?Does Chanakaya Able To Find Nandani’s Truth??In Spoilers I Saw Bindusara Idea On Dharma Change & He Start To Lve Her…

    1. We have no idea why Baba’s not telling the truth.In the precap, it didn’t seem that chanakya has found out the truth.I don’t know where this serial is heading.We just want a happy ending.

    2. Honestly, we do not know because whenever we think something is going to happen in a certain way, the story takes a drastic change of course and we watch something completely different my dear Dhanaanjaya.
      We cannot think on the same track as these writers.
      We have been thinking of punishing Apama and Helena for such a long time and see where we are now. Still Apama is roaming around like the innocent victim with her head held high and the innocent Nandini is shown as the guilty party in the eyes of the Moora, Bindusar and the whole palace. This is the most ridiculous story !!!
      Where is the justice for the truth?
      I fail to understand why this Apama is still surviving in this show when Chandra’s sister Chaya has disappeared suddenly. Maleiketu also disappeared without his track ending properly so I only watch for Rajat otherwise I would not bother about this show at any cost.

    3. Danan Jaya, Actually we are not sure what the makers want,we hv different ideas n thw writers have a unique idea. All the fans have the same thinking, we want CN to be united, but the evil Greek ladies does not allow this n end up CN get separated. We just don’t know where this story is heading.

    4. Exactly right Padmini. No one knows what is going on in this show. I am lost with words or with comments. I can’t say anything positive about the writers. They think viewers are brainless.
      I just want this show to end so Rajat can start a new show which is more concrete and can show his strength and his talent.
      Oh God please grant me patience to watch this Apama character in the forthcoming episodes.

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