Chanchan 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Chanchan 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 6th August 2013 Written Update
The Episode starts with Manav asking Chhan Chhan what did Umaben talk to Mokut. She asks what did you talk with Mokut. Manav says he did not listen to me. Chhan Chhan says be calm, you have to bring Mokut bhai on right track. Manav says I don’t have any hope. Chhan Chhan says only we know about this problem, and we have to solve this problem. Chhan Chhan challenges Manav that she will make Gomuti gain Mokut’s love. Gomuti gives the phone to Mokut and asks him to talk to Mayuri. Manthan comes there and says Umaben is calling you. Mokut is shocked, He thinks everyone knows about his affair. Everyone are in the hall. Mokut comes there and asks what is the matter. Umaben says you did not do this right, we could not think you would do so. Mokut looks at Gomuti. Umaben says did you not think about this,

we did not expect this from you, why did you do it. Mokut says its not my mistake, I did not tell you because I thought you won’t understand me.

Umaben says so you mean its true. Mokut says yes, its true. Mokut says I know I m not wrong, anyone would do like this, Chhan Chhan and Manav may have told you, so let me admit that I have someone else in my life. Umaben and Matilal are shocked with others. Umaben was asking about money, and Mokut said about Mayuri. Mokut says I love her so I take care of her, and we are happy together. Umaben says what are you saying. Mokut says her name is Mayuri, she is a doctor. I did not see those qualities in Gomuti. We understand each other and be happy. Everyone are shocked. Matilal says shut up, are you in your senses. Manav and Chhan Chhan did not tell us anything, we were asking about money, Mokut is shocked. He says I had to tell you the truth, so I don’t have to lie now. I can go and meet Mayuri whenever I want.

Umaben scolds him and says don’t know remember you are from which family. Umaben says whats this, an affair. You should have thought about our family. You married Gomuti after liking her, we did not force you to marry her. What does Mayuri have if Gomuti does not. Umaben says forget it as a mistake, if you cannot, think you have two daughters. Mokut says I know everything. Matilal scolds him. Mokut argues saying I did not leave any duty, look at Gomuti. She is an ideal bahu. Mokut leaves. Chhan Chhan stops him. He looks at her and leaves. Everyone are stunned by Mokut’s truth.

Dada ji comes there and asks whats happening. Matilal changes the topic. He says I m going to Ashram tomorrow, Umaben says you go. Dada ji leaves. Umaben sends Maansi inside and asks Manav and Chhan Chhan what is the matter. Mokut says Gomuti that he knows Mayuri since one year, and she has all the qualities he wanted. He scolds Gomuti saying this marriage is against his will. He says Mayuri understands him and he is happy with her. He starts packing his bag saying he won’t live with her anymore.

Manav tells everyone about Mokut’s affair and their talk. Manav says Mokut won’t leave that girl. The brother take Gomuti’s side. Chhan Chhan says everyone respect Gomuti except Mokut. Matilal tells Umaben that he knows that everyone blame a mother when a kid does wrong. Manav asks her what she is thinking. Umaben says I m thinking where Matilal used to ask you all to become like Mokut. Matilal says Mokut is a good son, good brother, good father but not a good husband. She says we are seeing Mokut’s mistake, but not the reason for it. Matilal says what do you want to say. She says a man is not bad, his situation is bad which makes them the culprit. Mokut has not done the mistake, maybe Gomuti is at fault. Everyone are shocked.

Umaben says Gomuti is a good bahu but she could not become a good wife. Chhan Chhan says every wife does some mistake, so will every husband cheat their wife. Gomuti is not wrong, Mokut is wrong. She tells her about her and Manav. Mokut comes in the hall leaving the house. Gomuti tries to stop him. Gomuti tells everyone to stop Mokut. Gomuti cries. Mokut greets Umaben and starts leaving the house. Umaben stops Mokut. Matilal asks Mokut to forget Mayuri. Mokut taunts them. Matilal says hear him. Mokut says I have decided, let me go. Umaben says don’t leave, I understand you. Gomuti will change herself. Mokut says who will change the time, its late now. Manav stops Mokut and says thinks if Dada ji knows about this, will he bear it. Chhan Chhan says what will we say to your daughters when they ask for you. Umaben says the world will laugh on us. Umaben explains him his responsibility. Mokut thinks about it and stops. Manav takes him to his room. Chhan Chhan consoles Gomuti. Mokut says if you know everything, I won’t be with you, I will sleep in guest room. Gomuti cries.

Ranjana, Sanjana and Chhan Chhan console Gomuti saying we all are there for you. Chhan Chhan says we have to show your importance to Mokut. She says trust yourself, everything will be fine. Gomuti hugs her. All of them cry. Chhan Chhan comes to Manav. He asks why are you worried. Chhan Chhan says Mokut is sleeping in the guest room, now he won’t listen to anyone, we should talk to Mayuri. Chhan Chhan says I have every problem’s solution. Manav calls himself lucky to get her as wife. Chhan Chhan and Manav have a lovely hug.

Mokut asks for Gomuti. He gets a letter that Gomuti left the house. He gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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