Chandra Nandni 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pooja begins,Nandini thinks bindusara durdhara must be blessing you too, you are receiving blessings of both of your mothers,mora asks where’s Helina, Apma says rajmata I have sent dasi she will be here,she is is very excited for her sons Pooja,dadi says Chandra you were so right these arrangements are beautiful,dasi says maharaja Helina isn’t in her room,Apma says I shall go get her,dadi says Nandini only you shall participate in this Pooja,Panditji says dadi we need to rush,Apma says Helina is no where. Helina is in shiv temple in a Pooja,she says Panditji I completed 1008 pradakshina,Panditji says no its just 900,Helina says no I counted,Panditji says no I counted now initiate again now we shall use flowers to count pradaskshina,Helina says why,he says you interrupted them,Helina says this dadi brings new traditions everyday and ma asks me to act good, god help me and starts again.

Apma says Helina must be busy,dadi thinks she won’t I have made her busy,and says we can’t wait anymore,it’s bindusara first Pooja I don’t want in bad here,mora says how will we perform Pooja,dadi says Chandrika is nanny to bindusara and nanny is also a mother and bindusara loves her, so let’s proceed with her,mora says true, Nandini perform Pooja with bindusara. dadi thinks,bindusara has his mother by his side today,Nandini thinks bindusara I hope you are showering blessings on Bindusara.

Chandra distributes gold coins amongst people as per tradition,Helina walks in and says I’m here,Apma says where the hell were you,Helina says ma dadi,dadi says Helina i told you we were short of time but thank god chandrika helped us,Chandra says it’s all right,Chandrika get bindusara to my room and leaves.

Apma says heIina where the hell did you go,Helina says ma dadi sent me o shove temple,my legs are paining and now dadi is against us too,Apma says as usual you are foolish,it’s not like dadi didn’t want you but dadi wanted Nandini to be with bindusara,Helina says so dadi knows about Chandrika and Nandini,Apma says this was to happen,and now I want everyone to know Chandrika is Nandini,the attack I told you is Nandini we shall increase difference between Chanakya and Chandra using Nandini,Helina says what,Apma says nothing just wait and watch magads mist interesting act.

Nandini playing with bindusara,Chandra picks him up and starts playing with him,Nandini applying Bindusara Kajal(kala Tika) Chandra stops her and asks why this,Nandini says you praised him and says he is looking very handsome so,Chandra says you mean he will have bad effects because of what I said,nandinis Amy’s this happen,Chandra says no Nandini,Nandini says bindusara come to ma,dadi sees them argue and says it’s so unbelievable Chandra blamed her to kill durdhara and today’s picture who would say that this ever happened,they truly love each other,dadi says stop it.Nandini covers her face.

Chandra says dadi she is saying because of me bindusara my have bad effects,dadi says you understood her sign language,Chandra says dadi you answer me first, dadi says when your father was a kid I use to dress him similarly and once he had bad stomach ache, and someone said it’s because i didn’t apply kala Tika,no owrries if you don’t believe Chandrika don’t do it,Chandra says no no apply him kala Tika.

In Sabha,Apma standing near bindusara and Nandini,Chandra says bindusara is recovering speedily and this function is to celebrate his recovery. Dance performance beings,helina signs her mother and she signs a dasi, the dasi puts Nandinis dupatta on fire,Chandra sees Nandinis dupatta on fire and shouts Nandini and removes her dupatta ,picks bindusara and pulls her away from fire,Nandini stumbles and falls down,all are shocked to see Nandini is Chandrika.Chanakya very angry and says who allowed the terrorist inside the mahal,Chandra says I let her in, I brought Nandini back,Chanakya says maharaja you are going against rules,throw Nandini away,mora says yes Acharya is right,she can’t stay here,Chandra says I won’t give orders to let her out of this mahal.apma says see Helina perfect bullseye.

Chanakaya says a king never breaks rule,you are being emotional,Chandra says no I didn’t get her here as my wife but for bindusara she is behind his recovery,I was the kid who saved you and you decided to make me a king and now this is what I did to save my son I brought Nandini so that she can save my son and later bindusara can take over,the throne,chanakaya says this is unfair and I won’t let that happen,Chandra says I’m sorry but I’m not being unfair,im trying and save magad future,Nandini says please don’t fight because of me,I shall leave right away,Chandra says no you won’t don’t forget magad king got you here for his son,chanakaya says maharaj is this your final decision, Chandra says yes Acharya,Chanakya says as you wish maharaja and leaves.

Chandra says Nandini how dare you talk in between me and Acharya,you are just a nanny is here,this isn’t for you but my son,you don’t need to stand for me,Nandini says I just wanted to keep the trust,Chandra says don’t talk about trust after killing durdhara,Nandini shouts stop,I didn’t kill durdhara, cat you read it in my eyes, why do you need proofs to believe me, I didn’t kill durdhara,dasi walks in and says Acharya is waiting for you,Chandra says by shouting you won’t change the fact that durdhara isn’t between us and the reason is you.

Pre cap ….. mora says don’t call me ma Nandini, it doesn’t suit you , and after killing my durdhara you are dead to me.
Chandra says tell me Nandini why were you silent,Nandini says because you never trusted me not then when we were together and not now,Chandra rests Nandini on bed and put blanket over her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Episode was good . The way Chandra and nandini were fighting was good . Dadi rockzz …… eager to know what happens next .

  2. Why can’t durdhara’s soul speaks to Chandra the truth? As she did spoke earlier to Nandhini! Director sir please do something we can’t see helina and apama being wise always…. Dadi’s portion in today’s episode was too cute…

  3. Very sad…i fed up…nandhini gets hurt again n again…but dadi ma ur so sweet…u always supports nandhini in any situation..ur d only hope for nandhini to find d truth behind dd’s death…so keep supporting her…in precap nandhini humiliated by moora.. I hate her..finally Helena n her cunning mother makes controversy between Chandra n Chanakya..dis misunderstanding increases day by day…still both Chandra n Chanakya didn’t get any doubt on them(evil ladies)..its ridiculous..i cant thnk wat vil happen in nxt episodes…

  4. Thanku Tanaya for the written updates . This king is again again proving his brainless . Why can’t he think how could Nandini’s duppatta got fire suddenly when there is no source of ? near by. Only through manual act fire might have got set . Who were nearby her ????? as usual those evil folks. Very easy clue. From there he can trace the things. Anyhow he is brainless so can’t except such smartness from him. Pre cap is good .

  5. Truth came out that Chandrika is Nandini. Chanakya is angry as Chandra has favoured her. Now Apama will surely try to harm Bindusar so that once again Nandini could be blamed.

  6. How could Chandra forcefully push Nanthini to the ground. Poor Nanthini… I hate you Chandra! You honestly deserve Helena…

    1. He’s saving her from the fire.

    2. he takes bindusara also he beside the nandini. didn’t need to push nandini on floor.

  7. ?????

  8. Wow, now let the game begin….super episode loved it, specially when chandra shouted nandani? Shoes he still madly in love with her, hope he will now have a rethink and try to find d true culprit.

  9. Hi friends ,today’s episode is totally hell.How come the makers allow the court scene as Nandini is exposed before every one without Dupatta.And no one tries to cover her ?Great insult to Nandini. I Condemn this scene.How ever this is my opinion.Show some dignity towards women.This Chandra character is yaak

    1. NR8

      I agree. Everyone was busy watching the tamasha. No one cared to cover her, not even Chandra when she was lying there exposed. And why the hell did he push her like that in front of everyone! He removed the dupatta with the fire and she was in no danger after that. Makes no sense! That was really humiliating!

    2. AparnaPrasad

      Yes i agree to u all. Dats wat pissdd me. Aurat ko saman dene wala raja ko apna beevi ki saman karna nahi aatha. Hw long did she lie dr without her dupatta.. no one evn considering she s a women esp chnadra… i hate men bcz f chandra nw. Poor nandini. Anyone atleast sm ladies cud hav offered her somethng to wear…

    3. Yes, somebody should have offered her a cloth to cover her body

    4. i agree all of you.

  10. Waste Maharaj neither he follows his guru nor he respects his lady.Moora go to hell!This female always says my Durdhara.i didn’t even remember when did she take care of DD.And DD waste female fit for nothing.All are blaming Nandini without proper clues I wish Nandini should start a new life at least she may be escaped from these morons.Pure my opinion sorry to hurt fans

    1. Durdara was one of the best persons who supported Chandra and Nandini and moora suffered so much due to padmanand so she changes due to situations

  11. In last seene of precap Chandra is telling that why Nandini kept silence. Has Chandra got some clue of dd murder?

  12. I seriously hate moora.. firstly she said I always considered nandini as my daughter but when time comes against nandini. She is always against nandini and use her favorite dialog “u showed u r band’s daughter, I loved you more than anyone trust u but how u took revenge”. Love is what dadi has for nandini.
    Chandra also supported nandini lots of time but this moora always ready to start her favorite dialogs. no mean of respect for such character.

    1. NR8

      True…when DD was lying dying in her room there was not a single person with her except the dasi, especially when they knew someone poisoned her and was trying to kill her and her baby.. Where was Moora then? Now suddenly all are so enraged when she is dead???

    2. U r quite right ritzi moora love is only when convenient and I think the hatred she as for nands always over shadow her judgement though she tries to get over her hurt of d separation from her son and all the maltreatment is not though easy to let go d past sometimes, and I think she always will believe that nandani as some attribute of her father…..she is poor in judgement dadi shows true love for nandani she is very intelligent in human character judgement wise also with age. And all she wants is the happiness of her grandson.

    3. Mora & chandra obey trust is such a funny thing! Ma bete ka vishwas kabhi kabhi bhi toot jata hai,

  13. NR8

    “Tum isharo me hi samajgaye” Dadi’s teasing of Chandra is so funny and cute 🙂 Love her!!!!!!!! Glad she is there for Nandini always

  14. i feel so sad today …..why chandra always saying that i bought u as nanny but he married her three times…dadi ma u r rocks
    moora u r biggest evil than greek ladies……
    brainless chankya u r always against nandu …no one tried to cover nandu ,(it remainds me of draupadi)…wat wil be next episode i cannot predict whether he believed or not

    1. Yes…ryt…chandra insulted her like ur here as nanny…wat is d need for dis dialogue…she apologies to them while their controversy in sabha..wat was wrong in dat she felt guilt so she asked…dis idiotic Chandra remain her ur nanny ur nanny…heartless fellow..

  15. whether chandra standing for nandu or sake of bindusar…anyhow he is her husband he didnt try to cover her… forcefully he pushed her stupid chandu she is ur lovable nandini

  16. Apon

    At last Dear N has told loudly that stupid chandra never trust her. even when they are live together. well done N. so i think this serial should be named Chandra vs Nandini, not chandra-nandini.

  17. How come Nandhini was in Shaba without dupatta. I expected someone give her it at least Chandra can give her also right. First she is his Wife or other wise just treated her like a woman. She tried to cover herself with hand. Please don’t I’ll treat the poor girl. It’s so embarrassing!!!!!!

  18. Are chandra and chanakya acting in front of everyone to find out the truth about durdhara’s death?

    1. AparnaPrasad

      I dnt thnk so roopa. Chandra s d most stupid man in dat serial.. and chanakya is d guru of dat stupid chandra. De both nly knw to care abt mahal magadh security and der EGOOOO…

    2. I miss the wise and gentle chanakya in ashoka.This chanakya looks like a crook.Indeed, he was a crook in ashoka!

    3. u rt exactly rt chandras character not suitable for hero

    4. ha i to agree with u roopa chanakya is totally changed

  19. I hope the same… Chanakya and Chandra are acting n Chandra would have informed chanakya all about drama

  20. AparnaPrasad

    Wen at kaling nakli husband put her dupatta over her head chandra gt angry nd try to hurt himself. Nw he itslf removd her cloths infrnt f evryone and dsnt evn care.. i thnk he dnt lik her clothes. Vanar . I knw d fact dat he saved her frm fire . He tuk his baby frm her hand nd throwd her lik some outsider. Shame on u chandra.. and makers of CN hats offf…

    1. NR8

      The way he threw her away, I am wondering if he was trying to save her or Bindusar because he was in her hands? Also, the way he keeps shouting at her and accusing her of DD’s death – when he comes to know the truth, I hope Nandini does not forgive him easily. She is so passive all the time, so I am afraid she will give in easily .All of them have to suffer too for falsely accusing her, if not Nandini will have no respect.

    2. ya rt he took his baby and throwed her i can digest that also but he gave the baby to helene so irritating … saddddd nandu go out of mahal and start a new life day truth will comes out of darkness by itself like valcano then that evil ladies,moora,chanu,chankya going to be fired

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