Chanchan 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 6th May 2013 Written Update

Umabhen is in deep thought and trying to remember how she supposedly got fooled with Ritesh and Purvi’s marriage…Umabhen is interrupted when her elder son brought her tea…She wonders why he has come home early but makes an excuse that he wanted to spend time with his mother…

Umabhen remains suspicious about her son’s attention to spend time with his mother…She suspects that he wants to know what happened in court…She tells him that he would get to know with the rest of the family..He dismisses the idea and says that he is only inquiring about Manav’s prospective brides…Again, Umabhen again dismisses him and says like the rest of the family, he too will get to know…She asks him to leave as she has some important work to sor out…He leaves

and Umabhen calls up Ritesh’s parents….

Umabhen speaks with Ritesh’s parents and asks them that she wants them to bring some bridal samplings to her house tomorrow….However, the parents said that they are unable to come as they are out of station…They disconnect the phone claiming disturbance….Umabhen is disappointed that she was not able to inform the parents of Ritesh’s plan and she tells herself that this marriage will not go ahead…

Chanchan House

Purvi thanks Chanchan’s mom for arranging everything…Mom says that despite the marriage happening under hidden circumstances, their joy of her getting married can not be denied or hidden…

Manav’s Room

Himanshu and Manav are talking about Chanchan….Himanshu teases Manav about his growing feelings for Chanchan but Manav denies it….However, Himanshu comes with a plan to prove that Manav is in love with Chanchan…He call up Simple and being informed that Chanchan is getting engaged…This perturbs Manav who feels that he has lost his chance to declare his true feelings for Chanchan…Manav decides to tell Chanchan about his feelings…Himanshu and Simple congratulate each other for their plan is workiing…Both Himanshu and Manav leave for Chanchan’s house…..

Chanchan House

Simple gets a message from Himanshu that him and Manav are coming there….Simple tries to make an excuse to leave the room to use the phone where Chanchan is packing Purvi’s wedding clothes….

Himanshu and Manav arrive at the house…Manav wants to storm the house but Himanshu stops him by saying he is inappropriately dressed to meet the entire family…Simple with hand gestures tells Himanshu to climb the balcony and meet Chanchan…..Manav climbs the balcony and elsewhere Chanchan is admiring Purvi’s bridal wear….

Manav knocks and Chanchan sees Manav..She is shocked to see him at this time of night…She wonders why he has come to her room like a burglar…He scolds her for not being a good friend by not sharing everything about her life when he has never hidden anything from her…Chanchan is confused as to what Manav is saying….Manav shares his feelings by declaring that he loves her and cant live without her…For a change, Chanchan is dumbfounded and does not utter a word but instead they continue with the eye gazing…….

Update Credit to: sheena

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