Chandra Nandni 27th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 27th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mora says I didn’t see you grow and that was my biggest pain Chandra and this gift worked as aid for it, thank you so much may god bless you,dadi says Nandini this is your idea right,Nandini says no dadi this was Chandra, dadi says I know you two very well,Chandra never thinks by heart but you always do,durdhara says ma which of all gifts is your favourite , mora says I haven’t seen nandinis gift yet,Nandini says ma this your gift now please see this when your alone,Chandra says there will be Royal dinner in the occasion of my mothers birthday,Chandra says Nandini my gift will be the best,Nandini says let’s see.

Mora opens her gift and sees mangalsutra and jewellery a married women wears and says what did you gift a widow Nandini. Nandini in her room and says ma will be very happy to see my gift,mora walks in covered in blanket,Nandini says ma did you like my gift,mora takes off her blanket,Nandini sees her dressed as a married women,mora says happy Nandini,I never thought you would do this, I always took you as my daughter but you proved to be nands daughter,Nandini says ma,mora says don’t dare call me ma,your father killed my husband, torchered me all life but I always took as my daughter by heart and Nandini you did this and that to for revenge, come Nandini apply sindoor because I have no strength to do it on my own ,Nandini says no ma please don’t,mora says you will never be forgiven for this,but don’t worry I will not tell anyone about this and leaves.

Helina hiding and seeing all this and says when I couldn’t see this Chandra would be very angry and now I will tell him about ma and her insult by Nandini. Nandini remembers what Vaidya told her and says am I really mentally ill. Helina says yes Chandra I saw that with my eyes and I couldn’t see ma in tears,Chandra gets very angry and throws away everything,helina says see Chandra ,Nandini is so clever she knew in front of dadi we won’t scold her and so she took advantage,Chandra pushes helina and leaves,helina says I’m not upset about you pushing me but happy about your anger.

Roopa laughing aloud,Sunanda says what’s wrong,Helina mother says did she drink a lot,Roopa says Nandini was to gift her mother in law a precious gift and I made sure it’s really a precious one,Roopa has changed the sketch by Nandini with the wedding jewellery,Helina mother says she is very Intelligent,Roopa says Nandini will never forget the consequences she has to face.

Chandra goes to mora and wipes her tears and says ma I will take revenge of this insult,Nandini showed she is nands daughter and she will be punished so harsh that she won’t forget,mora says no Chandra this will hurt your dadi,Chandra says ma I will be careful about dadi,but this won’t be forgiven,Chandra calls dasi and asks her to take care of dadi and make sure she doesn’t get to Know about the Sabha.

In Sabha when all get to know about mora insult,everyone is shocked,durdhara says why did Nandini do it,helina says when she comes ask her,Avantika says why is Nandini doing it Radha first Royal stamp now this why doesn’t she stop the revenge thing and live a happy life. Helina walks to Nandini and says you can’t meet ma,you have hurt her a lot so stay away ,you are called here to punish and I think you should be thrown out,Chandra walks in and says I will decide this,anyways Nandini you are the culprit and insulted rajmata,Nandini says I didn’t,Chandra says speak when you are asked too,Chandra calls dasi and asks helina to open the cover over the plate,helina opens it,and sees a sketch and asks who is it and what is it to do with nandinis punishment.

Chandra says ma look at this sketch,mora gets very emotional,and says this is surya Gupta ,Nandini gets very happy.chandra shows everyone the sketch and says this the gift Nandini wanted to gift and wanted to gift Kanika ma the jewellery and the gifts had been exchanged and Kanika ma informed me about it,Kanika ma please walk in,Kanika says rajmata it was just a mistake,the gifts had been exchanged ,durdhara says I knew our Nandini would never do it.

Mora says Nandini please forgive me I’m very sorry,Nandini says ma please don’t and hugs her ,mora sees the sketch and says nandinis gift is the favourite of mine,thank you Nandini,Nandini looks at Chandra and smiles.

Chandra goes to see Nandini on terrace.Nandini lighting diyas,Nandini about to hurt herself,Chandra helps her and holds her hand,both stare into each others eyes.

Pre cap : Nandini says Chandra can’t you see I’m getting ready,Chandra says so am I move aside,Chandra wears his crown and kumkum falls on his nose,Nandini starts laughing and says I gave you correct name monkey red monkey,Chandra says Nandini it’s not fun to joke all the time,Nandini says but I’m not joking checkout in mirror.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Despite plot it was happy ending fortunately for Nandini. Thanks to the kind mother.
    But seems next plot will be soon, now Chandra should suspect the reason behind wrong things.

    1. Hi, some way it was good episode, From on wards Chandra have to look that what is happening behind Nandini.

  2. Wow !!! nice episode
    very good chandra

  3. CHANDRA NANDINI is becoming interesting every day. Fabulous show WITH fantabulous acting by RAJAT AND SHWETA

  4. At least someone is there to save nandhini.. Still if Chandra can’t differentiate impersonator then he can never be student of chanakya… Sorry ektas Chandra can’t be student of chanakya..

  5. Ruhi Tabassum

    I just want that Roopa’s truth come in front of Chandra as soon as possible…love you Nandini 🙂

  6. Very nice episode..thank god Ekta didn’t make it a saas bahu drama…confusion was cleared…very amazing chandini scenes…precap was awesome…

  7. I have a doubt… Is it a real story ????

    1. I hope we are take this serial as entertaining.

  8. I jst cant see dat drunken danc of roopa whch defames nandini infrnt of odrs sinc she s d maharani nw…

    1. I think this will be next plan of Roopa. The party for which Chandra and Nandini are about to attend in precap will show this seene.For this Roopa somehow stop him to attend and go herself .

    2. What dance?From where you got the news?

    3. Right
      The dress Chandra and Nandini are wearing for party in precap are same as shown in dance shooting in youtube ,so it will funny to watch shortly.

    4. NABANITA626

      Thank you for the link….sis…..?☺??

  9. Vry nice episode …but pl end roopa character soon she s a evil … I hate roopa .. Waiting fr monday episode .

  10. Was good to watch chandra supporting Nandini. But one annoying thing is y everyone in chandra family so impatient. Even Moora doesnt give a chance to nandini to talk and place her view. How come energy flow in only direction that is blaming. Now we understnd from where the gene of impatience come for ekata its from moora..Ekata..pls stop this dirty drama n bring in some interesting day love day in pool with much mood swing. Really is the writter in asylum?

    1. Ekta has turned this into some kind of sas-bahu drama, along with some daily scheming by place members.

      I’ve even forgotten this is a historical drama. Even Mahabharata did not have all this useless scheming and shakuni was a master of.

  11. Serial is becoming superb day by day… Chanda n Nandani luk beautiful together.. why this roopa coming between them….when Chandra wl knw she is nt Nandani……….

  12. Nice episode , waiting to view more suspenses

  13. Happy that atleast this confusion of gift exchange got solved in the same episode, rather than pulling it still further. But guys, I still have a doubt, why Nandini is running to her badi ma for solutions rather than going to her own mother??…..

  14. Happy ending.

  15. I like Happy ending of this episode also nice precap. I m waiting for Monday episode.

  16. Waiting for Monday epi……………

  17. Where is Acharya Chanakya? How can he not sense that something wrong is going on in the palace. I also have a feeling that Acharya Chanakya may save Nandini and bring the truth of Rupa in everyone’s presence. Right now there is no saviour to Nandini although this time she was lucky enough because of Chandra’s mother.

  18. Jayani

    Dere was a video in utube in which it said dat ?GETS A CLUE OF ROOPA!!! Not sure if it’s true

    1. NABANITA626

      Clue about rupa means?we have already know na that she is twin sister of nandini……
      By the way superb dp….luv kush with our sita…..fabulas….☺???

      1. Jayani

        Chandra gets s clue abt roopa, not d viewers

  19. NABANITA626

    super excited for Monday…………..episode……

  20. Compitition will start for the post of Magadh ki maharani between Helena and Nandini. Of course in end Nandini will win the title.

  21. If Chandra knows the truth of Roopa he should not reveal it till he finds out all conspirators meantime he should also enjoy Roopa s acting.

    1. I agree WD u

  22. Hello nabanita di hw r u?? U have nt commented for lng…

  23. Nice episod

  24. Nice episode and nicely written Update…..Tanks Tanaya di for the nice update….?????????????????????

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