Chandra Nandni 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update: bindusara very angry and Charumati has to face it.

Chandra Nandni 22nd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra sees Payal and picks it up,Nandini looks at herself in mirror and Chandras words go around in her mind and she says why is it that Maharajs pain can be felt by me,what is it,his touch everything is so weird, Chandra calls dasi,Nandini says this is wrong I’m married I can’t think about any other man,dasi walks in,Chandra says nothing please leave.

Charumati asks adornus why is bindusara angry,adornus says pitahshree,Charumati says god I had to fall for this angry guy,adornus says I think today you shouldn’t talk to him,Charumati says you don’t know me I shall talk to him and calm him down ,Chitra says don’t go he is very angry,Bhadra walks to them and says let her go,she should have an idea before marrying him how high he is when it comes to anger.

Chitra says Bhadra don’t you get angry on this,Bhadra says no,because I know mamashree is alright,he is just not over his love yet,Charumati walks to bindusara,he is exercising,Bindusara says I told you not to come,I don’t want to talk,don’t you understand my words,Charumati says look you should calm down,Bindusara says don’t you understand just leave me alone,Charumati says look we are marrying and I think we should,Bindusara says why don’t you understand I don’t want you,and not need to talk to anyone not marry anyone,get out don’t you understand,Charumati says you are so selfish and gets upset,dharma sees this and says he is so rude,hard to believe he is son of king Chandragupta.

Kartikeya asks dharma why are you here,dharma says I was here to give these glasses and keeps it and walks away,Kartikeya says why go wait,Dharma says I didn’t like the way he behaved with Charumati,he is marrying her doesn’t mean he can ill treat her, look at his father,he is so calm and this bindusara completely opposite,Kartikeya says this is because he was angry and starts laughing and says so you want a husband like Chandragupta king,dharma says yes I mean why not look at you too,you are a future king too but you don’t behave as he does.

Kartikeya says because I’m scared of you,dharma says but I’m a normal girl who stays in your town,Kartikeya says I heard all about your stories and tells every single details,and asks why did you leave Champa,dharma tells him,Kartikeya says you always think about others,dharma says it gives me happiness,Kartikeya says the one who shall marry you will be very lucky.

Nandini says what is this fate, I don’t know who my husband,what is my past,when will he be back Chandra walks to Nandini,Nandini feels someone is behind,Chandra says Prabha,Nandini covers her face and asks you here ,Chandra says shouldn’t I have come here,Nandini says no no,Chandra says actually the dasi who was in my room last night left her Payal in my room,Nandini thinks may be he found something fishy and takes it from him and says I shall hand it to respective person and says you are king you shouldn’t have down such small things and if someone sees you with me so late what will they think,Chandra says that the king has lost it.

Chandra says can I ask you something,Nandini says sure,Chandra says have you fallen in love,Nandini says yes but he isn’t with me,Chandra says then you know my feeling,everyone thinks I have lost my mind but this is my hope,my Nandini will return,she is the reason behind my success,she taught me love,Nandini says there’s love in parental too,and when one love harms other it’s not good,Chandra says if Nandini would be here,bindusara wouldn’t be this way,he would be disciplined and the mahal won’t be in this state, I shall take a leave now,Chandra stumbles,Nandini bends down and says is your leg fine maharaj.

Chandra places his hand on her head and says I shall take your leave and leaves,Nandini looks at the Payal,and keeps it in the box,and says good I had taken off the other one,or else it would be a big mess.

Apma says Helina once we conquer champs,Greeks economy will be helped and Durg production will be great too,Helina says but Champa ma how,Apma says adornus told us remember Elis loves Kartikeya and he is future king,Helina says but we are Greeks will that be fine with them,Apma says don’t forget, her father is Magad king and on other hand,we shall ask for Chitras hand for bindusara,Helina says but Charumati,Apma says he is future king,he can marry twice,adornus walks in,Helina asks Whats wrong,adornus says today I calmed a lion,Helina asks what,adornus says I meant bindusara bhaiya and tells about why bindusara was angry,and he helped him calm down,Helina says go away adornus,adornus says why don’t you praise me,Helina says get out.

Helina says ma did you here,Nandini,Apma says relax,it’s just Chandras imagination,Helina says I can’t take risks and asks dasi to call bindusara.

Bindusara with Charumati,he is very close to her,she has her eyes closed,bindusara leaves,and sits on bed in anger,Charumati opens her eyes and takes baby steps to him,and sits beside him and rests her head on his lap,bindusara says Charumati we are childhood friends,so I have an advice don’t marry me. Nandini thinks about Chandras words and says I have to go,I can’t stay in Magad dharma asks what are you doing,Nandini says I can’t stay I have to go,dharma says ma go no worries but I can’t bindusara won’t let me,Nandini says I shall talk to him,dharma says even you won’t be allowed then,I shall make a excuse that baba is unwell and then all will be fine.

Pre cap : Bindusara with help dasi checking every women’s face in mahal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Oh no ! once again Chandra couldn’t see the face of Nandini. First time behaviour of Bindusar puzzled Charumati. Apama and Helena are planning something else for the marriage of their children, will after marriage with Charumati, Bindusar marry Chandralekha? In last precap Chandra was about to open Nandini’s vail, this time Bindusar.. let us see what happens.

  2. Finally got an answer that elis is chandra and helena’s daughter…Helena has 2 children with chandra but no child for nandini… so annoying…they didn’t show yesterday precap ..I don’t know how long need to be wait to see cn reunion?

  3. Oh come on ! In yesterday’s episode they showed that Chandra sees the face of Nandini but now it’s a total change I don’t know why the makers creeping the viewers why can’t they just make a scene that Chandra sees Nandini’s Face ? If they continue like this stretching and stretching then this show will be TRP less that’s my comment what do you guys think about this they are stretching this content too much…

    1. I think they will show it today.

    2. They are stretching it unnecessarily.We are losing our patience.

  4. So, Chandra gave “wife rights” to Helena during the 8 1/2 years Nandini was with him in the mahal and produced 2 children with Helena…and his heart that loves Nandini so much allowed him to do that. However, after Nandini fell off the cliff…..he is lost and is unable to function without her and is waiting for her for the past 10 years……So ,if Nandini is in the mahal…he has no problem spending time with Helena but without Nandini he can`t find solace in Helena`s arms…..I`m unable to buy into Chandra`s undying love for Nandini…..this so called love story is…..SO icky !!!! The makers even made sure to kill Nandini`s unborn baby. The makers killed the beautiful love story after leap with this disgusting story line…..very sad !!!

    1. CGM pioneered IVF (test tube babies) and surrogacy.What else can we say? It’s really sickening to know he has 2 children with Helena.

    2. Mind blowing comment Roopa…. I like it…

    3. Lol, Roopa, love it!

    4. I too like your comment Roopa. Give 2 thumbs up for you…??

      Really irritating to know that Chandra and Helena got 2 childrens… Hate this to max… This putting down Chandra’s character which i couldn’t accept at all…

    5. Yeaah agreed Aditi Helena is enjoying every moment in Magad.Only fool is N.


  5. Savithri V Ramani

    Very bad evil Helena has got two children poor nandini has not have one she last her memory and not getting it back everyday chandra agony is mounting .Who cares for bindusar love and anger the brave queen hS gone to dogs and nothing worth to watch

  6. Makers cheats us once again don”t know what makers want lost last viewers. They will never understand we don’t want apama thank god moora wasn’t here. And they give 2 kids for helena what the hell

    1. Yes, thank God moora is missing.

  7. I only love Chandra n Nandini scene, others boring. I hope Bindu will not open the veil from Nandini n be stopped by Chandra. So disappointed that Elis is Helena daughter. Quite surprised that Mahal got so many dasi covering their head, use to be without their duptta.

    1. Yes, they used to bare it all.

  8. CNs romance was mind blowing.I wish they had shown it for the whole episode.The rest of the story doesn’t make sense at all.Bindusars checking every women’s face.Like in the previous precap, I hope chandra sees her first and then hide her from bindusar.The romance between bindusar and dharma hasn’t started.I doubt this serial will end in September.Oh please, let Chandra go with nandini to Champa.I am sick of seeing life in the mahal.We want some village scene.

  9. Hi friends, I have the following questions and no answers.
    Why is Bindusar kept in the dark about his mother’s death? What is so SPECIAL about Apama and why has she never returned back to her husband? Why is she permanently living with Helena?
    What is Chanakya doing as a learned GURU? Where has all his intelligence gone in all these years? Even though Chandra is lost in Nandini’s love why is he not presenting himself as a King? Initially when he first became a KING, he had promised his people come what may; he will always be there for Magadh and his people. So what is happening now? Why is his personal emotional state of mind taken over his Magad? How can a Queen rule the state when the king is still present as the highest person in authority? In the beginning, even during the war, Chanakya asked Chandra to have a child with Dhurdhara because she was a Magadh daughter and not Helena so what is Chanakya doing about this situation now when Helena and Apama have taken over the reigns of the State? NOTHING!!! WHY???
    What is Chanakya doing about all the atrocities done on the Magadh people when initially he made Chandra the King for the people? Why is no one speaking up against Helena’s cruelty to their King or even Chanakya?
    What happened to Nandini’s family? What happened to Nandini’s mother and her sister-in-laws? Where is her bhabhi and nephew?
    In the beginning the show kept showing the insults and torture towards a woman and a wife and we kept asking for that to stop.
    Where are Chaya and Malaikeytu? Why is their son in the palace when he should be with his parents?
    Why are new characters coming from nowhere without justifying the previous characters as to what happened to them?
    This show has no concrete storyline, just floating around with characters and nonsense drama? What was the need of a leap when the previous tracks are not even concluded properly?
    Dharma’s looks older than Nandini and does not look like a daughter at all. Her character looks so artificial.
    Chandra and Nandini’s track has no concrete standing in the show as a King and Queeen. This memory loss track is dragging so much and has become boring.
    How do the writers justify the fact that the earlier mature viewers of the show have stopped watching this show because of the leap and bringing so many teenagers in the show when the main characters are not given any importance at all. The storyline is not only floating haywire but has no end to the negativity as well. Dhurdhara’s death even after 200 episodes has not reached a final conclusion. They keep continuing it with Bindusar’s hatred and going round in circles. Why??? Can the writers justify this with the viewers?
    This show is about Chandragupta Maurya and RAJAT TOKAS portraying a GREAT KING, not about a GREEK lady ruling Magadh and showing us her tantrums along with her mother, arrogant teenagers and their attitudes. Viewers are begging to watch the achievements of a Great King which our respected writers cannot COMPREHEND!!
    Please do excuse my long post today but the frustrations are boiling over and this is the only way to let go of them.

    1. CNFan, truly agree with all your questions and feel like throw all this question to the producer and writters? But in puzzle how to interact with them???

      They should change the title of this serials. It’s no more Chandra Nandini because the story line no more about CN. They should changed it to “Love stories in Mauryan dynasty” or “Greeks rulling during Mauryan dynasty”.

      It’s an absolute insult for Rajjat and Shweta’s acting talent. I hope some other talented producers and directors should utilise the real talent of them.

    2. Congratulations for exploration agree every say I think you make great writer thankyou and for your coment

    3. I’m glad you are back commenting.The answer to those questions is simple.The producer is stupid, the director is stupid and the writers are stupider.Poor us watching this serial like an idiot.

    4. Roopa yes we are blind fools watching this dumb serial but I have an answer for all of us.
      The answer is RAJAT and that is why we are all here supporting each other and Rajat through this ridiculous show.
      I just realized that and in its does nothing but cry all the time now. Gosh I am getting to the point of a mental breakdown now with these writers. I think we can write better than them. Don’t you think So?
      We have all become avid writers here.

  10. By this week , Chandra or bindusar or Helena will discover that Nandini is in the Mahal. I am saying this because Nandini was trying to leave the palace and go to her own kingdom.
    Dharma will marry bindusar. (200% confirm)

  11. History in this show long gone . Now this is fiction with no head and tail. I think this show shud end. Does this crappy show have any TRP

    1. ABSOLUTELY CORRECT Vasanti. This show should end today if possible… absolutely no story whatsoever…..

    2. It is totally fiction.And it’s TRPs are not good.Toral shit but only reason is RT

  12. Hi friends,I don’t think the makers are looking into our comments box otherwise they will at least show some hope to us .Ofcourse without proper research they started this show so I think they don’t have the habit of reading.
    Let us discuss today’s episode!
    Helena got two kids with Chandra.?.Can anybody answer this how come Chandra do this ?Is he biological father or gave his name to kids?If he is their biological father then Helena is enjoying every stuff in mahal
    Mukhtar maharani!
    Cleared DD and N in her path!
    Earned Bindu and Moora support !
    Ruling Magad!
    What not she is enjoying every thing!
    Coming to Nandni once she was a warrior princess and now where is she?
    She owned nothing after marrying C she lost everything
    Her father
    Unborn child
    Moora and Bindusar trust
    10 years of fruitful life?
    What respect she got as a queen
    He was convicted on murder charges of DD which is not investigated properly!
    Pity on N role.
    Now Chandra
    Why he living in pathos?He was blessed with 3kids and Helena is looking after the Magad.Then why this drama.?
    He has done no favour to Nandni all insults to her in his mahal.
    Let her live a peaceful life at least now Hope C and N never reunite ?
    Finally again the school kids gang is irritating

  13. Hope RT should come out of this show asap.
    Nandni her look is not nice .Knee length saree,thick Kajal eyes,straight hair,black sticker every thing irritating.
    Her eyes look good if she apply liner when she was in Kalinga her get up is Good but not now.Change her attire she is main lead she should be attractive.
    Dharma looks like N friend not like her daughter
    No need to talk about B as usual he is disgusting

    1. SPD, Rajjat respect Ekta mam a lot (loyalty and gratitude). Maybe that could be the reason why he still stick with the show despite of bad story line. I read somewhere that Rajjat didn’t accept other offers due to his promise to Ekta. But this is not what he should receive in return.

  14. So today xpctng thy show nandni face to Chandra. Again apama plan against ch for capturing champa region. Wat chanakya dng? Whr s his intelligence? His royalty changed over magadh to evil witches? Y he s so silent. He has spies all around magadh no one ever complained abt Helena to him? Wat thy trying to show? Elis s Chandra daughter its embarrassing really. What the hell s gng? Tat hell Helena s plotting each and every moment. Disgusting.

  15. This story s abt Mauryan dynasty and the founder of CGM. It’s not abt how many kids he had.. He had oly 1 son and he had 3 grand children’s. Totally changed story line. No 1 believe its an epic story line. History s totally changed. Thy hv created new history by themselves so all we r watching tat. Ridiculous!.

  16. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Nandini’s (Shweta Basu Prasad) plan to escape after Chandra (Rajat Tokas) gets closer

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will show Nandini trying to escape from the Magadh palace as she wants to go away from Chandra as soon as possible. Nandini feels emotionally disturbed being around Chandra as she realizes that there is an unknown bond between them. Nandini feels bad for Chandra seeing his longing for Nandini and her own emotions go out of control. Chandra enters Nandini’s room late in the night with an anklet and Nandini realizes that it her anklet which she had mistakenly left behind in his room. Nandini does not show her face to Chandra but the two of them have an emotional conversation where Chandra asks her whether she has ever been in love. Chandra talks about his own love for Nandini saying that Nandini’s love is the world for him. Nandini is heartbroken and emotional seeing Chandra’s undying love for Nandini and feels more and more drawn towards Chandra. However, Nandini realizes that her feelings are not right and she has to get out of the Magadh palace before something wrong takes place. Nandini tells Dharma that she wants to leave and Dharma too supports Nandini’s decision and encourages her to escape. However, Nandini’s escape plan will not succeed so easily and she will get caught before she is able to run away. Moreover, Bindusar is worried about Nandini returning in Chandra’s lie and therefore he will decide to confront the evil women of the palace and see their faces to find out if one of them is Nandini. Will Bindusar be able to expose Nandini before Chandra finds her? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

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