Chandra Nandni 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update:bindusara chooses dharma

Chandra Nandni 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra and Nandini proceed to Magad. Chandra looking at nandinis sketch,Helina walks in and asks where were you,Chandra says I was out with Nandini for some work,Helina says with Nandini and starts laughing and says stop fooling yourself,Chandra looks at Helina and says I fooled myself when I married you and leaves,Helina says this Nandini even after so long Hasn’t left his minds.Nandini in mahal thinking about how cruel was her husband,dharma rushes to her and covers her face and asks what is this,what’s going on,Nandini says I went Champa and tells whole story,Nandini says dharma my hope is no more,on one hand Maharaj love she’s dead wife to this extend and my husband left me,dharma says and so Maharaj learnt the truth,Nandini says yes and he allowed me Magad and asked me to stay with my face covered to avoid further problems,Helina hears this and thinks is she Nandini and Chandra trying to hide her.

Helina rushes to them and says show me your face,dharma tries to interrupt but Helina stops her,and says do it or else I will have to remove it by myself,and tries to remove dupatta abut Bindusara stops her and says ma ,Helina says bindusara she is,Bindusara says ma I know the truth why her face is always covered her face is half burnt,do you still want to see it,Helina turns her face and says no I don’t and leaves,Nandini says thank you yuvraj,Bindusara says I’m sorry on behalf of ma,on one hand your daughter took my Yuvraj post away and on other you called me Yuvraj and touches her feet and leaves.

Dharma applying Mehndi to Charumati,Charumati says make sure my Mehndi is so good that bindusara couldn’t take eyes off it,Chitra teases her,dharma finishes her work,Charumati says dharma you forgot to write the first letter of my husbands name,it’s said this increases the love,Elis thinks even I should write Kartikeyas name,Chitra thinks I should write bhadras name.
A dasi pushes dharma and Charumatis Mehndi gets on dharmas hand,Charumati says this doesn’t mean you will be Magad queen now repair it quickly.

Chandra tells Chanakya about Nandini,and says I don’t know how to prove it but I strongly believe on it,Chanakya says but may be that Purohit is right she isn’t Nandini,Chandra says I can’t mistake it,she is Nandini and there is some big plot behind it,Chanakya says then I shall go and find it myself,Chandra says no Acharya it’s bindusara wedding,Chanakya says you are my son, and today you will have to be with bindusara and I will go find my sons solution,Chandra says thank you Acharya but how will you find it,Chanakya says don’t worry I will find it and if he is lying and why and who made him say that,I will get all the information.

In Mehndi function all boys try getting in,Bhadra asks what all is this,Kartikeya says nothing it’s Champa ritual even boys apply Mehndi so we should get in,Bhadra says no this is women function we can’t,Adornus says look our parents are in so we can,Bhadra looks at Chitra and says yes we should,Kartikeya looks at dharma and thinks soon you will have my name Mehndi on your hands,Elis looks at him and smiles,Chitra says I want to write b on it ,b for Bhadra,and sees Bhadra is hearing it and is shocked,adornus thinks a princess has applied Mehndi for him and follows her ,she asks why are you following me,adornus says I know you like me tell me,she says I don’t,adornus says this Greek sign on your Mehndi,she says it’s just a design and leaves.

Dasi is asked to call bindusara.bindusara walks in,and greets everyone,his mother in law says you have to guess from all the women here who Charumati is with help of the Mehndi applied,adornus says bhaiya all the best,Bindusara says I don’t want to,she says you have to,Charumati thinks see how he will guess me in seconds,all women covered in dupatta,bindusara starts looking,adornus tells him,the one who has your name on her Mehndi is the one,bindusara picks one and says she is the one,chanrumati says I’m here bindusara who have you picked up bindusara sees it’s dharma,and says sorry Charumati and walks to her and holds her hand ,Charumati says what now,mother in law says so my daughter won this game,learn form your father he chose his wife from thousands of women,Chandra walks to bindusara and says son think form heart and not Brain and only then you will win,Bindusara says I have no heart,Chandra says even I had these thoughts when I was your age,but time will get you that person who will introduce you to person who will make you realise the power of love,your Nandini ma taught me the power of love,Helina thinks this Chandra always behind Nandini.

Bindusara says I shall take your leave and leaves,Chandra thinks you aren’t in love and when you will find someone like Nandini , you will know what is love.

Pre cap: Dharma trying to get of bindusara Mehndi,Bindusara walks to her and says when I hate you how dare you write my name and rubs her hand harsh.
Apma sees nandinis face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Koi bata skta he ki adornus kise pasand krta he???

    1. Jayani

      Kisi ko bhi nahi ab tak but kaun jaane kab voh apna luv story laayega??

    2. Actually woh itna stupid ke tarha batein karta hain ki koi usse pasandi nahi karti……….
      usska ma Helena bhi uska who idiotic nature ke vajese usse pasand nahi karte hain……..
      Bechara Adornus………

    3. Jayani

      True bhaiya ???

  2. Now Acharya Chanakya has got the important job to find out the truth of Prabha/Nandini. He will surely help Chandra and this time his work will reveal many mysteries. Situation always push Dharma towards Bindusar, as Apama has seen Nandini’s face will she play game with Nandini and Dharma. May be … she arrange marriage of Bindusar and Dharma to provoke Bindusar to revenge with Nandini and Dharma by making Dharma his wife.

  3. While chandra trying to find out nandni in mahal he wasn’t able to find her how tis evils came to find out very easily. This serial makers making tis show oly for evil witches.. Bullshit. She ll plot again kadavule!! kadavule!!.. Hope acharya believed Chandra words and promised him to find out wats behind Baba’s lie and y he lied wit d couples.. He ll definitely find out d truth. I think amartya has been involved in tis and he might be having ch and nan baby. Hope so.. On 1 yr leap baba missed tis might be hppnd.. Nandni’s half burnt drama s wasted here since apama seen her face.

  4. Gpk484

    Holy crap in today’s episode there are two main things one is a good thing that Chandra told Chanakya about what really happened and Chanakya told I will help you and the other one is what the f*** moment in which the precap of tomorrow’s episode that Apama sees Nandini’s Face !
    For God sake why these kind of stupid and irritating scenes happening in this serial which viewers don’t want / like to see at all
    That f****** b**** Apama saw Nandini’s Face
    Now what !
    Again Evil Prevails
    Oh come on CAN writers make this a happy serial !…
    Don’t mess this story up !
    If Evil Prevails
    That is those f****** b****** Helena and Apama
    Then there will be no use in watching this serial from the first
    there will be no worth for it ! Come on !
    Nandini get back to your senses ! Chandra and Nandini reunite and Apama and Helena thrown out of Mahal
    And that stupid Bindusar should pay his penance for killing an unborn child and also for separating those lovely couples for years !..

    Ok calm down ! Now coming to the comment what will happen now since Apama sees Nandini’s Face ! Bad moment very very frustrating and bad moment !..
    Also Chanakya is dealing in the case so that’s a happy moment I think yesterday’s episode is better than today’s episode which contains a lot of frustration confusion and it’s making Me Go Nuts ! What do you think guys reply me of what and all your prediction is and what will happen in the future is there any assumption of you comment below I hope Chandra Nandini reunite forever ! Permanently and viewers will always have happy ending ! The Chandra Nandini will always be together and have a child of their own and live long life forever be together forever love makes it all

  5. I think these writers loved evil characters more than sweraj couples. So thy write plotting scripts particularly for apama. Vachi seiranunga fans ah… Once bindusara finds out d culprit avan vachi seiyanum apama va yum Helena va yum.. Once he finds out how ll he behave wit nandni?. He Smply ask sorry choti ma mujhe shama kartijiye mudichiruvan. Lik once ch did to nan. Lik father lik son.. No guiltiness for tat 18yrs he hated nan anything lik tat..

    1. True …Epo bindhusara kandupidikuradhu truth ah!.? Apama devil kandupiduchuruche…?too bad…again nandini is going to face big issue…I can’t tolerate ?

    2. Jayani

      Me 2 thiga

    3. Jayani

      Sariya sonninga Kishore anna

  6. Jayani

    Such a cool epi… So finally, Chanakya is shown for sum gud thing… He’s doing sumthing gud for d first tym… But dis bull shit apama sees’s dis Nandu… But m happy dat atleast Bindu was able 2 save Nandini… Nd d gr8est thing is dat he even takes blessings frm his mother… It’s getting better but d probs is dat for few days dey show sum improvement but den again back 2 d same situation… Hopeless… Waiting for sum gud improvement in d investigation of Nandu’s truth… Waiting for 2morrow’s epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

  7. Sumy Thank you for your kind translation in English against my Tamil posting on 25th August episode. But your answer is not correct that whose spoiled Chandra & Nandini life as Monkey Vs Garland. I know that you r having proper answer so you can think and tell. I am waiting.

  8. S jayani, situation back to abnormal since apama seen nan face. I thought smthg gng to hppn fishy once thy shown moolai ilatha moora today. (Brain less moora). Watch her face once ch said nan name. Once she fell on nan legs for mistake. Now she s hating her to d core. She known d truth thn also she supporting apama against nan..

    1. Jayani

      ???… Dat’s correct anna… Btw, hw old r u, if it’s nt personal

  9. Wow Chandra what a reply for Helena, it was a slap on her face, what’s the use Chandra you should have thought about this when you married that evil because of her lust, hungry for power, selfish, jealousy she reuind many life’s, especially nandini’s and dd.
    Then Chanakya for sure he will find out the culprit who is behind nandini’s condition
    Now my question is why baba lied to Chandra regarding nandini true identity might be a amthya and malay it might be
    even apama involved in this, there are so many questions which has to answered,
    In precap very easily apama identify nandini now for sure she will play dirty games keeping bindusar as a weapon but dharma might get to know these evils intentions by knowing these two are brainwashing him against nandini.
    Now will Chandra protect nandini from evils in mehal even rajmata, what he will do because after getting to know that Prabha is nandini the two evils will not keep quite each and every minute they will create problems for nandini and dhrama, at least this time Chandra should give back Helena properly and show her place, he already done it today weld one he did not like her from day 1 itself, she has only lust form and wants to rule she is power hungry women in from devil, hope bindusar also gets to know what type of a character is Helena for sure how he procted nandini today with out knowing its nandini actually one day he will procte her knowing it’s his choti maa.
    He will show Helena’s true place that not even Chandra will help her bindusar should banish her from bharat he should make sure she leaves or kill her ever minute she has to die like who dd suffered and nandini suffered she and her mother both should taste the punishment
    Hope it happens
    And once again wow Chandra what a reply you no need to slap her physically your words speaks volume it’s like 20,000 wats shock for her at least we viewers got a chance to see her ugly face, the way she laughs disgusting whenever she opens her mouth it’s only blaha, blaha, blaha, blaha it’s like a pig screaming for food that’s what she is, always it was nice yesterday because there was no health Greek evils, when ever these two evils face comes on screen I feel like throwing some on them, they presence itself is irritating the way that stupid walks as if she is walking a ramp show or advertising for IODEX when ever she wears that crown I remember only nandini because it belongs to her this stupid took it from her we have to find some new word to scold these two no other work all the time plotting, eating sleeping, dressing, screaming, breaking, talking, running, mixing, lusting, killing, manulpating, acting, proviking, screeching, scratching, overhearing, drinking a specially Macedonian wine they know only this
    Helena does not know what is love meaning no experience no even with Malay she had only lust use and throw, escape great escape Malay but Chandra got caught sad hope Chandra bindusar and everyone gets to know what type of character is Helena

    1. Well said….so funny …..

    2. Wow Shalini, very nice comments, i enjoyed n some parts are funny

    3. So funny…..yaar……..

  10. Savithri V Ramani

    Again evil witch has seen Nandini.Thank god Chandra told everything to chanakya.why Nandini alone not regaining her memory.too much dragging and making bindusara a lovely Yucatan as a bad person in the hands of Helena when Chandra is after Nandini even now why he has to hide the facts from bindusara as who has killed durdhara? The writers thinks that viewers are fools and describe the story as evil wins the good Ness my god not able to see calmly.the writers are testing our patience

  11. I have explained in my previous postings that how i loved this serial before 18 years leap.Since from starting CN makers r giving most important to Apma/Helena characters which are getting more irritating to all CN Fans/viewers.

    Simple question. Nandini when will become a chief Queen in Magad? Makers only knows. I think makers can allowed to Dharma as chief queen in their last episode when saying to bye bye to us.Everyone’s know’s Helena how she got chief queen post. Even still she is continuing the post past 20 years.

    If i start to write how makers are making fool and irritating to us it will be not end my comments.

    Because of these all nonsense all fans r lost their interest to watching this favorite serial. Now onwards atleast CN makers should think about innocent Fans/viewers of CN that make them happiness in upcoming episodes.

    One thing i want to tell here, I am getting more happy to share my comments to all and reading different kinds of comments from all CN fans.

    thank you for all your valuable comments.

    1. Jayani

      It’s always r pleasure anna… I wud lyk 2 thank TU for giving us d opportunity of xpresing r views wid every1 nd get opinions as well

    2. Gpk484

      Well said V Vijayan
      I totally agree to you !
      These writers are making us fools !
      Hope they rectify the mistakes
      And make CN both together forever !
      And also a very good happy ending !
      An excellent thing to give it to CN fans from the writers !
      Hope this all happens and Chandra and Nandini both reunite forever ! ❤️❤️❤️

    3. Dear GPK484,

      Thank you very much for yr comments. After go through the all comments given by the CN Fans I came to understand that if they got chances as writer of CN they can make successful and blast this serial.

  12. Nice episode, Chandra answer to evil Helena that he is a fooled to get married to Helena, wow super, furious Helu.
    Love the scene of Chandra n Chanakya, soon investigation will be done by our brilliant Chanakya.
    Precap totally irritating, evil Apama have seen Nandini n Bindu trying to erase Mahendi from
    D,hope B does not injure her hand

    1. Did she really see nandini?As though there was a curtain there.

  13. Everything was going in the right direction and then we saw this precap.Hope apama didn’t see nandini.Chandras answer to Helena was superb.The way he preached bindusar was even more interesting.

  14. Tvfan1

    i really don’t know what to many of you stated..I also agree with you..a leap was not necessary!!!!!!

    eventhough, i loved to see siddharth nigam totally ruin the plot of CHANDRA and NANDINI…

    and i really hoped dharma was played by reem sameer…as she looks younger than this dharma..and dharma was given by was not her real name!

    but however..waiting for the re-union of chandra and nandini!!

    1. Sid was good in ashoka but here I don’t see his good acting maybe because rajat is far more superior than he is.When rajat is around, everyone else looks !Ike amateurs.

    2. Jayani

      Siddharth nd Rajat r of d same category I feel coz both of dem r xceptionaly talented actors… But Rajat is more xperianced in dis field as such

  15. Thank Roopa,CNFan,padmini & Others For Welcming.

    1. Jayani

      M so sry, cudn’t welcum u… Welcum 2 d family dear

  16. Nw It Time To Reunite Chandra Nandani.This Helena How Cruel She??

  17. @ Shalini Here In Drama Helenas Character Is Fuly Mesed Up..She Is Nt Cruel & Selfish Acording To Real History…If Helena Will Live 2dy Abosl*tly She Will Go To Court & Wil Cmplain About Destroying About Her Character!!!

  18. Arpkishore

    Guys here my name s changed from kishore to arpkishore.

  19. Arpkishore

    Yup dhananjaya, definitely she ll go to court. U r absolutely true..

  20. What if its Archarya that plotted to seperate Nandhini n Chandra n made that guy lie to Chandra?maybe.

    1. Gpk484

      Um….. That’s way too far from assumption because that’s not going to happen there is no possibility that it can happen because Acharya is good human man he also loves Nandini to be remain in Mehal itself because he knows that she is wise queen and also she has also taught him heart what is heart

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