Chandra Nandni 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Helina says ma why didn’t you wake me up,now see Nandini is with Chandra, ma says can’t you do anything with yourself, can’t you wake up on your own,helina says ma I tried but couldn’t and now it’s afternoon,ma says no issues fast has started now not ended,helina says how does it matter, ma says it does matter we won’t let Nandini complete her fast.

Chandra follows Nandini and thinks why is she going to Chayas room,dasi stops him and says here is oil you asked for,maliektu pulls Nandini in and says I know you will come to see me,Chandra says take oil to dadi ma,maliektu says Nandini I know you are interested in me you have kept mum about all that happened,Nandini says not just interested but I love you look I’m even fasting for you and we shall celebrate whole night,maliektu sees Chandra and says maharani please leave me, Chaya is all mine and I love only her please leave,Nandini says but maliektu,maliektu says no please leave,Nandini feels bad and leaves,maliektu sees Chandra says maharani was here to wish me on teej,Chandra leaves in anger.

Nandini dressed in gifts by Chandra in his room with Arti thali in hand,Chandra walks in,he remembers the maliektu incident,Nandini touches his feet and says dadi asked me to take your blessing and as I’m,Chandra throws her thali and says I told you just act as fasting why play with dadi and her feelings, for a minute I thought you are really fasting for me but what a act and now I know you are fasting for whom and now I shall take part in none of its process,Nandini faints,dadi walks in and says Chandra look.

Chandra says get Vaidya quickly,Vaidya says maharani is fasting and so she fainted all is fine,dadi says I was so scared, mora says when I use to fast for your father in law even I fainted,all laugh,dadi says I remember I was so scared then too,dasi says maharani moon is out there,dadi says Chandra cmon take Nandini along with you and let’s go on terrace,Chandra helps Nandini to terrace.

Nandini and Chandras ma performs the moon teej Pooja in everyone’s presence,Nandini prays in mind lord I know Chandra doesn’t love me but I wish to see him happy,Nandini looks at Chandra and performs Arti, dadi very happy, Nandini follows as Chandra ma does,Nandini touches Chandras feet,he unhappily gives her blessings as always stay happy, dadi says now Chandra give her some water, she must be thirst she was without it since last night,Chandra gives her water and sweets,helina not liking it and so does maliektu.

Nandini goes to her room,Chandra walks in and claps his hand and says wow I’m impressed such good acting,but why did you really fats,Nandini says yes I fasted because I’m a wife and this is my culture,Chandra starts laughing and says oh god look at this lady, the reason surely must be love right and so I should love you back come close,Nandini says Chandra please,Chandra says see this shows the reason behind the Fast is you care me,Nandini thinks even if this is so I see hatred in Chandra eyes,and says I’m your enemy and I hate you.

Chandra says then who is this fast for or I should say how many of them are they or it’s just maliketu,Nandini says is that what you think,Chandra says after all you are nand daughter he had done the same think married your mother for magad,Nandini says enough not a word against my father,what’s difference between you and him even you have married thrice,Chandra says just stay away from my sisters husband and tell me who you love I shall arrange your wedding but stay away from Chaya,Nandini says even after all that shit you think I,Chandra says what Nandini,you must be very angry right that you had to marry the guy who killed your brothers and defeated your father.

Chandra says I feel so Ashamed of you to see you always with maliketu,Nandini says I fasted for you with all love but you,for your long life but enough of it Chandra I can’t take this hatred any more,Chandra says but I hate you and this is the truth,when I see you cat as a good daughter in law in front of my family and act as I love you, I hate you but I don’t hate you because your nand daughter and not because you love maliektu but because because, I don’t think it’s important to tell you that and leaves,wiping his tears.

Nandini says to herself,Chandra you have many reasons to hate but I weird attraction for you.

Chandra says to himself, Nandini you will never understand the feelings and the attraction that I have even when I hate you,but instead of calling it as love I would like to call it hatred.

Pre cap : helinas mother says Nandini,Nandini turns around and smokes on her face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. It was vry painful to see chandra crying.

  2. High voltage drama of confusion between Chandra and Nandini due to Roopa. Will Nandini disguise Roopa to expose her ?

  3. What the hell is this??. I have stopped watching it. I only read written update and thats all. Worst epi . They only show fight and no love. For god’s sake open Roopa’s truth and this blo*dy mo**n, scou**rel scamp hellina

  4. Next ekta will bring another character named suryagupt twin brother of chandragupt….what nonsense…Don’t spoil history ekta

    1. Jayani

      ???…But di she will name him wid sum other GUPT coz his father’s was surygupt

  5. Hate the concept of roopa ..and more than that chandragupt is a great emperor he fought many battle ..atleast show such thing.. If a raaja becomes like chandra as shown in the show then he would have never been famous ruler ..

    1. Agree sis public life of Chandra must also be shown.

  6. So emotional episode today … Vry bad to see tears on C & N ?… My god roopa entry ll make more misunderstanding bw C & N.. Feeling vry bad fr nandini..i hope chandra ll identify roopa’s game soon .. I hate who r all against C & N ..

    1. Agree sis but no love story is hit without villain.

  7. nice episode

  8. Who is roopa???!

  9. It was helina’s mother who brought roopa to creat rift b/w chandra n nandini

    1. Jayani

      But di, no 1 knows abt roopa other dan sunanda in d castle nd even nand so hw can v b so sure dat it was apama who brought roopa in between ? nd nandini

      1. AparnaPrasad

        Hw funny is it… all fans of cn hav knwn ds roopa fr weeks and atleast nw de hav shwn roopa.. .???. So jst imagine all fans wants c & n together.. nd it wl take months i guess minimum fr dat to happen…

      2. Jayani

        Mostly coz after dat nand wud die nd all d villans wud b shownsum l8 for ? 2 c dem nd ?nandini wud liv a happy lyf nd mayb IF dey get an extention, dey m8 show till ?nandini death… Nd m pretty sure dat ekta wud use bajirao mastani for sis by showing dat dey both were TRUE luvers so dey die at d same tym… Dey wud either end it lyk dis in a sad note or dey m8 show nand dying at last after all d other villans get deir share of SAZAA nd den dey m8 say dat AFTER DIS ?NANDINI LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER nd end it in an happy note… V never know wat ekta wud do!!!???… Waiting for day after…

        Jai Siya Ram

      3. The show must be aired for more than 2 years…

      4. Jayani

        Mayb sum fans m8 luv deir chemistry or d pair nd bcoz of dis itself extention nd just lyk u said, it m8 run for 2 or even more!!! I hope not?

  10. Thats the pain of true love….chandra also expressed love by cry for nandini…..

    1. Jayani

      Dat’s soo true?

    2. Agree, this is different type of love story.

  11. Dont #Spoil history……Ekta mam Plsssss…..We want to see the medoly …… The love of Chandra nandini……Plsss dont make a #saans BAHU TYPE SERIAL…….

  12. Jayani

    Episode was d same wid ? doubting on nandini nd malay affair… But dis was unexpected… ? crying!!!??? Dey both r slowly realizing deir luv for each other but wenever ? wants 2 say his luv in d b4 scene, he wud hav seen roopa nd malay 2gether nd mistaken her as nandini… So d prob is roopa nd others for d tym being I hope roopa cums 2 l8 nd ? wud stop doubting nandini… Nd 1 more sad thing is dat though dd wanted 2 fast for ?, she wasn’t but she was told dat she cud fast d next year but unfortunately she won’t b able 2 coz she wud hav been DEAD by den???… But she was also happy coz nandini was fasting for her?… I hope she never dies just lyk hw ekta changes every1’s story???… Bhagwan, dd ko bachchalo… I wish dey did d aame even in skr cozdey showed as if sulochana never dies coz sita cums nd stops her… I prayed a lot so dat dey won’t show sita frm dying but dey showed her dying???… So sad… Ekta brought change in almost d whole history so I wish she does dat even in dd’s lyf but m sure dat she won’t coz dere has 2 b sumthing real also which is being shown… Waiting for a GUD monday episode…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Right comment. apart from love affair and misunderstanding Chandra should also concentrate on political matter and people welfare.
      Means both personal and public life of Chandra should be shown.

      1. Jayani

        Dat’s so true… Coz in ANY (as far as I hav seen) serial, dere hasn’t been any scene where d king (mostly d hero itself) has given his justice… Only in dkdm, mahadev’s bhakt nd his way of giving vardhaan nd d tests taken by him, dere wasn’t ANY luv story in dose sequences… Other dan dat, dere hasn’t been any serial which I hav seen where d main guy’s presence of mind is shown… Nd even krishna was d same case as mahadev… But in skr, only ramayan was shown in sita’s prespective… Nd even in dat dey never showed ram giving ANY justice other dan 2 bhadra coz dat is wen he sends sita for vanvaas

  13. Jayani I did nt understand what u told about twin of chandra .Can u explain it or give me the link of the spoiler wherefrom u came 2 know about it? But if that happens then the show will become worse.

    1. Jayani

      No di… shashi di was saying dat just lyk hw ekta got nandini’s twin, in d same way it wud not take much tym for her 2 bring ?’s twin bro nd name him SURYAGUPT… But I said dat she wud name him wid sum other gupt coz his father’s name was suryagupt

  14. Chandragupta Maurya followed Chanakya’s advice ardently….in this serial he follows Mora n daadi……they say jus like gayathri mantra is most powerful mantra….so is Chandragupta’s greatness compared to other kings…but here except for d costume n set nothing seems to make any relevance to Chandragupta Maurya…. So sad they cud even think

  15. indera sanichara

    For the life of me I can’t understand why these Indian serial always create misunderstanding among each others. The other Nandni is making this Nandni suffer. All the other soap has the same misunderstanding, it’s boring to watch writers.

  16. Is Nandini vs Nandini in coming episodes …

  17. ChandraNandini: Nandini (Shewta Prasad Basu)touched with Chandra’s (Rajat Tokas)sweet gesture towards herStar Plus historical love saga ChandraNandini will showcase more of Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini’s (Shewta PrasadBasu)love story.Chandra and Nandini hate each other a lotbut slowly havestarted developing feelings for oneanother and their love story will now start inthe upcoming episodes.Furthermore, Chandra and Nandini are decorating a room in which they have to stay as dadi asked them to .While decorating room with diyas, Nandini accidentally burns her hand which pains hera lot.Nandini feelsloved with Chandra’s concernChandra gets concerned for Nandini and immediately run to do first aid on her hand,Chandra scold her for being careless and not taking care of herself.Nandini is touched with Chandra’s sweet gesture towards her and she romantically see Chandra feeling a bit shy.Chandra and Nandini share aromantic eyelock filled with feeling of oneness.I copied it from a spoiler

    1. Thanks for the information.

  18. wow very nice episode who is roopa

    1. She is twin sister of Nandini, not disclosed yet.

  19. I’m sorry , can intoo join this group

    1. Jayani

      Sure maya di???

  20. nice comment shashi..

  21. ChandraNandini: Roopa (Shewta Prasad Basu)and Nandini’sface off to add a new flavor of twistStar Plus popular historical show ChandraNandini will witness turmoil in Nandini and Chandra’s life.ChandraNandini is a show based on life snd love story of Chandra and Nandini where characters sre portrayed by Rajat Tokas and Shewta Prasad Basu.As seen so far, Nandini was kidnapped by her evil twin Roopa who later entered the palace as Nandini and created havoc in Chandra’s life.She portrayed acharacter opposite to Nandini to defame Nandini’s name in the eyes of Chandra, Roopa went on to spend a night with Malayketu so as to confuse Chandra that itsNandini who is cheating over him.Chandra also accuses Nandini and Nandini doesn’tunderstand why is she being punished without committing anymistake.Nandini and Roopa’s encounter reveal a lot ofsecretsThe upcoming episode will show tragic incident in the life of Nandini.Nandini will accidentally come face to face with Roopa and will be shocked to see Roopa’s look alike similar to her.Later, Nandini will be revealedthat its Roopa who’s doing all the evil mishaps in the name of Nandini to defame her reputation.Roopa and Nandini’s face off will be interesting to watch till then stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming details. I copied it from a spoiler.Isn’t it interesting? I am very eager to see what will happen when chndra will come to know abt roopa.Hope it happens soon.I m vry excited.

    1. Thanks for the information. Expect entertaining track.

    2. Jayani

      Thank u for d WONDERFUL info di?

  22. I see 23/01/17 you tube vedio, nandini dancing in sabha.

    1. Yes you are right but it may be Roopa.

    2. Jayani

      Can u send d link swati di???

  23. I too feel that Nandini instead getting emotional, now should act strong and smart and try to find what are the reasons for which Chandra is blaming Nandini of having an affair with Malayketu. If she is shown thinking logical then only she will be able to discover Rupa’s truth. But definitely it will not be easy for her as there are characters like Sunanda, Helina’s Mom, Malayketu who will support Rupa. We can only cross fingures as the story writer of this series is someone else who is getting paid and gets recognition.

  24. Coming episodes highlights
    Moora s birthday will be celebrated.

    Nandini will suffer with depression due to Chandra s behavior.

    Nandini will get kidnapped and Roopa will play with both Chandra and Malayketu.

    Nandini or Roopa will drink a lot and start dancing .

    1. Jayani

      Thank u so much for d info bro

  25. Welcome arun bro.

  26. Welcome arun bro and thanks for ur information .

  27. Are bhai, try to understand, if the show was about Chandra only, then it would have been named “Chandragupta”, but this show is a drama based on the love life of Chandra and Nandini only……???????????

  28. Thanks Tanaya di for the update…….??????

  29. Wlcm jayani and good night to u and all.Now I undrstd what u were talking abt chandra’s twin and thank u for that.Actually I have found ur reply just now.

  30. Nice episode

  31. Chandra Nandini: Nandini(Shweta Basu Prasad) creates big drunken drama and dances with Malay Ketu and Chandra (Rajat Tokas) fumes seeing thisThe upcoming episodes of Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini will showcase Chandra fuming with anger asNaina creates a big scene amid celebrations in Chandra’s courtroom.Chandra has started to have asoft corner for Nandini and starts feeling possessive towards her. However, Nandini creates a big scene amid a royal celebration which makes Chandra very angry. Viewers will get to see that all the royal people will begather in Chandra’s courtroom and suddenly, Nandini will come there and start off a big drama. Nandini will gulp down a glass full of wine and will start to act like adrunkard. Nandini will not stop at this and will start to dance in the courtroom.Nandini will not have respect for her status and will dance cheaply in front of everyone. To make matters worse, Nandini will also ask Malay Ketu join her on the floor and she will dance around him seductively. Chandra will not be able to bear this sight and he will be furious. Nandini will be taken away from there and Chandra will control himself from doing something bad in anger. However, the real truth will be revealed later that the girl dancing in the courtroom was not Nandini at all.The girl was actually Roopa who is a lookalike of Nandini and has entered the palace to crate trouble for Nandini. Roopa purposely dresses up as Nandini and crates a big scene to incite Chandra. Malay Ketu is aware that the girl dancing around him is Roopa and not Nandini but he does not reveal it as he is hand in glove with Roopa. Let’s wait and see how Chandra and Nandini are able to expose Roopa. I copied it from a spoiler.

    1. What? Malaiketu knows it’s roopa? HW?

    2. Jayani

      Di, wat dus “Malay is aware dat it is not nandini but roopa nd dus not reveal it coz HE IS HAND INGLOVE WID ROOPA”… Wat dus hand in glove mean in dis sectence??? Can any1 clear my doubt???Nd I can’t believe dat malay knows dat it is not nandini but roopa!!!??? OMG!!! Can’t wait 2 know hw he knows it… Eagerly waiting for 2day’s epi…

      Jai Siya Ram

  32. I dont know aparna di. I copied it from a spoiler.

  33. AparnaPrasad

    I knw its not chandras fault dat he is behaving injustly to nandini.. bt wen he finds out truth i really want nandini to shw dat anger and all hr frustrations on chandra. Dn nly he wl undrstnd hw much he has luvd him irrespective of all d hatred chandra showed…

    1. Jayani

      Di, I guess if nandini shows her anger on ? after he realizes fat there is no fault on he wud start hating her coz of wat she wud do… Nd even b4 dat, he wud probably banish sunanda, roopa, malay, helu, apama nd all d others who new d secret nd those who tried 2 separate ?nandini… Nd if he really luves her lyk anything, only den he wud still not bother abt d frustrations nd anger frm nandini… Nd as far as I know, nandini wud never do such a thing coz she know’s it wasn’t ? fault… Nd by d tym all d probs r resolved, dd wud hav died!!! (I hope not?) … Or mayb after dat there m8 b a tym leap coz dey can’t show dd full 9 months… Probably an 8 or 9 months… Nd den dey wud show dd dying???… So nd den wid dis as a reason dey wud show ? nd nandini lyking, infact, luving each other!!! Probably after a few days or sumthing lyk dat, even chhaya satya child wud b born… I hope I havn’t hurt any1’s feelings… Eagerly waiting for 2day’s epi…

      Jai Siya Ram

      1. AparnaPrasad

        No jayani sis.. dd cant die.. evn tho cn is a fictional love stry , it is d stry of chandra gupta maurya… wer his real wife is dd and i dnt thnk ekta wud do such a big change to d real histry. She can do watvr changes wd chandra and nandini.. nt wd dd and helena.. cz de r real…

      2. Jayani

        She wud mostly die coz d real dd dies due 2 poison… Here is a link abt her death…

        Hope u get d link?…

        Jai Siya Ram

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  35. What a shit serial

  36. Love the way of wiping tears of Chandra…nice it..

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