Chandra Nandni 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Nandini feels Chandra’s pain

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Chandra Nandni 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindusara stops Chandra from looking at each women,raising their dupattas,bindusara says calm down this is unethical,Chandra says your ma is back,I will find her,Chandra walks to Nandini but Chanakya stops him and says this behaviour is not done,these are women doing this without their permission is this done,dadi says yes son,you are king,you should respect their identity,Chandra breaks down,Chanakya requests everyone to leave.

Chandra says acharya don’t you trust me as well,I really saw Nandini,Helina says ok let’s believe you saw Nandini,she is alive but if she is here why isn’t she coming to see us,she loves bindusara she didn’t even go see him,dadi did she come to see you,see Chandra all guests must be wondering this king is,dadi says Helina enough,don’t do this to him,Helina says accept it Nandini is dead,Chandra shouts enough,my Nandini is alive, and I need not give you explanation,Chanakya says I trust you calm down,Chandra calms down and leaves.

Dadi says I cant see Chandra in this pain,Nandini is gone it’s 10 years but he hasn’t got over it,Chanakya says I had stopped Chandra from love but now love has messed him up,he is deeply hurt by separation from his love.dharma walks to Nandini and asks what’s wrong,nandini says nothing look this is Queen Nandini wife of Chandragupta but he felt I’m his wife,today when I saw him helpless I felt I shall go tell him that I’m his wife,dharma says ma I only have you,my mother died at my birth and now I cant loose you,I found my mother in you,dharma takes Nandini away.

Chandra in his room,looking at nandinis sketch,Chanakya says Chandra come have this,you will feel better,Chandra has it,Chanakya leaves.chandra is missing Nandini and time spent with her goes on in his mind.chandras love for Nandini was like meditation his love for Nandini and bindusaras hatred for her,was the reason to create drift between them. Helina says calm down bindusara soon you will be the Queen and all will be as per your wish.

Charumati says I heard Nandini was very beautiful,Chitra asks Elis did you see her,elis says I did see her I was very small but only thing I remember is she killed bindusara mother,Charumati says so I hate her because my husband hates her too. Adornus says my father has lost it,Bhadra says no adornus,you father is the reason behind Magad,learn to love like him,Kartikeya says maharani Nandini must be so lucky to have him.

Dharma applying charumati Alta,charumati says you spoilt my night dharma,I had told you to stand behind me who asked you to step ahead and see you messed with all the rituals,dharma says I’m sorry but there was Scorpio under your leg and so I came to save you,charumati says oh poor you did you injure your hand to save me and presses her hand hard.

Charumati says Then why didn’t you put your eyes away,he saw you and not me,dharma steps back and says please let me go,charumati says my other leg is remaining come do it,in my town prince love dances come with me there i shall appoint you as entertainer,bindusara walks in,dharma about to leave with other dasi,charumati says stay dharma and finish with your work,bindusara walks past dharma to charumati,charumati says I know you are here to see me because last night you couldn’t,bindusara pulls her close and hugs her and turns to dharma and says don’t you have sense we need privacy,dharma says better give this teaching to your would be wife I was leaving but she has no shame and dharma leaves ,charumati starts laughing and says don’t let this dharma go after our wedding she will be an entertainment package for me.,bindusara looks at dharma.

Dadi to Nandini,Prabha please give this kadha to Chandra and holds nandinis hand and says see Chandra doesn’t like her kadha,before Nandini use to somehow give it to him but now he doesn’t have it so stay there till he has it,Nandini nods yes and thinks why did I feel like someone familiar hold my hand.

Adornus looking into water,Helina asks what are you doing,adornus says practising to see my wife’s face into water,ma I want to marry by next year please talk to some princess here,Helina slaps him and says ma he is good for nothing and wants me marry,what shall I says marry my useless lazy son,here Chandra is behaving mad and this boy,Apma says adornus leave,Helina says says now Chandra has new nonsense Nandini is here in mahal,God.

Adornus even I saw choti ma,Helina gets very upset and shouts at adornus,Apma says adornus leave,and says Chandra has gone mad,only Nandini is the answer to it,till Nandini doesn’t get back this won’t go away,Helina says ma how,even you have lost it, Helina leaves.

As Nandini walks in to Chandra room,she has memory flashes,Nandini looks at Durdhara and Nandini sketch and says this picture depicts so much love then why did Nandini kill her,Nandini looks at the books around and finds them familiar,she looks at the dressing,Jewellery and her flashes get stronger,Chandra sleep talks,Nandini come back,Nandini thinks is maharaj saying the truth that maharani Nandini is in mahal because he didn’t see me here,Nandini keeps the kadha on table and turns around but Chandra holds her hand,Nandini feels the vibes.

Pre cap : Chandra in sleep puts nandinis hand on his heart and pulls her close and hugs her and says don’t leave me and go,you stay here in my heart.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Love between CN bringing them close day by day despite loosing memory by Nandini and desperate Chandra. Apama has sensed Nandini if she looks her, surely she will try to kill her, by another accident she may regain her memory. What will be Bindusar Nandini relation after that. Bindusar and his fiancee are irritating while teasing Dharma. Once Bindusar knows the real culprit is her Nani not mother Nandini he will surely attract towards Dharma.

    1. Bindusara chandranandni

      Agreed.chsrumati elis all are annoying.but dharma is a good looks amazing

  2. Feeling really sorry for dharma. Bindusar doing it on purpose.

    1. Right.. Charumati is the copy of Helena.

      1. Alis too bhai, copy of helena… very annoying characters… karthikeyan s better than everyone, he understands d situation n which s ryt n wrong… adornus s a big looser..

  3. Jayani


    Chandra Nandini latest news: Bindusar’s big plan to ensure Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) don’t reunite

    The upcoming twist of Star Plus’ show Chandra Nandini will show Chandra and Nandini’s reunion track amid evil plotting and planning of their enemies. In the current track of the show viewers have seen that Chandra finally sees Nandini from across the river and he is convinced that she is alive.

    Chandra tries to catch Nandini but Nandini escapes and runs into the palace and Chandra is determined to find her. Chandra will now call all the women of the palace in order to investigate and track down Nandini. Very soon, Chandra will find Nandini and happiness will return in his life. However, Nandini will not remember Chandra and will stay away from him. However, Nandini’s return in Chandra’s life will not go down well with Helena and Bindusar. Helena will investigate Bindusar against Nandini and will warn him to make sure that Nandini and Chandra never unite with each other.

    Bindusar will be determined to make Nandini stay away from Chandra at any cost and he will decide to use Dharma to fulfill his mission. Bindusar is all set to marry Charumati but very soon, Bindusra will change hi decision and will decide to marry Dharma instead in order to make him his wife and control her. Bindusar will use Dharma to seek his revenge from Nandini and make sure that Nandini never reunites with Chandra. Will Bindusar succeed to keep Chandra and Nandini away from each other? Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

    1. Nice update.. so Bindusar may be villain of CN life.

    2. Jayani why dis bindusar doing all dis… how many times nandu tolerated their humiliation for him ( bindusar), but within a min he changed everything n he killed her… hw cruel??? Epdi ipdi irukanga… but one thng why no one reveal dd’s murderer… if am in nandu’s place after regaining memory, I’ll punish everyone considered as culprit, everybody s cheat…

      1. Ya jai everyone r culprit….thy separated mom-son,hus-wife,two souls…

      2. Shree, you missed one more relationship they killed. Chandra and Nandini’s unborn child. Killed before see the world.

        How cruel… This is not Bindusar’s fault, the poison plotted by evil Helena and Apama…

      3. Jayani

        Naan romba nanna iruken akka…Neenga epdi irukinga ka

    3. You mean to say even bindusara and dharma will get married but CN will not get united till then ? please this is too much . let makers unite CN first and later let them show countless marriage of bindusara i dont care . new entries scenes are yawn worthy .

      1. This is only spoilers seema.We won’t know what’s going to happen because Ekta doesn’t allow the actors or crew to leak information.

    4. NerdyBirdie

      Thanks for further confirming that watching this show would be a continuous waste of my time. XD

      1. Jayani

        M happy dat I cud help u

  4. Very emotional episode!!! I cant tolerate chandra’s condition.. he s such a awesome actor he acts well, no words to describe his acting skills.. plz makers dont do dis to chandra, reunite them soon.. i hate bindusar part, its irritating me… one thng nandu u should talk with dadi ma, thn u’ll get ur memory easily… she s d one n only good soul in mahal, if u talk with her she remains u everything within a sec… am really excited about tomorrow’s episode..

    1. Nice update.. so Bindusar may be villain of CN life.

    2. Agree with your comment.. eagerly waiting for CN reunion and Bindusar’s confusion to be cleared.

    3. Well said, Jai.At least in yesterday’s episode we saw more of CN.

  5. Dharma will be the one to change bindusar. I think she will reveal to bindusar that Nandini is innocent and it is aprama who is guilty.

    1. Yes, I agree with u.

  6. Savithri V Ramani

    How long to wIt for Chandra and Nandini reunion above all I want Hindustan to know that apma and Helena are the is dragging and irritating.please the serial makers understand audience pulse a very rare brave queen is wasted instead she should get her memory mingle with everybody and teach them all good things

  7. Rajat and shweta were fab today . CN sceens are always magical . So witch apama and helena will find nandini first . hate this ! makers are in love with this greeks . Precap is exciting. Chandra feels nandini and nandini cannot escape from chandra clutches. think prabha will start having feelings for chandra . it will interesting but hope not apama uses prabha against chandra .new entries are very bore specially charumathi , alice nonsense . and adnois is one big loser .

  8. I can’t see Chandra in so much of pain

  9. Shree saradha

    I guess….after marrying dharma, he will reveal de truth that he only pushed her (nandini )from de cliff…Dharma will soon find out bindu s manipulated nd try to prove nandinis innocence. She will find out apma nd helena are behind this.But bindusara loves thm blindly. So….dharma will fight fr nandinis apma nd helena will tell all their mistakes by their own as dharma will make thm cnfess de truth…..Here….helena nd apma will try to kill dharma too. Morever dharma questions to bindu will make him think abt wat would have really happened. On the other hand, dharma will save nandini from evil clutes of apma nd how dharma makes bindusaar makes reliase his mistake nd brings de truth out ….i guess de story gonna be this way….let’s see wat ekta kapoor have in store fr fans of CN.

    1. Good guess… but always dis greek ladies won… so we cant feel good for anything, they change it easily… makers gone mad on greek ladies i thnk… bcoz of dis lot of negativity s present… once they come out of dat everything will gonna be alright… hope!!

      1. Jai, Look like the makers are not interested to unite Chandra n Nandini. Getting bored with this serial.
        Satya, is missing n others are also missing their comments. Either they are watching,no comments or stop watching. Viewers getting fed up

  10. Guys am new to comment here, but a regular reader… I think u ppls didn’t know the end of the story as well… Few days before thy updated this serial ending. In tat c and n won’t get united still the serial ends.. Thy will be separated forever.. Maybe thy can change the story line as per upcoming trp as well. Let’s see..

    1. NerdyBirdie

      Wait… so the last episode of this is them getting reunited?!

    2. Are u sure? Ekta never allow media while shooting so we won’t know what’s going to happen next.

  11. Time pass…….

  12. Yesterday esposide, we only love Chandra n Nandini scene. So sad to see Chandra like a lost person and everyone in the Mahal don’t beleive him when he saw Nandini. Most of them thinking he is out of mind except Apama is now suspicious.Where is Moora, she is missing.
    Does Bindu love Charu?
    I think even today esposide CN will not meet, so we don’t know when? Already Apama ,Helena, N Bindu, they will be waiting to harm N.
    We can only wait or makers wants to separate CN

    1. Not only yesterday’s episode di, everyday we like chandra n nandini’s scene… one good thng in yesterday’s episode s moora’s absence… i told u na they love greek ladies not chandra nandini’s reunion… we should wait till end for their union not for sure, they unite them r not… we should blindly wait for their reunion… actually we r going mad day to day, we r shouting, also getting hurt for chandra but makers enjoying everything they r focusing on trp, dats it…

    2. Hi Padmini, I am here but do not know what to write anymore.

      1. CNFan, me too , i am also getting bored to comment, nothing new, same hide n seek n plotting.

      2. What important is your presence or else we’ll miss you.

  13. jafrine sheeba

    hi guys .i am also cn follower.such an love story it is .but something is going on here .

  14. jafrine sheeba

    hi guys.iamalso ac cn follower .very nice loce story it is right?

  15. Nandini has been missing for 10 years, Prabha was found 10 years ago.Cant Dharma see the connection here?Even her mangalsutra is of the royal type.Dont believe the spoilers guys.Im sure bindusar will marry Dharma after falling in love with her.Even now he has certain feelings for her.

  16. I HATE Bindusar……more than anyone else….he is evil like Helena……CN will get reunited…or else who will watch this stupid serial… what Shree said, not even a dog will watch it! Loved Chandra and Nandini`s acting….Dharma will change the idiot Bindu and find out the truth about DD`s murder and clear Nandini`s name….

    1. Even i hate bindusar a lot… he s worst guy… he forget n insult mother’s affection.. he dont deserve nandini’s love n throne… i dont understand di why dis makers showing immature love story of teenagers, is it necessary nw… no need ryt… thn wat s d problem??? Why dharma should change him, is he a kid r brainless idiot… he knws everything ryt how to tease others n how to believe dat greek witch n how to save his greek loveable brother from girls problem thn wat s d big deal in finding abt own mother’s death truth… i really fed up.. he irritates me everyday.. i totally hate his part i only watching dis fo sweraj pair.. they r world’s best jodi… so…

  17. I saw this update in few days before. Tats before the first leap I saw tat update.. If dadi doesn’t knw this is nandini thn y she should give a glass and sent her to Chandra room?. Is tat a plan of dadi or wat?. Is she known abt nandini!.

  18. And so many dasi’s in mahal then y she sent particularly prabha to Chandra room!?. Is she known her as nandini.

    1. I think so. Even last time when Nandini came back to the Mahal in disguise Dadi recognized her. I think this time also she recognized her but she wants to catch her red handed. I hope something like this happens.

    2. Kishore, only hope that Dadi know about Nandini, i just don’t want others to know. Wait n see

    3. I have a feeling Chanakya knew Prabha is Nandini.Thats why he stopped Chandra from seeing her face.Moreover he said that he believed Chandra.Maybe he had doubts about bindusar because he was the last person with nandini before she went missing.He is somewhat protecting nandini and he knows for sure that nandini is Chandra’s strength.

  19. S roopa, chanakya definitely knows tat bindusar was the last person wen nandini falls from cliff.. He has a doubt on him, while bindusar’s yuvraj announcement chanakya doesn’t feel gud hope everyone noticed his face.. Hope he knows wats hppng in and around magadh.. Thy increased tax and everything he might be known I guess..

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