Chandra Nandni 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Chandra Nandni 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mora says he is my son, I gave birth to him,I hide him to save his life from NAND and so hand to leave him there,baba asks who are you,mora says I was queen mora wife of King suryagupta and he is our son Chandragupta.mora remembers giving Chandra water and he taking her blessings before leaving and says he was in front of me and I didn’t realise it, I couldn’t hug him,tell me where he is,please tell me,ma says I don’t know where my son and if he gets to know about me being here, he will come to save his ma and these people will kill him, God please don’t send him here, mora says he will come my son will come,he will come to take revenge of his more his pains and fathers death and all magad people’s pain,he will give it back to NAND,he will come and the day he will kill NAND that day I will remove these cuffs and then only I will embrace him as my son and not till then.

Chandra after hearing this walks back in tears and anger. Chandra has moras words that she is his mother and NAND killed his father suryagupta. Chndar removes his wig and starts laughing, he walks into magad kingdom , a soldier stops him and asks who are you,Chandra fights all soldiers trying to attack him,dasi see him and get scared and run away. Chandra pushes the door,Nandini sees him and gets off her bed, Chandra looks at her,Nandini says you stupid man how dare you enter my room, today you won’t be spared,Nandini about to take sword,chndar be holds her and says I never attack women but you forced me to do this by giving NAND idea to trap my parents , I never knew our enemity is from ages, your father killed my father and jailed my mother,I’m no mere child,I’m Chandra Gupta Morya,son of suryagupta and go tell your father I will come back and attack again,and you will face the consequences and you will see your father and brother die in front of your eyes.

Nandini says dare you my father mahapadmanand,Chandar says fool are you to think about your father, you are in false Image of him and now he will face every consequences of messing with me and my family and even tell that maliketu he won’t be spared too,padmanand has one day and I will soon attack go tell him about it and Chandra leaves.

Avantika says padmanand where is Chandra,Sunanda says shutup Avantika,we have lot of information,remember that day when mora gave birth same is Chandras story and so Chandra is mora son,that feather sign is mourya family symbol, and calculate the days Chandar is of exact age and mora was found from stable and so did Chandar was found in stable, but see NAND you have mora son in front of you, padmanand is informed about Chandra he rushes to Nandini.

Nandini says I’m fine pitahamaharaj,that Chandar is mora son he ram away from here,padmanand leaves and goes to mora, Chandra trying to leave castle,fights soldiers in his way,Chandra leaves effortlessly on horse. Padmanand goes to mora and says death is awaiting your son, mora says yes and it’s your death, padmanand gets knife and says it’s been years I haven’t cut hairs, and your son his fate is like his father, I will cut your sons head as I did it with your husband and you will be kept alive to see him die in front of you,mora starts laughing and says if you could you would have killed way back, he was a baby but you couldn’t he kidnapped your daughter and still you couldn’t even get him and its in your fate to be killed by him, my son will kill you and end you and starts narrating death farewell slogan.

Padmanand says soldiers go send a war treaty to foolish Chanakya and that Chandra. Padmanand leaves and mora smiles. Chndar working out his strengths,he remembers how mora had saved him when he was once trapped in magad and all his episodes with mora.

Pre cap : padmanand and Amartya is told by Nandini that chndar is marrying again for politics,Amartya asks who that girl is,Nandini says I don’t know.
Chandar taking pheres and helina standing with others.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. i hope tht girl is nandini

  2. no….mayb its DURDHARA

  3. How many times Chandra will get married bcz of politics?????I think this is dhurdhara ?
    But the epi is this show ? Rajat u r fabulous ?

  4. i think chandra will marry durdhara now who was bindusars mother and favourite queen of chandra gupta

    1. NABANITA626

      Nandini and dudhra is same……
      Nanfini is a another name of dudhra because she is nand vansh daughter

  5. he can’t marry Nandini as she onl to about his marriage to her father

  6. it is not onl but only

  7. Hi dhurdhara is nand daughter not nandini name change here

  8. as if rajat is made for this role…rocking….

  9. DURDHARAA!!!!

  10. NABANITA626

    Ekta kappor always need 3 rani….
    In jodha Akbar they are rukaia salima and jodha and now Helena,dudhra and nandini …
    She divided the same person by her different name…..dudhra and nandini…because they are same lady according to the history…and chandragupta maurya never had 3 wives and Helena is the last wife of cgm whom he merry after 18 years of nandini or dudhras death………

    And now ekta kapoor is breaking his previous serials rukaia charecture in 2 parts….one helena (intelligent and furious)
    And dudhra (cgm child good friend)????
    Itna ache history to sirf one and only ekta mam??? likh sakte hai. ……..☺????

    1. Vanshika


  11. Amalina

    Thanks ? tanaya for the update!
    Thanks ? ekta for changing history!
    Thanks ? tu for everything!
    Epi was nice ? especially moora’s trust for her son was incredible!???

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