Chandra Nandni 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Padmanand says please don’t kill me in front of my daughter,Chanakya says okay,run if you can,padmanand walks to Nandini,nandini and padmanand walk together,Chandra says why did you do this,it was the right moment,Chanakya says it’s because of a reason,follow him but keep in mind he doesn’t learn about it,padmanand holds injured Nandini in his arms and takes her along with him,Nandini asks we are we going,padmanand says to me secret location where all my wealth is hidden and with its help we can attack Chandra later again,padmanand and Nandini walk inside his secret cave,Nandini looks around all gold artefacts and coins.

Padmanand gathers gold biscuits and coins in a cloth and says this is enough for now let’s go,both turn and are surprised to see Chandra and Chanakya behind them,Nandini says dare you step ahead,Chanakya says you must have learned why I let you go,this is magads wealth and not yours,padmanand says Nandini go runaway,Nandini says no I will not leave you alone and runaway,Chandra says Nand remember the every pain you had given me its your turn now,Chandra pushes Nandini away and starts attacking him in front of her eyes,Chanakya has his insult going all in his mind. Nandini shouts please don’t do it stop.

Padmanand all injured falls in ground,padmanand says Nandini forgive me I couldn’t protect you and breathes his last,Nandini sees her father die in front of her,Chanakya says he is dead Chandra, Nandini rushes to him and starts yelling in pain,Nandini says I can’t stay alive without you,Nandini runs away,Chandra asks soldiers to get her but Nandini escapes. Everyone in kingdom waiting for war news dasi informs Nandini is here,Sunanda says she must be here with good news,Nandini walks in,Avantika asks what’s wrong with you,why are you in this state where is everyone,Nandini in tears says no one is alive,Chandragupta killed them all,he destroyed our family.

Avantika in shock breaks down,Nandini says ma and hugs her,Sunanda in tears too. Gautami asks will we be killed too,Sunanda says we should not be found,Avantika says it’s not possible,Nandini says Johar is the only option left,Chandragupta is cruel he will sell us,sod,overs arrive in kingdom,Avantika says we have to face them and opens the doors.Avantika asks what you want,soldiers says Nandini and helina walks in,Avantika stops here,helina pushes her and walks in she has maliketus insult going in her mind and Nandini being the reason behind it.

Helina looks at Nandini and says princess in this state,not fair what happened did things changed too soon for you,Nandini says helina you where my friend why this then,helina says friend,dress her as dasi and get her,all these women here go take them away right away and dress them as slaves and leaves.

Chandra walks in magad palace,all soldiers greet him,mora feels his presence, ma says mora have some water you haven’t eaten our drank water since the war,mora says not until Chandra is here with victory news,mora wakes up and says my son he is here,Chandra walks to jail,mora sees him walk towards her ma and Arab see Chandra and are very happy,mora remembers the day she had to leave him to save him from padmanand, Chandra wipes moras tears and says see ma I have fulfilled your wish and breaks her cuffs,I took my fathers revenge,mora faints, ma gives Chandra water and says mora look your son is here,have some water now,nand is no more,Chandra gives mora water and says that evil man he torcher you a lot and hugs her,mora says my son is here,I knew you will come,Chandra says I’m here and NAND is no more,ma says Chandra did you forget me,Chandra says you are my ma too,and it was your blessings too I could win over padmanand,baba says maharaj Chandragupta please forgive me.

Chandra says baba Im here just because you sold me to Chanakya,Chandra calls dasi and says take my mothers and father in castle and give them all royal treatment.

Pre cap: Chandra sees all magad queens and princess dressed as dasi and finds that one of padmanands son who is mentally challenged is still alive,Nandnini stands ahead of her brother to save her from Chandra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Its torture not the spelling I’ve wrote
    Anyway why is nandini blind folded. Is this show gonna end? Cuz I dont see a story now..

  2. I like the show…bcoz it has historical touch but there is no traces of NANDINI in Chandragupta’s life…he had only two wives n that was HELENA and DURDHARA….google this n you guyz will get all information…so basically character of Nandini is imaginary…

  3. Wow helina good job.keep torturing tht cgarctrles b*t*h avantika nd her so called warrior princess nandini who caN nt hold the sword properly .such a shame

    1. You have make my day, totally agree with you.
      Nandini is fictional and bogus irritating princess.
      Now the focus will be on CN love, not interested.

      Vote for Helena / Durdhara love story not NANDU.

      1. I agree!!
        I really can’t digest a love story between Chandra and that irritating Nandini.

      2. me too want to see chandra nd durdhaara or helena lve track.not chan nd nandni.

  4. i wish mora wil slap avantika and nadini .mannerles nandini deserves a tyt slap idiot

  5. Wonderful episode. Eager to watch chandra and nandini now.

  6. Amazing episode. Eager to watch chandra and nandini now.

  7. This fictitious historical story is really a wonder.

  8. I am only watch historical show but now ekta ji also interfere inthis nd changed all history DURDHARA is daughter of nand nd chief queen of chandra. But here what wrong going on such a insult of our glory history for just a sake of money nd trp.

  9. guys i m nt getting one thing… why do u all hate nandini so much?i mean everyone likes the lead usually…why isn’t same here?is she antagonist??if so who is the main protagonist?and why main lead seems so cruel even that girl helena?…i don’t know actually as i didn’t watch it earlier…

    1. I don’t think nanadhi is evil it’s just that she doesn’t know the other side story. of course she is the main lead and is the love interest of chandra. I can’t wait for their story to begin, i have been waiting for it.

      1. oh!i see..

  10. ekta g ye apne kya banaya hai apko hestory k bare mei kya pata hai jisne bhi apko ye story btai hai wo bilkul galat batai hai ya apne aadhi suni hai.chandragupt aur chanakya ki life mein kya hua tha kon kon c neetiya chali hai wo to apne mention hi ni ki jaise kut neeti.chandragupt yudh kar raha hai par kyu kar raha tha usey khud b ni pta tha baadmei pta chla k uske pita ki htya hui thi aur mata ko bandi banaya tha ye sab dikhaya apne..agar story nahi pata thi to internet se read karleti ya purana serial chandragupt mourya dekh leti kuch pta to chal jata apko..aur nand ki doughter nandini nahi durdhra thi jo chandragupt bhi lead kar rha hai uski to awaz b nahi niklti..aap serial banati kyu hai jab apko history k baare mei ghanta b ni pata..sharm kyu ni aati apko dusro ko bevkuf banate huye..dusro ko bevkuf banane se acha hai khud inteligent ban jao apni shakal vala kaam kiya hai serial bana k..sari story ulti kar di old sereal bohot achi tarah aur bilkul sahi bana tha aade charector aap khud sell karke kha gyi hogi na chanakya acha liya na chandragupt bas nandini achi hai..

  11. who is dhurdhara??and avantika?r they shown is today epi??

  12. well done helena…stupid nandhini deserves this teat…

  13. I don’t even understand why people hate Nandini.Her acting is so natural unlike any other lead female.Just compare Jodha and Nandini see the difference.Nandini is a spoilt princess and she suits the role.

    1. Amalina

      exactly, i agree. the way she was crying when her father was killed was soooooo natural!
      Hats off to nandini! at least if not nandini, then at least shweta basu na! (shweta basu is the actress who plays nandini)!

    2. @Spd- My thoughts exactly! I have been commenting the same since day 1. Nandini (Shweta) acts to the point only what’s necessary, not overacting like every other female actors these days.
      Don’t understand what’s wrong with these people who hate on her, may be they just like overacting.

  14. Well said. Nandini does her acting very well. Don’t know why so much hatredness towards her. Despite being a bit fictitious it’s an amazing show.

  15. Nandini role in history is love interest of Chandragupt she was sent by Rakshas Amartya who was equal in wisdom with Chanakya He sent her to distract Chandragupt and even he planned to kill Chandragupt with her help because she was a vishakanya.But Chanakya identified the conspiracy and diverted Chandragupta to Durdhara

    1. ys .that vishakanya z noneothr than nandini madam,the warrior princess,daugter of lustful parents,ekta mata ki fictional love interest of chandraguptmourya.pity on cgm

  16. Chandra Nandni: 5 Reasons Why Nandini Cannot be Durdhara!

    After watching Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on TV, we will now get to witness the story of his grandfather, the founder of the Mauryan Empire – Mahaan Samrat Chandragupt. Besides, the fact that Rajjat Tokas is essaying the character of Chandragupta Maurya simply increases our happiness by twofold. No wonder, we know what a brilliant actor he is. And now that another talented actor Shweta Basu Prasad is giving him company as his partner, we are sure the serial Chandra Nandni will be a chartbuster.

    Though everything looks great, there are few questions that are troubling almost everybody – Who was Nandini? Was She Durdhara? Or whether Nandni and Durdhara are two different people? If you too are wondering the same, do look into the analysis of why Nandni cannot be Durdhara.

    Nandni of Chandra Nandni is Fictional

    The name of Chandragupta Maurya’s wife was not Nandni but Durdhara. Though the role of Nandini has been inspired from Durdhara, there are no such documents and/or texts that can hint any connection between the two.

    Basically, Nandni is just a fictional character created with a motive to ascend the curiosity amongst the historical fictional lovers. Moreover, not naming the character as Durdhara gives the writers some creative advantage.

    Nandni is Dhana Nanda’s Daughter Whereas Durdhara was Chandragupta Maurya’s Cousin

    In the serial Chandra Nandni, the makers have shown Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) as King Dhana Nanda’s daughter. Now Dhana Nanda is the same king of the Nanda Dynasty whom Chandragupta Maurya had defeated with the help of Chanakya to build the very foundation of the Mauryan Empire.

    On the contrary, Durdhara wasn’t Dhana Nanda’s daughter. She, in fact, was Chandragupta’s cousin – the daughter of his eldest uncle (mother’s brother).

    Nandni of Chandra Nandni is a War Princess, Durdhara Wasn’t!

    The makers of Chandra Nandni are emphasizing that Nandini was fearless, courageous, brave and a warrior princess. Obviously, we will see her with training with swords and other weapons in the serial.

    However, if Chandragupta Maurya’s wife would have been a warrior princess, we would have known. There would have been some instances in the chronicles that would have been her testimony. But now that we have nothing concrete, it is sure that Durdhara wasn’t a warrior princess. In fact, as mentioned above she was not even a princess.

    Durdhara Wasn’t a Spoil of the War

    There are some theories that state that Durdhara was Dhana Nanda’s daughter and that Chandragupta Maurya took her as the spoiler of the war and later even married her, looks like the story of Nandini is inspired from this assumption. However, Chandragupt’s wife Durdhara wasn’t a spoil of the war unlike assumed. She wasn’t even a princess but a common girl.

    Chandra Nandni is the Story of Hatred Turning into Love

    There are no records stating that Chandragupta Maurya hated his wife Durdhara or vice-versa. In fact, he loved her dearly. This is the reason why he didn’t marry even though she died early. Nandini isn’t even Helena – Chandragupta Maurya’s greek wife because he married Helena in his 40s post defeating her father Selecus Nicator.

    1. Sorry the earlier was not edited properly……

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