Chandra Nandni 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra about to give up his throne,Chanakya says stop maharaj,and places it back on Chandras head and says as you wish maharaj and asks to get Royal stamp and gives it back to apma,Chanakya leaves.

Greek mantri asks what happened I’m so worried,apma shows him Royal stamp,he asks how,apma says Helina as I said I love my grapes,Helina says ma you are genius,mantri asks how did this happen,Helina says Acharya gave this Royal stamp to ma and Chandra forced him to give it and ma its all because of your intelligence and now we are safe,apma says no now we are a lot more in danger because Acharya is like a wounded lion behind us now,and don’t forget he is very cunning and we will be always under his eye,mantri says how about a game that before he attacks we defeat him,apma says now we shall attack when Chanakya is out of mahal.

Nandini singing bindusara Chandras favourite song and dancing along with him,Chandra walks in and imagines durdhara in place of Nandini,and smiles,Nandini sees Chandra smiling and stops,Chandra walks to them,Nandini gives bindusara to him and about to leave,Chandra says stop,look he started crying,Nandini says so,Chandra says nothing ,Nandini heavy heartedly walking away, stops and starts singing for bindusara and plays along with him and bindusara stops crying. Bindusara goes off to sleep. Chandra asks why did you stop singing ,Nandini about to leave,without answering,stops listening Chandra singing for bindusara .

Helina takes bindusara forcefully,and he starts crying,dadi says look what you did give him back to Chandrika,mora asks ma why are we here,dadi says let Chandra come,Chanda walks in,dadi says all thanks to Chandrika our bindusara is fine now and so we shall go with ear piercing Pooja and the importance of this Pooja is the baby needs to be with his mother,Helina says I shall make arrangements,dadi says no need I already have made them for this afternoon.

Dadi insists Nandini to participate in Pooja as bindusara mother,Nandini says no ways,Chandra takes Helina as his mother,dadi says bindusara is fine today and all because of you and not Helina and so it’s you are right to participate and you still are Chandras wife and bindusara mother,Nandini says no dadi don’t insist, i do love bindusara but Chandra he would never accept it and leaves crying,dadi says only you shall participate in Pooja.

Apma dancing says Helina im so happy as you will participate in Pooja as Bindusara mother ,Helina says ma please these things never interest me that baby is a mess,what are you up to, apma says this Royal stamp Helina this will be the reason with which we shall attack Chandra Chanakya and Nandini in an attack.

Helina taking shower,she calls Chandrika and says you have magic in your hands so my back is aching I need massage show me your magic dasi Chandrika,dadi hears this and thinks this Helina knows she is Nandini but always crosses her limits let me get her and says Chandrika greedy dasi behind queen for more gold coins you are brought here for Bindusara go look after him,Chandrika leaves,dadi says Helina I shall send you my dasi she massages very well and calls a healthy dasi Komal and says massage queen Helina .Dasi Komal gives Helina harsh massage.

Function arrangements begin,Chandra inspects them,Nandini walks to him and he says beautiful right,Nandi suggests corrections and says bindusara likes Payal sound whywont we hang some,Chandra says you don’t suggest me,dadi asks what is happening,Chandra says just talking,dadi says she can’t talk,Chandra says I mean she was signing me,dadi asks what,Chandra says she said the arrangements are beautiful and I said how about some Payal hanged around so that bindusara likes it,dadi says correct and look dasi he is his father and you know nothing lazy dasi,Chandra says no it’s fine she will get along soon,dadi asks how do you understand her I never,Chandra says no noting,mantri make additional arrangements.Nandini smiles.

Pre cap…Chandra sees Nandinis dupatta on fire and pulls it Nandini falls down and everyone is revealed with fact Chandrika is Nandini.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Idiot Chandra I get angry seeing the precap

  2. Helena is not giving any chance to humiliate Nandini thanks to Dadima for protecting her. Due to Bindusar Chandra is coming close to Nandini but after reviling the identity of Nandini as per precap it will be difficult to face the situation for Nandini.

    1. I don’t think they saw her.chandra is shielding her

      1. may be…..but chankya

  3. Jayani

    Wat an epi… Luved dadi’s revenge… Nd d precap is lyk OMG???… Nd d way dadi kips questioning ? lyk who told nd den he says dat she told him nd den she asks SHE CAN’T SPEAK RIGHT, DEN HW DID U UNDERSTAND HER nd d way he just blabbers sumthing 2 him nd she asks hw do u understand nd den he says I UNDERSTAND THRU HER SIGN LANGUAGE… But unxpected precap… Dis is nt sumthing which I wanted… Hope 2 c a gud epi 2morrow…

    Jai Siya Ram

  4. NR8

    In a way, it’s good that Chandra made Chankaya give the royal stamp back to Apama. Chanakya is now aware what she is capable of and might help Nandini too in proving her innocence! He has deep hatred for her and his eyes will always be on her and Helena and might not believe anything she says now. That’s my hope since Chandra is blind to everything!

  5. AnithaFrances

    Irritating to see foolish king.

  6. NR8

    I wish I could understand the meaning of the ‘Rajaji’ song that Nandini & Chandra sing. It is in Bhojpuri dialect I think and I can’t follow the words properly. Nandini had tears in her eyes when Chandra sang different lines, so I wonder what it meant. Also, how is she singing the song that Roopa sings all the time?

    1. Kata din madhuban jayab is a popular song in Maithili language spoken in Mithila area or Madhubani district of Bihar.

      1. Jayani

        So it is a real song itself… Not a made up one

  7. Apon

    thanks to dadi for supporting Nandini
    exciting for the story when all know about nandini.
    please show something which is positive for nandini.

  8. Nic episode

  9. Waiting for comment of Moora and Chanakya after looking Nandini.
    Apama may try something to blame again Nandini.

  10. Precap is really a worst part. Yesterday they showed like Apma knows that Dadi knows abt Chandrika’s reality as Nandini but in today pre cap they are showing as Nandini got revealed to all. Does it really revealed to all or else they all just gave shocking reaction as she fell down and on seeing fire??????. Anyhow episode is going interesting with both combination of bad and good. Still viewers are expecting for some goodness to happen in Serial. As usual Chandra remains brainless King really hate his characteristic role. Director sir please give some visual treat to viewers other than Silly romance of making Nandini always getting slipped and caught by Chandra.

    1. I don’t think they saw her

  11. Comparing yesterday and today precap I guess it must be Won a and Helena plan to expose Nandini in front of all as they found that Dadi knows about Nandini and there is no use of maintaining the secrecy. It might be Apma who put fire on Nandini purposefully to expose her . Lets see tomorrow . But not sure what more advantage they will get on exposing nandini

  12. Episode was good .precap is so scary . I think chanakya will take nandini’s side . Now chanakya will be more alert so as to get more proofs against ‘maa beti jodi ‘. Feeling sad as bindusaar has been changed …new bindu is also cute .let’s see what happens to Chandra nandini love story ……

  13. I was really hoping to see he part wia nandani told chandra she wasn’t the murderer, but it was missing in today episode, I hope chandra have something up his sleeve by asking the royal stamp to be returned to apma, maybe is a game he is playing with chanakya as usual,and that helina, I pray nandani got to do the pooja she deserve it. But dz romance of falling and catching between chandra nandani is that dia will be between them?

  14. Too negative.Apma wins and chankiya himself loses.then who will save poor Nandini and bindusar from her clutched stupid king is brainless always knows to fight and this female nandini is in trouble always

  15. AparnaPrasad

    Nandini sounds jst lik roopa singing dat song nd precap??? Hw s it possible? Nandini is without hr shawl in frnt f avryone.. stupid chandra y did he push her? Nw nandini wl hear evryones scolding blames humiliation nd wl n askd to leav mahal once more.

    1. rt its like roopa singing but before one time nandu sang in one shiva pooja with good voice…please serial makers give good voice to her while singing

    2. Jayani

      But chechi, ? didn’t do it on purpose… Her veil caughtfire nd in order 2 save her he pushed her… Not 2 reveal her identity…

  16. satya sarathi sarkar

    as I said earlier the precaps of the show make me confuse always.

    1. same….

  17. Hi friends, in today episode Apama wants to create rift between (adding fire )Chanakya and Chandra using Nandini.So tomorrow I think she will light her dupatta and reveal truth before Chanakya.This incident probably will create seperation of Guru shish Wait and watch this only going to happen.

    1. Jayani

      Even I think u may b right spd


    Some one solve mystry of dhurdhara death first.. rest can be done later…

    1. Rt said…

    2. ryt..i agree..

    3. Jayani

      It’s nandu who has 2 do dat coz every1 thinks dat nandu is d culprit but she knows dat it is sum1 else in d castle itself… I hope she thinks in dis way dat dd’s other sautan is helu so helu is responsible… Now all she has 2 do is 2 find help nd clues 2 catch her red handedly

  19. I agree wid u SPD…cos in strdays epi apama said tat she ll play a game to separate all three-chandra,chanakya nd nandni so ma guess is tat apama ll fire up nandni’s dupatta to bring misunderstanding btw chandra nd chanakya nd she expects tat chanakya ll ask chandra to send nandni away frm d mahal…To be precise in tamil (orey stone la 3 mangoes) Bt i pray to god dat apama’s sud nt win in her plans nandni sud nt be sent out chanakya sud allow nandni in d palace

    1. Yes…dis will happen…r u from Tamil????

  20. Apma and Helena’s evil eyes on increasing closeness between Chandra and Nandini in Chandra Nandini

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus historical show Chandra Nandini will show that Apma and Helena’s evil eyes once again falls on Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) increasing closeness.

    As per the track, Nandini has enters in Magadh along with Chandra becoming Bindusaar’s daima.

    Nandini hide her identity from everyone but dadi finds about her and force Nandini to save Bindusaar from evil Helena.

    Apma and Helena find about dadi know about Nandini so they make plan to expose Nandini to all.

    Chandra unveil Nandini in process of saving her life

    During Bindusaar’s ear piercing ceremony, Apma puts fire in Nandini’s duppata and Chandra is shocked seeing this.

    Chandra removes Nandini duppata and everyone gets shocked seeing Nandini.

    What will Chandra do now to save Nandini?

    Stay tune dfor further exciting updates

    1. Jayani

      Dat’s very interesting 2 know… Thnx uji akka

  21. Shwethaa


    1. Jayani

      It’s very boring if dey kip adding more troubles rather dan removing dem

  22. why nandu not trying to find real culprit

    1. Super…which grade ur in???

    2. Shwethaa

      happy to see many tamil……..n jai hw are u….nalla

      1. AparnaPrasad

        Hey swetha iam nt tamil but close enuf.. m a keralite. do u watch vijay tv chandranandini?

      2. Good…wat abt ur ff…u completed ur xams ryt…thn why u take more time to post nxt episode..

      3. Shwethaa

        Yes I watch aparna

      4. Shwethaa

        Sorry Jai I am doing all to post aama ippola yen eppome phone laptop nu kekarange… No nu solitange I’ll try my best plssss…..I Kno many r asking me but still…..Even health is getting worse . ?????

      5. Okie leave…amma Kita thittu vangadha!!? ellar ammavum apdi dhan pola???

      6. Jayani

        @uji akka neegalum tamizha??? Dat’s soo gr8! Which grade akka???
        @aparna chechi, I watch cn in tamil nd hindi…
        @shwetha akka, vacation la post pannina podhum… Amma allow panna la na no need for know… Studies first…
        @jai akka, I agree wid u… All ammas r d same?

      7. Shwethaa

        @jai :It is a typo error to say sorry…I didn’t say sorry …..And I do Kno there r many ppl who r asking me for next part posted but dear fans the best comes to those who wait?
        @jayani :???yes

  23. Chandra Nandni: Dadi and Nandini (Shewta Basu Prasad) teams up finding Durdhara’s real murderer, proving Nandini’s innocence

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus historical show Chandra Nandni will show high voltage drama in forthcoming episode.

    Dadi organize Bindusar’s ear piercing ceremony and wants Nandini to sit for the same ceremony but Nandini refuses.

    Nandini refuses as Chandra still thinks that she attempted to kill Durdhara and hates her, Dadi refuses to believe that Nandini could do anything like that.

    Nandini’s truth also gets unveiled infront of all that Chandrika is none other than Nandini.

    Chandra and Nandini’s major struggle

    Chandra endagers his life saving Nandini and didn’t even think about the hidden truth and saves Nandini proving his still existing love.

    Dadi is happy eyeing this and now decides to prove that Nandini is innocent in Durdhara’s murder case and makes plan to find truth.

    1. Jayani

      I just want ? 2 bring nandu out of dis probs

  24. Chandra removes duppta nandini face, But why he throw nandini on floor.

    1. all eyes on bindu if nandu is there she wil get catch… so chandra pushed her down…… i think….maybe dadi ma cover her and save

    2. I guess so that others won’t be able to see her face

  25. Completed ma UG degree prog nd u?? @jai

    1. I completed BE…2016 passed out…

  26. Chandinikrishna

    Yesterday’s episode was nice. Love the way how dadi supports nandini and how she made fun of helena. But the precap seems scary. I think nandini is going to be blamed again. Writers pls stop this blame game on nandini

  27. Jayani

    Y isn’t 2day’s epi not posted yet??? Tanaya di pls post it soon… Or any1 else… Plssssssssssssss???

  28. Nice episode????

    Loved it!!!????

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????

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