Chanchan 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 4th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben and her family being tensed because of Chhan Chhan. Manthan says I told everyone to think twice before making the relation with Chhan Chhan. Babuji says Uma did say yes because Manav chose Chhan Chhan. Umaben says its bad that they left this way. Umaben says we gave her love but she let us down. Maansi says we should talk to Manav, and ask whats going in his mind. Babuji says let him be, let him talk to himself first, we will talk to him in morning. Umaben says he should forget everything. Babuji says he is smart, he knows whats good for him and whats bad. Umaben thinks he is forget Chhan Chhan today, and he will out of the issue so soon.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

Karthik is angry, and Maithili says the same as him. Maithili says they are not at fault, Umaben said yes to Chhan Chhan and anyone would react the same way as they did. Karthik says Manav would be like this, he did not think so. Dadi comes, and says we are not realizing what they are going through. They go to talk to Chhan Chhan. Rugved says we should talk to her. Chhan Chhan is sad and thinks about that guy and his words. Everyone come to her, and Maithili tells her that they know you are very upset, and also what Manav told you. Chhan Chhan says I did not feel bad what Manav said. Karthik says you have done right. Chhan Chhan says I want to know who is behind it, who is ruining my image and my family’s respect. Chhan Chhan says I will find out. Maithili says how will you find it. Chhan Chhan says I have thought about it, but I need Rugved’s help.

Scene shifts to Umaben:

Umaben is happy and talks to someone on phone. She says I didn’t gave time to Chhan Chhan to think. Umaben is still planning against Chhan chhan. Umaben asks Manav to eat something, Babuji says Manav to think about it. Umaben says she knows his heart and asks him not to worry. She talks against Chhan Chhan, and Manav feels bad. Umaben says she won’t trust anyone now, Manav says I m going to meet Himanshu. Babuji says let him go, he will feel better. Umaben lets him go. Manav leaves. Umaben looks upset infront of her husband, he calms her down. Her husband says you don’t worry, she says I want to lessen his pain, why is he going through all this. Umaben tells him to talk to Manav. Babuji is shocked.
Umaben is playing the game clean. Babuji agrees with her. She asks him to say Manav to marry someone else.

Scene shifts to Manav:

Manav calls Chhan Chhan to meet him. They meet and she thinks of their words. They hug each other. Manav says I could not sleep the whole night, I was thinking to meet you. She says who wants us to be apart, she was thinking what she said to him. He says I trust you.
And I know we love each other and no one can break our relation. She says there is someone who is against us. Manav says there is only one, and thats my mummy. Manav says she did this. Chhan Chhan says your mum is not like that, don’t doubt on her. If she did this, we will find it out. Why would she say yes to our relation. Chhan Chhan says we have to find out about the guy. Manav says I will find it out. Chhan Chhan and Manav talk about Rugved, that if he had helped. Chhan Chhan says the photos have been morphed. Chhan Chhan says Rugved has found out about that guy. Manav says we should go there. She says our family should not know about it.

Manav and Chhan Chhan come to that place, and ask about that guy. They come to his house but its locked. They wait for the guy and he comes. The guy sees them and tries to run. Manav and Chhan Chhan run after him. Manav catches him and beats him. Chhan Chhan asks what is the truth. He says he will say everything. He says I got money to do this. Chhan Chhan asks who gave it. He says Umaben. Chhan Chhan and Manav are shocked.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:

Karthik tells his family that Chhan Chhan should not go alone. Karthik is angry on everyone. Chhan Chhan comes, he asks her where she was. Maithili says where did you go. Chhan chhan says I have found out who wants to break my relation with Manav. She says the guy has admitted and told the person’s name. She says she is waiting for tomorrow.


Umaben is shocked to see someone, Chhan Chhan and Manav comes with the guy. Umaben is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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