Chandra Nandni 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chandra Nandni 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandra sees Nandini walk in with her baby and husband, Helina very happy to see that, women gossip maharani Helina is so lucky to have maharaj Chandragupta in her life,Chandrika introduces her husband and baby,Helina thinks wow Nandini you got a fake husband too,Chandra very jealous too see nanidnis husband support her and help her,Chandra in that anger hurts his hand,Helina says oh no how did you injure your hand,Chandra nods in fine.

wedding rituals take place, Chandra imagines her husband and her performing them and says Helina for bindusara this smoke is not good and picks bindusara and walks away with him. Malayketu near Nandinis house with his goons and says this house is Chandrika and she is teacher to maharaj Kaling daughter teacher too,malayketu says ok when right time comes kidnap her,Gautami walks out,malayketu thinks what did she help Chandras son,and asks his men to stop,Malayketu says I have to inform maharaj Nand about this.

Helina says Chandrika I need to talk to you about bindusara,Nandini hands baby to her husband and walks with Helina,Helina says wow fake baby and husband well done,all new family, I wanted you to leave Kaling but now you can stay because you did this right thing,Chandra now things you have moved on , I wanted you throw you away but you stood quite ahead of my plans and in good ways, and we will leave to magad soon, till then keep this game,Nandini says Helina you are close to Chandra but are the most Insecure person, Nandini hears baby cry and walks to her baby,her husband says no he is asleep.

Chanakya is informed Nand and malayketu men try to attack bindusara, and they were there with plans,Chanakya says but they were disgusted then how come,anyways make sure no one sees you now and be with maharaj and keep me informed,Chanakya says this means there is some problem is security here in magad.

Chandra trying to calm crying bindusara, Nandini walks in, Chandra stops her and says I don’t want you to kill my baby as you killed his mother,Nandini says Chandra you are a king and till you are here I won’t harm him and his cry sounds like he has breathing problem and so if you allow me I shall help, Chandra nods yes,Nandini checks his mouth and says look he had hair in his mouth,and its yours,Nandini says no it’s not,Nandini says no women has such small hair and you keep playing with bindusara,and so be careful next time, and I don’t believe you thought I shall kill him.

Nandini says Chandra this medicinal plant is grown in Kaling only and I have mixed it with milk which help bindusara sleep calmly,and if you want you can prepare this on your own,Chandra hesitates,Nandini drinks it and says see I have no poison added to it,Chandra allows Nandini give bindusara medicine,Nandinis picks bindusara in her arms and help him fall asleep.

Nandini looks at Chandra and walks to him and picks a hair from his body and says this is how bindusara might have consumed it so be careful and clean yourself before you go close to him,Nandini slips and Chandra holds her,maharani Kaling passing by sees them together,and thinks before she eyes shatnag and now maharaj Chandragupta,characterless women.Nandini says I should go and leaves.

Chanakya says I want information about All security exits,plans and every security related person of this kingdom,and this hidden path why is it only Greek soldiers appointed here and no magad, mantri says helina Mother has made these changes here is a letter,Chanakya reads It and says why did she do this,only king can make these changes.

In Kaling,pandit asks five married women to bless the bride,Chandrika is called by a lady,Chandrika steps forward,maharani stops her and says she isn’t the right candidate,but she is a murderer first she attracted my brother and got him killed and now she is eyeing on magad naresh Chandragupta, this time she is having big plans,characterless women,I saw her with maharaj Chandragupta few hours back,using her knowledge she is having these plans,Helina says what you were with Chandra,if this was magad I would throw you out,women question Nandinis character,Helina says characterless women throw her out,maharani pushes her,and Chandra holds Nandini.

Chandra says maharani,how can women behave with each other this way, let me tell you she was with me in my room to help my son, she treats him,maharani you very well know this but you went so low,Chandrikas husband come and says let’s go they don’t respect you.Chandra thinks I hope he doesn’t take her wrong as others.

Pre cap : Helina says Nandini you shall come with us as bindusara nanny.
Gautami says why do you accept this proposal you have no relation with him,Nandini says bindusara is my son,Gautami says or may be you still love Chandra.
Chandra steps in and its stormy whether.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Bindusar is in pain, Nandini is giving him medicine it not only curing him but also effecting Chandra.
    Helena is happy because she thinks that her every step is going in her favour but now Acharya’s doubt on Apama can foil their game. In precap Chandra has seen Gautami and Nandini together, next will be interesting ….

  2. Lovely to see them helping each othrr

  3. Fab epi…. Want more chandani scenes… Hope miunderstandings soon clear between them and the Two reunite soon…. But Chandra’s jealousy makes me very happy…. Good job queen nandani … We love u….

  4. AparnaPrasad

    Nandini should not go to magadh. only insult nd humiliation awaits her in magadh. Chandr shud knw d truth atleast dat nandini is nt married nd dat child s goutamis. He shud liv regretful and guiltful life alone… nandini should move on wd her life atleast till chandra cms to apologise

    1. Jayani

      So finally u hav commented in cn page after a very loooong tym di… Happy 2 c u comment?

  5. I enjoyed todays episode when Chandra was getting jealous…happy to see dat Chandra n nandhini’s scene…but I can’t understand d precap…will nandhini go to magad.??? Anyone can explain..

  6. Tanaya..your way of narration is good. Keep rocking.
    Yeah, Chandra’s jeolousy is competing with his Ego. Atleast he should think twice how cud his lady love remarry someone when they themselve married thrice. CGM history past to 350 bc where women were not even allowed to remarry..i wish the story track goes as such where helena comes to nandini seeking her to be bindusars nanny. Nandini accepts..and it crops up a fight with gouthami. Nandini confronts bindusar as her own son…chandra coming to chk whether situation good btw nandini n her fake husband. But to his surprise he over hears nandini’s argument with gauthami. Chandra gets some soft corner for nandini..n understands nandini has not remarried. It gives him unique happiness and he longs n request nandini to come to maghad. Nandini accepts..there already acharya gets doubt on apama..n informs chandra…now comes twist in story where things get against helena n her mom…

  7. Also..i guess nandini will die …which will break chandra n force him to take sanyasen..he will strave n die..

    1. what r u saying

    2. How cud this happen?It will be the greatest twist in the story

      1. Jayani

        Ikr… Anyways, r u frm tn??? Coz ur name seems 2 b a tamilian’s name… Dat’s y… M frm tn…

  8. Re telecast this serial on Sundays pl same for week days too

  9. I lv Chandra’s jealousy… Every woman loves it.. I hope Acharya would catch the culprits behind cute queen Dhurdhara’s death… Waiting for that… I wanna see Chandra’s apologies to Nandni after knowing that she is innocent…

  10. Anyone say abt precap whether he hears nandinis argument

  11. what the actuall hell!!!!!
    i seriously want chandra and nandini to reunite and that stupid helena and her mom should be kicked out of magadh and sent back to Greece…
    I feel so sorry for nandini though
    she deserves to be a queen and she should have been treated with respect just a queen deserves to be and that evil helena,
    is prancing around with the chief crown and getting the upmost respect of a queen when she should be the one suffering and kicked out of the palace!!!!
    But sadly idont think that will happen as chanakya won’t let chandra do that due to helenas father being the emperor of greece and thus having a hug army, which he can attack magadh and put everyones life in danger…
    Now Nandini has the same status as a dasi [servant] when she should be the chief queen of magadh and be the wife of chandra , the most powerful king of India at that time…
    Nandini should really not go to magadh until all the misunderstandings are cleared as more humiliation will await her in magadh …
    Chandra should apologise greatly to her and beg for her forgiveness and the queen of kalinga should also apologise to nandini for disrespecting her and that is only when nandini should return to magadh .

  12. I don’t know why Nandini is so meek and never argues or fights back that she is innocent. Why she runs to help when Chandra accuses and distrusts her. I hope she will keep her self-respect and refuse to go to Magadh until Chandra admits he was wrong and begs her to come back. If not, he will accuse her of something else again and she will be in same miserable situation.

    Nice episode today though! Was happy to see Chandra jealous. I hope the fake husband secret does not come out too soon because he should burn some more time in misery for what he did to her.

  13. Nanthini will go to Magdha, Bindusar getting kidnapped will fail with Nanthini’s help again, Chandra believes that Nanthini is married with a baby while Nanthini be a nanny. In the meantime chanankya will find the culprit for Dhurdhara’s death. Helena’s mother will somehow get away from punishment. Chandra will go to meet Nanthini to say sorry for all his mistakes while he also gets to know that Nanthini was infact not married and is not a mother to a baby… but too late Nanthini would be kidnapped and Chandra will think that Nanthini has left from his life forever again… Chandra will repent for all his mistake and worry that he could not say sorry to Nanthini…

    1. Thanks ?

  14. Anyone say whether climax will be happy end or sad,i want happy ending eventhough if it is fictional

    1. which idiot said its fictional?

      1. In real history chandra turned jain monk but i dont want this end i happy to see chandranandini unity

  15. what a poor chandra ! after that treatment scene, he can’t recognize her love. which person save his child twice, how can she kill her mother….? darkness around my head to see nandini is facing a lot trouble . love u nandini so………o much

  16. Nice Episode ????

    Loved it!!!! ????

    Nicely re-written and showing the history…….?????

    Love u, “Chandra Nandini”??

    and, Thanks Tanaya di for the nice and beautiful update ????


    I feelll tooooo badddd for nandini.. she is bearing punishment and humiliation just due to misunderstanding… and I hate more dhurdhara than Helina, as she would have writtened name of Helina and her mother in poem.. but i wonder they even not found poem.

  18. Nandini Don’t go magadh. where u always punish, Nobody can trust you. Now Your teaching profession is nice, its helpful to rest of life.

  19. Star Plus’ show Chandra Nandini will now showcase a major turning point in the show as Nandini will return to Magadh along with Chandra. Chandra is upset and angry seeing Nandini after so long as he thinks that she has murdered Durdhara

    However, Chandra gets amazed seeing Nandini’s attachment towards Bindusar. When Bindusar cries a lot in pain, Nandini rushes to Chandra’s; room and takes care of Bindusar. Nandini gives a medicine to Bindusar which gives him immediate relief from his pain. Chandra had earlier assumed that Nandini wanted to harm Bindusar but he realizes that she is Bindusar’s well-wisher and wants to take care of him. However, Nandini lands up in another big trouble as she is spotted together with Chandra by the queen of Kalinga and the queen assumes that Nandini is having an affair with Chandra.
    The queen insults Nandini and tries to throw her out but Chandra steps in to save Nandini and protects her dignity. Chandra is hurt seeing Nandini being insulted and this is when he will make a big decision. The future episodes of the show will showcase Chandra deciding to take Nandini along with him to Magadh as Bindusar’s nanny. Nandini will have to take the tough decision whether to return o Magadh or not. Finally, Nandini will agree to go back to Magadh for Bindusar’s sake as she will realise that Bindusar needs a mother’s love.
    Let’s wait and see how Chandra and Nandini’s love story develops further more once they are back together in Magadh. Stay tuned for latest news and future story updates on Chandra Nandini.

    – See more at:

    1. Jayani

      Thank u so much di

  20. Chandinikrishna

    The episode was very nice… chandra should understand that if nandini saved bindusar thrice then how can she kill durdhara.. i think nandini will go to magadh for bindusar’s sake. I think tables are tirning against helena and her mother.

  21. Chandra Nandni: Nandini (Shewta Basu Prasad) finds Helena’s (Tanu Khan) being real culprit in Durdhara’s death The upcoming episode of Star Plushistorical show Chandra Nandni willshow high voltage drama.Nandini had been accused of being characterless girl and Chandra thus comes as Nandini’s savior once again.Chandra is worried for Nandini, while heis also tensed for Bindusar with what all pain he is going through.Chandra decides to take Nandini back to Magadh as Bindusar’s daimaa, Namdini also agrees for the same.Nandini finds Helena’s truth Nandini returns to where she belongs that is Magadh although as Daimaato Bindusar but comes near to Chandra.Nandini will soon find Helena’s poisoning truth because of which Durdhara died and all blame came overher.Let’s wait and watchhow will Nandini unveil Helena’s truthinfront of Chandra and prove her innocence.

    1. Jayani

      Thank u soooo much for d updates di

  22. Not once again helena nd her mother apama will conspire against nandini…uff hope helena nd her mother gets unveiled asap…nd gud afternoon to all…

  23. The upcoming episode of Star Plus historical show Chandra Nandni will show high voltage drama.
    Nandini had been accused of being characterless girl and Chandra thus comes as Nandini’s savior once again.
    Chandra is worried for Nandini, while he is also tensed for Bindusar with what all pain he is going through.
    Chandra decides to take Nandini back to Magadh as Bindusar’s daimaa, Namdini also agrees for the same.
    Nandini finds Helena’s truth
    Nandini returns to where she belongs that is Magadh although as Daimaa to Bindusar but comes near to Chandra.
    Nandini will soon find Helena’s poisoning truth because of which Durdhara died and all blame came over her.
    Let’s wait and watch how will Nandini unveil Helena’s truth infront of Chandra and prove her innocence.
    Stay tuned for

    1. Jayani

      Thank u for d updates di

  24. U r ri8 Chandinikrishna.

  25. Sadly avantika was right about her daughter nandini having to pay for all the sins her father commited???
    Nandini should not go as Helena and apama will again harass and torture her and make her life more humiliating and miserable.
    She should carry on being a teacher and move on from chandra and forget her previous life. At least when she’s away from the palace and magadh evil Helena cannot harass or humiliate her …

    1. i agree but she has to regain her respect,dignity where she lost it

  26. I want chandra to find truth he is also one of responsibe by not trusting his beloved nandu so his responsibility to prove his lover as innocent,if nandu herself exposed culprit then no value for great king chandra

    1. Ur ryt…but at d same she should ignore his proposal..if she accepts where everyone will accuse her n hurt her for small I wish first chandra should find d truth thn he beg nandhini to forgive him…n also he would throw out dat evil Helena n her mother from d Mahal…

      1. correct whether chanya allow helena to go out (due to selucus and huge army)poor chandra what will do…Helena getting punishing or not i just want only nandu to be queen of chandras heart as before

  27. Story is moving on….. but again nandini in trouble becoz of Helena. Stop harassing nandini from Helena and show some achievements of Chandragupta Mourya.

  28. Shwethaa

    I was seriously blushing wen they were conversing

  29. I do not understand the logic.
    Why would someone want to hire a particular nanny when that same nanny was accused and convicted for killing the child’s own mother and alleged for the child’s poisonous substance in his body!

    1. I agree but story shows that due to nandus behaviour and bindusar attachment to nandu ,soft corner was created on chandras mind(from deep heart he loves nandu but dds death stopping him)and helena also didnt do any evil tricks as she is thinking her plan is going well(fake husband)

  30. if nandu agreed to go magadh whether chankya allow he think again chandra fall in love with nandu and try to stop the entry of nandu to magadh
    whether chandra will go aganist chankya
    if chankya allowed then there is something hidden plan
    whether magadh people will allow nandini as well as moora
    i think only dadi will be happy for re-entry of nandu i like her very much she told”nandini will never do it”on dds deathday

  31. Will Nandini expose helena …

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