Chandra Nandini – a bindusar and Dharma story part 3

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Dharma is accused by charumati and thrown out of her chamber.Rajkumar kartikeya consoles her and both of them realize feelings for each other.Witnessing all of this Ellis gets angry and confronts kartikeya but kartikeya defends Dharma and leaves.An angry Ellis throws things and breaks stuff and decides to get kartikeya at any cost.She emotionally blackmails bindusar into agreeing to marry her to Kartikeya.Meanwhile Helena makes a deal to make Dharma her daughter in law if Adonis is crowned king to which Chandra agrees.
Bindusar wakes up and shouts no…
He gets up and drinks some water and washes his face and said says “I will not let this happen in any case.I need to think fast” and goes back to sleep.
Meanwhile in Helena’s room
Adonis:Ma are you serious ? Why ? Why are you getting me married to that that village girl?
Apama:Adonis your mother has first time in her life did something right

Adonis:How is that Nani
Apama: If Chandra crowns you king bindusar won’t revolt as he thinks of you as a brother
If you marry Dharma he promised you that he would crown you king
You can get how many princesses you want later for now learn politics and do what your mom says
Helena:If you won’t you can be his servant wiping his shoes and pressing his hands
Adonis gets angry and leaves
Dharma comes to her room and calls Nandini”ma how did you and baba decide that I can marry Adonis”
Nandini: Dharma marrying Adonis will not only benefit you but our village as well that is why
Dharma:but ma
Nandini:No buts you are marrying him we won’t get a better husband and son in law than him.
Dharma:You are right I will inform Maharaj that I am ready to marry Adonis
Nandini :good bless you and always be happy
(Dharma informs Chandra and Helena and they get happy and distribute sweets.Mora,dadi and apama bless and hug her)
Dharma is walking when bindusar comes in front of her and says”Dharma I need to talk to you . If you marry my brother Adonis I will forget my revenge against you”She says”But I already said yes”Kartikeya gets shocked

No precap

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  1. nice chapter
    Waiting for your next update..

    1. Yamisaggurthi

      Thank you

  2. Yamisaggurthi

    Precap:Chandra announces the engagement of Adonis and Dharma.Charumati and Ellis are angry and shocked .Rajkumar Kartikeya says I will stop this wedding

  3. Very interesting

  4. I have a doubt, if Dharma is Nandini’s daughter then she’ll be a sister to Bindusar and Adonis. How can u think of marrying brother and sister?

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