Chandra Nandini: A Siya ke Ram story

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It was just after Chandra’s and Nandini’s marriage, he had just slipped away from her grip and gone to bed. Chandra smiled to himself as he went down deep into his dreams……………………………………………………………………. “Bhaiya, sorry to disturb you but you have been sleeping for so long, it is noon now!” That was the voice he heard when he got up. “Boy, call your bhaiya somewhere else, this is Magad ke Raja Chandragupt Maurya,” Chandra replied and turned over in his bed. “Bhaiya, are you feeling ill? Why are you saying such weird things? You never slept for so long. Bhabhi also is sleeping for since the sun set.” Now Chandra was mad. He turned over to scream at the crazy man talking to him but felt something underneath him. “Pitamaharaj,” came the mumbling below him.

Nandini was dreaming of her good old days with her father when something that felt like an elephant fell on her. She woke up with a start, to find herself in some temporary shelter with 2 men, one on top of her, and another watching him. “AAAAAARGH!” Nandini cried. “Nandini?” asked the one on top of her. “Chandra?” Nandini managed to mumble. The guy nodded.
Suddenly, it all dawned upon him. Somehow, Nandini and he had switched personalities with random 2 people in the forest. He carefully got off Nandini [only her soul included] and asked the other man, “Who am I and who is she now?” The man replied, “Bhaiya, don’t you recognize me, Lakshman? You are Dashrath nandan ram and this is your Siya .Day before yesterday, we just taught that demoness Shurpanakha a lesson? Remember?”

Nandini nearly got a heart attack. How did she end up in Tretayug? “OK Lakshman, now I remember, you may go out. We will be out in a minute, “Chandra, or Ram, or whoever he was said. As soon as the other guy got out, the first guy scream “You witch Nandini, what magic have you used? Get us back!” This was Chandra for sure. So she scream back “If I knew how to get back, I would have done it as fast as I can. Hey Bhagvan, what did I do to get stuck as Sita during vanvaas with this man?”
Chandra felt sure Nandini was responsible for all of it. If only he had some solid evidence. But, for now, they will have to act together. “We better not fight now. If we do not let Ramayan happen as it is, then we both will change history forever,”

Nandini knew Chandra was right. They might just be able to find a solution to their dilemma by going on with this whole thing. She nodded. But a question worried her, and Chandra also seemed to be thinking about it: How long would they have to be Ram and Sita?

Precap: Nandini sees the golden deer she was waiting for. But, before she could say anything, Chandra says “OK my dear Siya, I will get the deer for you at any cost. “She looks at Lakshman’s shocked face and glares at Chandra.

Author’s note: Dis is NOT my idea at all… U may b shocked but my dis is my frnd’s ff… She is a die-heart fan of Siya ke Ram nd Chandra Nandini… She asked me not 2 mention her name in d ff… All criticisms r welcomed… Hope u enjoy dis ff… Nd vanshu di, she told me 2 tell u dat she got dis idea frm ur tym travel ff…

Jai Siya Ram???

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  1. Aman

    Nice ff

    1. Jayani

      Thanku sooo much bhaiya… Dis means a lot 2 me nd my frnd?

  2. Pragyashree

    Ok first let me believe it. first of all the title itself gave a shock and second one was of jayani’s. coming to the ff it was superb Jayani. both the concept and the narration are awesome. tell your friend to update as soon as possible I am really excited.

    1. Jayani

      Dis comment just brought a big smile on my face… Will tell her 2morrow abt it… Thank u sooooo much di… It means a lot 2 us?… Will tell her 2 send it soon…

      Jai Siya Ram

  3. HiruCutie12

    Dude the ff is supperb… tell her that she writes awesome ff… or i will itself tell her in the school… but you should also come with me ok??
    Will look forward for the next update…
    ur dear little friend… ;p

    1. Jayani

      Did u c my email hiru piru??? Dat’s very urgent… Pls c it fast nd reply in whatsapp… Will cum 2 ur class 2morrow as soon as d bell rings nd v’ll go 2 her class, k??? Waiting for ur reply…

      Jai Siya Ram

      1. HiruCutie12

        Is it the same mail you told me to send sudhamayi? if yes, then i already sent it to her.

      2. Jayani

        I saw ur email sterday hiral

  4. Padmaja

    wow…. the concept is just awesome.. tell your friend that she has done amazing…. I loved the concept to the core… eagerly waiting for this ff… tell her to update fast…. love ths idea.. love u too

    1. Jayani

      Will tell her abt dis… She’ll b very very very happy 2 know abt dis!!! She will she it 2 me asap… Luv u akka???

  5. Its awesome dear.Waiting to read the next epi.Tell ur friend that her idea is vry nice nd gud ni8 dear.

    1. Jayani

      Thank u sooo much di… Will tell

  6. Vanshika

    OMG wow ? I got a big heart attack just now .., wow I’m speechless the concept is superb and I am shocked that this is inspired from time machine travel ? your friend is awesome superb ???? waiting for next ? d cover pic was also ??????? and one qn, do chandni look like Sira? Do reply ? love to you and your friend ?
    Kip smiling ? have a nice day ? jai shri siya ram

    1. Jayani

      I will tell her 2morrow di… I did a collage… I had dun 2 of dem nd sent it 2 her but she said she lyked both of dem… So I thought, y not put d pic with d hashtag on it… She said she was making d next epi… She told me d story… Dis is d overall story of d next epi… Dyuvkbsoj gjkbsb gjvjbsjgcz uigdcjydbo hjvdejhvd kubjdkwb kubjlb slkxbdkjx… Dis is d story, k di??? ???… Waiting for d next part of ur ff also… D fact is dat I lyk sira nd chandhara (? durdhara) more dan chandini… शुब रात्री दी?…

      Jai Siya Ram

  7. Interesting dr…tell ur friend dat story was fascinating..

    1. Jayani

      Thnx akka… M updating her everyday wid all of ur comments… Nd she kips asking me d same question… Is it REALLY DAT INERESTING??? Nd I kip telly her d same answer… S!!!

  8. Arnasharma26

    Oh!! Dear…a new concept n “bam” there u go…..awesome update ….really awesome!!!???
    Love u shona…keep it up…??

    1. Jayani

      Thank u sooooo much for ur luv nd support di?

      1. Arnasharma26

        Always dear…???

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