Chandra Nandni 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update:Baba lies to Nandini about her identity

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Chandra Nandni 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra says you aren’t married to dharmas father,Nandini says no Im not,Chandra says why does she call you ma,Nandini says dharmas mother Prabha died while giving birth to her and so her grandfather,named me after her mother since I raised her,Chandra says who are you then tell me the truth or else I will have to arrest you for fake identity,Nandini says baba found me unconscious many years back.

Nandini says when I gained conscious I had lost my memory and since then I’m waiting for my husband,but fate doesn’t Want it and then when I came here in Magad I learned I resemble Nandini,and then when you called me Nandini I had a feeling that may be I’m Nandini and then I tried matching our personalities and then I found that’s not possible,Chandra holds her hand and says look at these paintings this cradle these books,don’t they remind you of anything,this sword,Nandini says enough,please I have don’t remember anything and I don’t find any connection with this and only baba can answer to your question,Chandra says we shall meet him and find out whether you are my Nandini.

Chandra and Nandini on their way to Champa in cart,Nandini stumbles,Chandra holds her,Chandra says you can hold me or else you will fall down.Nandini thinks am I really his wife,is he the one I’m waiting for. Kartikeya says enough dharma,Bindusara has to know that I’m marrying you,and he has to respect you,dharma says no let’s wait, this argument between me and Bindusara will effect Champa and Magads relations which in turn will affect Champa people,Kartikeya says you truly are a queen you have all the qualities, A arrow passes by dharma pulling her dupatta,Kartikeya puts it back on dharma,Bindusara says this dharma came in between I was just practicing,Kartikeya says it could hurt her,bindusara says this is my arrow and goes as per my wish,dharma leaves,Bindusara says you care about her a lot,Kartikeya says she isn’t any ordinary woman,and know very well about her,bindusara points arrow at Kartikeya,Kartikeya says also I know what you are thinking,and it’s to kill me.

Nandini goes to baba,baba asks all okay is dharma here too,Chandra walks in,Nandini says baba it’s important ,tell me where did you find me,baba says near the river,you were unconscious,Nandini tells baba about the situation ,Chandra says baba please tell us how did you find her,baba says may be 8 or 9 years back,Chandra says be precise please,baba tells Chandra how and where did he find Nandini,Chandra says this means Nandini has also been some where for span of a year,Nandini try and recollect.nandini says I can’t,baba please tell me did you find me in queens outfit,am I a queen.

Baba says no you aren’t a queen,Chandra says don’t lie tell us the truth. Bindusara says Kartikeya why will I harm you and hugs him and thinks soon you will Marry my sister.( Elis tells bindusara about Kartikeya and Helina promised her that she will arrange her wedding with the prince she loves). Bindusara says come let’s have meals together. Baba says Maharaj she doesn’t know all truth,I know who left her there,her husband left her,Chandra says she is my Nandini,she has all qualities of Nandini,may be she met him in that one year,baba says no she may be similar but not your wife,she was wife to a very bad man,Nandini says why didn’t you tell me,baba says what would I tell you,that you were a torchered by your husband,Chandra asks who was that man,baba says I can’t tell you,I had promised not to reveal the truth.

Nandini says I want to see my family,baba says that family doesn’t want you,Chandra says but for me it’s important or me to know whether she is Nandini,tell me,baba says no I can’t,Prabha i gave you this life and I don’t want you throw back in hell. Nandini leaves crying and Chandra follows,baba says it’s true you are Nandini, wife of Chandragupta but in this life you never can be together.

Nandini says maharaj when you called me Nandini,I thought may be I’m the one and now I know who I am but still Im lost,I want to know what happened to me,I’m so helpless,all night I hold my mangalsutra and look at the moon and pray to see my husband but how fool I was as he didn’t even love me,you at least know that I’m not your wife but my life is still a secrete,and I’m lonely,Chandra says you aren’t lonely you have a daughter,you told me a mothers love is most precious thing and so come back Magad for your daughter,and you can cover your face and no one will question you as Nandini,Nandini asks but who am I.chandra holding her hand.and asks her to proceed,Nandini moves ahead,Chandra says you are my Nandini,I don’t know how will I prove that but you are the one,the tears in your eyes which hurt me as well is a sign,Chandra smiles and says these tears say you are my Nandini.

Pre cap : Nandini says thank you Yuvraj, bindusara takes her blessing and says on one hand your daughter forced to take my position away as Yuvraj and you called me as one.
Chandra says to Chanakya,Acharya she is the one,she is my Nandini. and I find something really fishy behind all this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hi Friends,this Is My 1st Cment In This Drama.Cn I Join Ur Family??

    1. Hi Dhananjaya. Welcome to our family.
      We hope you enjoy your time with everyone.

    2. Welcome to this small but loving family.We want more members here.

      1. Hi Roopa, Your welcome is just awesome and so caring…. I love it….
        The best part of this family, no one abuses each other here. We have always respected one another and shared our views with an open mind.
        Once again your welcome is so Caring just like your name….Roopa….thank you for been a part of this beautiful loving family. People like you make it worthwhile to come and read the comments and share our views.

      2. Thanks CNfan.I don’t know what to say.Whenever someone is missing from this group, I used to wonder what happened to them.Sometimes when the episodes are bad, I don’t feel like commenting but I continued somehow because I knew you all read each other’s comments.A person who called us morons for watching this serial thought we never read each other’s comments and I want to say that he/she was wrong.

    3. Welcome 2 dis CN family…..?

  2. Bindusara s not acting gud nowadays. His script s not well its damaging the show. How could he aim arrow towards dharma?. Her dupatta went off. Its not gud for teenagers to act. This ll spoil d show and trp ll not get increased for these bad kind of scripts. This show has covered mostly by family members thy ll not accept this seeing at all. Baba lied wantedly to Chandra and nandni. I thought bcoz dharma horoscope once predicted by baba as she ll be getting her future in magad.
    Likewise while nandni came into their home he must be predicted the same. So tat time itself he came to known tat she s from royal. Her life is in danger so he decided to hide the truth abt her true identity. After seeing today’s episode thr ll be no interference by Helena apama or bindusara. He itself lied to them..

  3. This Drama Start To Telecst In Sri Lanka Frm Tuesdy So I Get To Read Frm Start To Up To Curent Point..Most Of The Thngs In Drama Are Fictional & It Made For Dramatical Usage..Eg=having Prince Name Nandani To King Chandragupta.,marying Helena 1stly,having Chldrens For Helena In Ths Drama & Chakravartin Asoka Samrat Drama.In History They Were Never Mention..Chandragupta Have Only 2 Wives As Dhurdara & Helena.He 1stly Mary Dhurdara Who Is His Uncle Daughter To Get Finance For His Army..Then At His Age 40 He Mary Helena..Helena Is Nt Cruel In As Shown In Drama Bt She Never Had Children..Only Chandragupta Have Bindusara Who Is Son Of Dhurdara..Chandragupta Deeply & Purely Love Dhurdara…There Is No Nandani In His Life..So When Watchng Dnt Mix Up The Real History & Dramas History….

    1. You are right.This is mostly fictional.

  4. Thnks Miss Tanya For Updates.

  5. Thnks Miss Tanaya For Updates.

  6. Whaaat a bad person is this man is……….
    What d hell is going in his head haaah……why didn’t he told d truth 2 C………
    Must b d truth was known by Helena earlier & may b she had once told him nt 2 open d truth infront of C & was given some money 2 him fr dis……..or may b she had threatened him abt Dharma……….
    What is d truth may it b, C’s faith & blive on his love fr N will never let him down & 2 think dat she is nt N bt Prabha………& he will find out everything whose mind is going on under this story along wid Chanakya………I think dis time Chanakya is d only hope fr us who will support & help C 2 find out d truth & get his love back……..

    Haaah now Bindusar also had 2 bent his head on d feet of N……..dis is going 2 b an amazing scene 2 see…….

    Really xcited 2 see d nxt epis of the plans of C & Chanakya……….

    1. No nick… baba told dis purposely, he determined dharma’s future in same way he may predict nandu’s future… in dat case baba knows chandra n nandini cant be together so he hide dis from chandra… dis s my guess… remember after dd’s death accusation nandu left magad n chandra went kaling for some work where d old man (hermit) told one day u’ll loss everything n u cant get it back… bcoz of these thngs i thought fate separating them… but i want chandra nandini reunion…

      1. Den according to u jai,
        How did he knew abt N’s future????
        If he didn’t know dat when & where she had born & who is her parents…..den how come he did make her future scripts (I really don’t know d name of it)…….

      2. Nick N Jai, I agree with Nick comment, Baba does not know anything about Nandini, if he see an astrology, definetely they will ask where is she born, date of birth and her time of birth. So in this case no one can predict her future, unless he has seen a Mahan.
        I think someone has warned Babba not to reveal about Nandini.

      3. I agree with you padmini.Jai, I hope the person at kalinga was referring to this 10 year leap.

    2. Welcome back nick.Yes, Baba’s confession is confusing.Dont know what his intention is.

      1. Ohhh thanks di fr giving me a warm welcome again………
        & i m really feeling very sad dat now i will nt comment everyday like d past days…….bcoz my xam is going 2 start by d nxt week onwards………. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  7. Chandra is confident that he has found his Nandini but Nandini’s lost memory is problem in their reunion. Why baba is lying is not clear.

  8. Why is Dharma’s grandfather lying about Nandini? What is his motive? Did Helena come to know about Nandini and she warned Baba not to reveal the truth? Or I think Baba wants Nandini to stay as Dharma’s mother since the latter is motherless. Or is there anything else that he is hiding from everyone? Well I guess there are higher chances of my second guess being true, as Baba doesn’t even have any enmity with the royals I suppose so what else could be.

  9. Gpk484

    Oh My God ! On the first hand Dharma is too late to marry Kartik since he himself asked her to marry immediately so that Bindusar let’s her go free but Dharma refused
    Good you’re making your fate Dharma that’s for sure !
    Now coming to the main content
    Nandini ! Why did the old man a.k.a Baba told
    “it’s true you are Nandini, wife of Chandragupta but in this life you never can be together”
    How can he determine whether they two can be together or not … There’s something fishy going on in here !
    If he says yes Maharaj she’s indeed your Nandini Then everything’s gonna be fine they’ll once again unite and for this time it’s permanent forever ! But without even saying the truth to both of them ! How can he say himself
    “it’s true you are Nandini, wife of Chandragupta but in this life you never can be together”
    Oh For godsake why these writers dragging this too much
    It’s horrible and depressing to see the separation of Chandra and Nandini…
    Oh please makers use your brain before it’s too late…if you keep on doing this dragging type thing then definitely mark my words your shows is gonna be a big big flop …. TRP is gonna piss off…so please make this as a happy serial … Make them together forever since their love is truly much much adorable to the fans including me and all the commenters as well …
    So coming to the point So why did Baba tell lie can someone please explain help me in this particular thing … It’s making me go nuts … Makers please make her regain her Senses I mean her memory !… It’s totally dumb if this keeps on dragging…and also someone does anyone know why did Baba told a huge lie … Please someone reply me !…Thank you…
    And also good to see Chandra took this matter to the heavily talented person in this serial CHANAKYA ! So also reply guys … Hope Chandra and Nandini both unite forever ! And be like Chandra Nandini…

    1. Yesterday’s episode was really making us go nuts.

  10. Ennala sathiyama mudiyala..?already so many confusions are there in this serial ?…adhu pathadha..?now baba creating different confusion that chandra-nandini can’t be together ?! Kadaisila devadas serial mathiri matha poranga…enaku sema tension agudhu…” starting nalla iruku but finishing sari illaiyeppa ” ( episodes).. “kadupethuranga mylord”

    1. Gpk484

      Exactly Thiga kaduppaeththaraanga dhaan
      Why can’t they make Nandini remember the past I mean get the memories back that old man a.k.a Baba is frustrating in this episode I hate him euhhhh….

    2. Gpk484

      Yes also Thiga Vara vara mokka podraanga
      School kids yellam kaattraanga very boring sad to see the situation of Chandra and Nandini ???
      Better they show only the scenes of Chandra and Nandini
      That would be awesome to see them together ! ♥️

      1. Hmmm…..I am also waiting for chandra-nandini reunion…☺let’s see

  11. Very emotional!!! Why this makers always make chandra n nandini cry… evils are roaming freely n enjoying royal life… but they r suffering true ppl.. wat logic s dis… chandra ur d best… i love ur acting… both of u dont cry plz… i cant tolerate ur tears… n chandra u did one good thng, u shared ur feeling with chanakya.. so my hope s increasing little bit, chanakya will help chandra to get nandu back in his life… no words abt those school kids… they r playing with feeling without knwing wat s it… ridiculous… i always want chandra n nandini’s scene… not excited but waiting for their nxt…

    1. Yes d only hope fr d reunion of CN is chanakya & no 1 else is there 2 help dem…..

      1. Nick, I also hope for CN reunion, but not sure of this writers, i think they don’t want them together, after all this is friction story. Hoping end of the serial, we only want happiness not disappointment.

  12. That moment when Chandra said tum meri nandini hi ho.. qki jab uski aankhon se aanshu aate the tab meri aankhe nam ho jati thi.. Chandra took my heart so heart touching scenes.
    Guys please see positive scenes other than negativity of show. We r lovers of Chandra n nandini we should love them at least for today.
    I m watching serial cuz of shwetraj.
    Charm of the show
    About BAba I think he would be seen bindusar threw nandini from cliff so he doesn’t want to open truth to spoil each one lives.

    1. Yes dis option can also work bt again there lies a question……
      Dat he told C dat he found N bfore 9 years den there is 1 year gap……bcoz when she fell down frm there Bindu was of 8 years & it after d leap it was told by chanakya dat now bindu is of 18 years…….
      Den where was N fr dis 1 year????
      Or dis was another wrong information by d baba 2 convince C ?????

    2. We all love this show ritzi but they’re spoiling the storyline.

  13. What is this?Im in shock for 10 minutes after watching the complete episode!What an actor?How easily he acts?And today camera work is good capturing each and every expression of RT.Super simply super. I like his dialogues,expressions and the diction .Very heart touching acting.No words to speak .This is what I am expecting from RT and SBP .The episode is full of RT.Those disgusting kids gang is missing.Any ways request the cvs to continue the firth coming episodes with RT not with B or H.

    1. SPD, Luckly we did not see the Greek gang. Rajat acting was mind blowing, feeling so sad for him.. Chanakya need to prepare some kind of herbal medience for N to recover from her memories

  14. Savithri V Ramani

    My god I want to kill the baba from cliff.why he has to lie that Nandini is not Queen and forecast that they can not u it’s.serial is losing charm and dragging they are showing bindusara too bad Yucatan and we wine and good goes to never viewers should feel happy only when Chandra Nandini and bindusara re unite.other wise it is not worth watching

    1. Your first line is hilarious

  15. Why the old man say that new evil in thé show plz unit them it’S SO hard the way à woman suffer she never been happy with her hubby

  16. Welcone Dhananjaya, Yesterday esposide was nice , in order to find out the truth Chandra n Nandini went to Champa to seek information from Praba grandfather. He was confusing about the years, balance one year what happen to Nandini?. I don’understand why Praba grandfather has to lie n he also says that both Chandra n Nandini cannot unite, Something is fishy here, I don’t think Helena n the gang is involved.
    Both souls so pity, I felt so sad.
    Precap: Interesting as Chandra informed Chanakya, the correct person but Chandra told Chanakya Praba is indeed Nandini. Makers pls unite them

  17. Luckily chandra didn’t buy Baba’s story.He still believes she’s nandini.Im glad he’s asking chanakyas advice.Why was bindusar touching nandinis feet?Was he trying to see her face.He will definitely brainwash nandini to separate dharma and karthi.I am super glad Helena , apama and moora were missing in yesterday’s episode.

  18. Since baba is lying, is there a possibility that their baby is still alive somewhere?Why is he lying about the one year period?

    1. Gpk484

      Now Roopa you are making this even more confusing ????
      Already there so many predictions about why that old man a.k.a Baba lied ?
      Now your prediction is even more making me think harder and confusing !
      If this happens as told by you then definitely it will be a happy moment since their child is alive !
      But my Frank opinion your prediction is about 50% out of ?
      Hmm….let’s see what happens with Chandra and Nandini reunion
      Hope they clear all the confusions this week itself … ?????

    2. Roopa, I was just watching the tamil serial, Baba giving some kind of medience to
      Nandini to regain her memory, maybe this medience is not to regain her memory.According to him one year she was not with him, maybe she has a child n i think Amartya Ratsha (King Nanda) polictial leader could be involved n have threatend Baba to keep it a secret from Chandragupta. Just thought about it as we have forgotten about Amrtya. It is good if we keep thinking,mind working.

      Roopa, i also agree with u that our group comments we have so much fun. I am still missing some of our freinds. We also having new freinds, welcome to our group chat.

      1. Jayani

        I agree wid u akka

      2. Hey u did remebered abt amartya………
        yes ur thought may also wrk Padmini………
        & if so den i want N shud hav a daughter who will come 2 take revenge frm d entire Magadh (xcept chanakya & Chandra)…….& she shud throw out dat Greek evils frm India & set d mind 2 a natural 1 of dat idiotic bindusar………..

      3. & i think dis shud b possible, if d baba didnt lied abt dat 1 year………
        Bcoz in 1 year her baby shud hav born & if dat amartya can come in btween dis 1 year den it is sure dat d baby is wid him now & he/she must b of 9-10 yrs old……..

    3. Jayani

      Dat’s also possible… I never gave it a thought frm dat pov

  19. I think now Chandra knows that she is Nandini.but why bab said like that you know why..I think if goes dharma will be alone so he could said like that…..we’ll see

  20. Oh god so much of the fuss
    All this is dragging drama

  21. Tvfan1

    hey guys!! can i join ur family?

    1. Jayani

      U can always join r family dear… Welcum 2 d family Tvfan1

      1. Tvfan1

        thankq very much!

      2. Jayani

        Ur welcum ??

  22. There is a secret behind babas words if you all would have seen when Chandra and nandini left he said I know that you are the actual queen nandini and they can’t be together why? Why he said that fishe might be the witch number one apama is behind all these, this is my opinion might happen might not what if baba knew that she the Queen of Chandra so he might have gone to the Mahal to inform Chandra regarding nandini that time apama would have come to know that nandini is still alive, even she would have acompined him to champa so she might have threatened him and even give some medicine for nandini (this medicine might have made her to forget her past) then why he has to manipulate what he will gain by lying to Chandra baba said that 9 years over this incident happened then what would have happened to nandini in that 1 year where was she were she kidnapped, or were she under house arrest
    For sure apam would have done it to make easier for her dumb head daughter. All this is happening because of her daughter so many life’s got destroyed because of her selfishness, jealously, lust, greedy for power etc so many of them are suffering because of her she is the main culprit
    Thank God Chandra at last he revealed the truth to his guru Chanakya hope he finds the truth but this time they have to be careful because if in case apama gets a clue that Chandra and Chanakya are planing something then everything will go waist
    I felt very bad for both Chandra and nandini they are victims of evils around them the way he felt for her when she was explaining her difficulties sad very sad

    1. Jayani

      I agree wid u Shalini di

  23. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) remembers her past but cannot reveal this to Chandra (Rajat Tokas)

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will show the beginning of a new track as Chandra will try to make Nandini remember her past so that she realizes that she is none other than Nandini.

    Chandra confronts Prabha and tells her that she is his wife Nandini but Prabha refuses to believe it. Prabha takes Chandra to her village to meet her baba as she wants to know the truth about the past. However, baba lies to Chandra and Prabha saying that Prabha is married to some another man and she can’t be his wife. Nandini gets convinced that she is not Chandra’s wife but Chandra doubts Baba’s story as he knows deep down that Prabha is none other than his wife Nandini.

    Chandra convinces Prabha to return to the palace with him for Dharma’s sake and Prabha agrees to go with him. Chandra will use this opportunity to revive Prabha’s memory so that she will realize that she is Nandini. In the upcoming episodes of the show, viewers will get to see that Chandra will take help from Chanakya to make Prabha recall her past truth. Nandini will slowly remember her past but the big twist will come about when she will realize that Bindusra was the one who had tried to kill her.

    Nandini will never want Bindusar and Chandra to go against one another and therefore she will not reveal to Chandra that she has regained her memory. Nandini will do a drama to continue her life as Prabha in order to protect Bindusar. Stay tuned for latest news, future story updates and upcoming spoilers on Chandra Nandini.

  24. Karan prithiv

    Hi guys

  25. Pls ppl why u still watching this show and commenting. And what “family” is this?

  26. Agree wit u padmini, in case baba told tis to apama then she ll not give medicine to forget d past straight away she ll give medicine to kill nandni. Oly tis ll be hppnd. Once dharma entered magad apama ll be realised some ppls come to magad from champa tat time itself she starts her plot if in case tis all from ur POV..

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