Chandra Nandini – A Bindusar and Dharma story -Maha Episode

Dharma says”I already said yes”Rajkumar Kartikeya is shocked.Bindusar smirks and says”I knew you are the kind of person who would marry even a dog for money.You have no swabhiman.””Enough Rajkumar You are crossing your limits.”said Dharma.both of them turn in opposite direction when they are stuck.They find his uttariya ‘ string stuck to her Kangan.Both of them try to cut it .Dharma signals him to stop and cuts it and both of them leave while Kartikeya starts thinking why am I affected to this.Do I have feelings for her ?Am I jealous?i am not sure and he leaves.
The next day…
Adonis:Pranam pitashri
Chandra:Ayushman Bhava(Live long)
Adonis:I find you right pitashri I cannot get a better wife than dharma she reminds me of my strong choti ma
Chandra(smiling):Yes my son you are right and you respect women while Bindusar doesn’t .
Adonis:I am ready to get engaged to dharma
(Helena enters)
Helena : Very good my son today itself we will have your engagement .I will go and get everything ready. My only son’s engagement.Come along Chandra we need to go and meet dharma
Chandra:You go along I will come
(Helena and Adonis leave)

Chandra goes to nandini’s sketch and says “I have lost you but got a daughter in law just like you “and he sheds tears.
In the dressing area
Dharma is doing Ellis hair when Ellis reminisces Kartikeya saying there is no comparison between both of you and she gets angry and says “Dharma you know what I am pleased with your service so your gift will be pressing my feet”(Tears come out of dharma ‘s eyes when suddenly announcement comes the mukhya maharani and maharaj are coming this way when everybody stands and bow to them)
Helena:My dear Ellis Any dasi will do this.Dharma is your to be Bhabhi
Everyone is shocked
Chandra:Today will be dharma and Adonis ‘s engagement
Charumati and Ellis get angry and shocked
Helena:Dharma dear here are clothes and jewellery for my darling bahu
Dharma:Thank you maha..
Helena:No not maharani but ma
Dharma:Thank you ma for every thing
and she takes her blessings.Helena helps her get up and hugs her thinking “you are my key to success for which I have been waiting for years”
Helena:All of you get ready soon I will decorate my bahu with my hands
In the evening
Helena is getting ready when Ellis comes in and shouts “Ma how could you you are getting a gawar as your Bahu
Helena:My dear because of dharma your brother Adonis will be crowned king (she puts her hand on Ellis’s shoulder and says) Woh tumhari pita ka khushiyon ka chabhi hai(She is the key to your father’s happiness)so don’t worry much and be nice to her
Ellis:You are so ruthless you are selling my brother ‘s happiness you are not a mom you are only a queen
Helena(laughing):That is so true.Now come and help me with the arrangements
Ellis:Never(and she goes away)

In the hall
Dharma is brought by Helena and mora.Kartikeya and Adonis couldn’t take their eyes of her while Charumati was talking to Bindusar “Saasu ma got better jewellery for dharma and I don’t know why god is so kind that he is getting her engaged now none can separate us(she holds Bindusar’s hand but he pushes her off and says)”Excuse me for a second”and leaves to his room and drinks wine and says”Now she will be in this palace and I can’t stand her “he throws the bottle and comes back
The pandit calls Adonis and dharma and asks them to exchange rings.Everyone throws flowers on them .Chandra and Helena look happy while nandini from a distance looks at dharma and says may she be happy.They take the blessings of everybody and then goes to nandini and hugs her saying “I am very happy”Nandini inside the ghoonghat blesses both of them.
At night
Kartikeya sits moodily and thinks”That Adonis does not deserve her.I will not let this wedding happen” and takes an oath to do something

Precap:Dharma confronts Charumati “I am your equal now wait not equal because I will be maharani soon”Charumati laughs and says”Adonis will never be king”Dharma says”After our wedding there will be Adonis ‘s coronation “Charumati is shocked.Kartikeya says”how will I marry dharma ?”Charumati comes and says”With my help you will”

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