Chanchan 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 9th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manav talking to Karthik. He says we are happy and gives the phone to Chhan Chhan. Karthik says I m fine but someone else is not. Chhan Chhan says don’t worry, I will come home. Manav asks is everything fine, Chhan Chhan says he is not fine. Manav says Rugved was fine yesterday, Chhan Chhan says I have to bring puchpuch here. Manav says I don’t have any problem, but everyone here will have a problem. Chhan Chhan says I will ask Umaben and go. She has changed for us, I m sure she will listen to me.

Umaben asks Chhan Chhan about puchpuch. Chhan Chhan says puchpuch is ill, he will be fine if he comes here. Umaben says do you remember what he did when you came here. Chhan Chhan says he will be ill if I don’t bring him here. Umaben says we don’t have pets at home. Chhan Chhan speaks sweetly and tries to get Umaben’s permission. Umaben says you go to your house, when the dog is fine, you come back. Manav says I will fall ill then, Umaben says what, Manav says pls permit her to bring PuchPuch. Chhan Chhan says I will keep puchpuch in my room, pls allow us. Umaben thinks about what the dog can do and the troubles he will create.

Umaben says ok, Chhan Chhan hugs her and thanks her. Chhan Chhan and Manav become happy. Umaben says tell your dad and your brothers that you are not going to office today. Umaben sends Chhan Chhan to bring puchpuch. Chhan Chhan gets very much happy.

Chhan Chhan comes to her home, and asks for puchpuch. Karthik welcomes her, Chhan Chhan hugs her family. They say puchpuch misses you a lot, the dog comes running towards her. Chhan Chhan hugs the dog. Dadi says the dog was doing nothing without you. They all have a laugh. Chhan Chhan makes puchpuch eat. Himanshu asks Manav to take anti allergic pills. Chhan Chhan says I m taking puchpuch with me, Umaben has given me the permission.

Maithili asks Manav to stay and have food. Dadi asks her to bring sweets. Maithili asks Manav to take care of puchpuch. Chhan Chhan and Manav bring puchpuch home.
Ranjana and Sanjana are shocked. The kids wants to play with the dog. Umaben comes and shouts wait, don’t keep the dog down. Umaben says here is the mandir, so you cannot keep the dog here. Umaben says you have to keep the dog outside the house. Chhan Chhan is shocked. Umaben says tie the dog outside the house. Chhan Chhan gets sad. Umaben says I cannot change this thing, if the dog lives inside the house, how can we pray. Chhan Chhan says I know, Umaben says we know, but the dog does not know. He will roam everywhere and spoil the house. Umaben says I have decided that the dog will be kept outside. Manthan comes and takes Umaben’s side.

Chhan Chhan says if he stays outside, he will get more ill. Umaben says I have done the arrangements. She shows some items she brought for puchpuch. Umaben says I cannot do anything more than this, I did not tel you babuji about this. Manthan jumps on the sofa being afraid of puchpuch. The kids laugh. Chhan Chhan gets sad and takes the dog outside. She tells Manav how can puchpuch stay here. She gets worried. Manav says I will just come and leaves.

Chhan Chhan keeps puchpuch somewhere. Chhan Chhan asks puchpuch to show few things, he does so, the kids clap. Umaben’s bahus are working in the kitchen. Umaben comes and asks for whom are you making the sheera. Sanjana says for puchpuch, as he is our guest. Umaben scolds her. She thinks what will happen when Babuji comes to know about the dog.
Umaben gets worried. Umaben tells them that they would have stopped the kids. Umaben is happy. Babuji is against dogs. Umaben calls her husband and hears him scolding the watchman because of dogs. She asks him what should she cook for him, he says make anything, I m busy and cuts the call. Umaben’s bahu asks her what did Babuji say. Umaben says nothing, when he comes home, he will say many things.

Umaben calls everyone inside. Chhan Chhan says sorry puchpuch we cannot take you inside, Manav brings a dog house for puchpuch. Chhan Chhan likes it and gets happy. Manav asks how is it, she says its perfect, and thanks him. He tells her that I know you love your dogs, and if you are happy I will be happy.

Babuji comes home and sits with his sons seeing accounts. Ranjana brings snacks for everyone. Babuji says the smell is something different. Umaben asks Chhan Chhan did you make any non veg, its smell is coming. Umaben taunts Chhan Chhan. Umaben tells Babuji about the dog.

Umaben goes to puchpuch and is about to throw water on the dog, Chhan Chhan comes therea and stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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