Chanchan 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 4th April 2013 Written Update

Part 1
chhanchhan was standing in uma ben’s house with her and asks for forgiveness but uma ben says tat in all this wat she lost purivu lost a rishta tushar bhai lost a job and she came and gone.
den chhanchhan says i am really sorry den uma ben says tat u sit and have snaks den chhanchhan says tat i dont have a rivalery with you but i have a problem with dowry den.uma ben said tat its not a social evil ots a reli ritual from from old tes and my babuji gave me a part of land and tat land saved my familu. u will say it as fahej but for me it was a bleesing.
chhanchhan says something but uma ben curs it and says lemme finish.
den she says tat every thing tat father gives is for girls future den chhanchhan says ki i respevt as an elder but i am not satisfied with ur argumemt.
den uma ben said tat whose house is this mine soo my talks will be mattered then chhanchhan says tat aunty in all these years u have trusted tushar uncle soo forgive him den uma ben said ok. but u have to print a sorry letter in newspaper. coz u have destroyed my image infront of society.
den uma bem said if i see all this in newspaper den i will forgive you
she also said i will wait for tommorow newspaper u think wat u have to do.
den chhanchhan leaves.
dem the scene shifts to chhanchhan’s house
dadi says to maithly — maithly bahu
den chhanchhan enters
maithly asks her u met to.uma ben den purvi asks wat happenrd
chhanchhan says come with me i wanna talk to you and tells her everything.
purvi says ok.
den ba and naithly were talking and baa asked wat is happening den simple enters and chhamchhan narates everuthing to her.
den purvi simple and chhanchhan hokds hand togethr.
den maithly says to karthik tat i dont understand wat has uma ben said to her she is behaving wiered.
den purvi chhanchhan and simple comes out.
maithly goes to chhanchhan and asks wat happened beta chhanchhan says tat i have dome a mistake den i will rectify it infromt of entire society
den scene shifts ro uma bens house and she told there relatives abput chhanchhan coming and wat she talked to her.
den she says to money will come
back and respect too.
den.two kids enter fighting..

den.the man asks shall we start wedding preparations again.
and uma ben says her pet dialogue
den scene shifts to manav’s room
himanshu says tat we did wronh to chhanchhan
and manav said dont worry too much dog has not bite chhanchhan
manav says r u my frnd or chhanchhan’s
den.himanshu says we have to say sorry to her she came to say sorry and brought cake for us and we tried to harm her wat will simple think of me.
den manav says all this is for simple.. chal ok bring the cake we will eat it den we will ay thank you to her and after tat we will say thank you den himanshu says tat we will say only sorry manav says ok ok we will say sorry if i will like the cake.
den scene shifts to morning
uma ben asks for newspaper and in it there was not a sorry letter
chhanchhan read it and it was written tat it is a sorry letter but why always girls family has to give dowry..
and if alliance is of both families den.why only one have togive dowry..why always girls have to face diffculties
soo to stop it we have taken a first step to make girls self earning soo join first step computer coaching classes and to bring a change..
den uma ben says chhanchhan ur thinking u have soo much beleive on it i will crush it…

scene shifts to chhanchhan home
and dadi says tat wat a name first step coaching classes means first step towards a new change..
and pirvi said this all becoz of chhanchhan and i will help papa to earn wen chhanchhan firstly told me about what uma aunty said to her i was angry but she said tat everytime anger is not good.and chhanchhan asks tat mom dad i havnt done anything wrong den karthik says tat noo u havnt ur thinking is gud someone has to start the change
den secene shifts to uma ben
she says tat rasi jaal gayi par dam nahi gaya i will take my revenge. just wait and watch…

No precap …..

Update Credit to: hrideyy..

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