Chanchan 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Chanchan 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 2nd September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan getting a bouquet at office. She tells Vineet she will come in some time. Chhan Chhan meets Manav at a restaurant. Manav and Chhan Chhan spend some time together. The waiters think are they married or dating. They say we will find out. Chhan Chhan says she will eat Manav’s pastry. They eat from the same plate. Chhan Chhan says tell me whats the good news. He says Rupali called and said our deal is finalized. He says I m very happy and gifts her a dress. Chhan Chhan looks at the dress and says how can I wear this. He says if anyone else gave you this dress, you would have taken it. Chhan chhan says you are feeling insecure, I wish you could trust me. Chhan Chhan gets angry and says its difficult to manae marriage. Chhan Chhan leaves. The waiters discuss and

says they were husband and wife as they fought.

Ranjana and Sanjana are doing work in the kitchen. Kaumudi says can I help you, as I want to see you happy, I m ready to lose to you. Sanjana says you are doing our work, but we spoiled your work. Ranjana asks Sanjana to apologize. Kaumudi says I did not feel bad, we are sisters and we will not let this competition come in between us. Ranjana thinks of winning the competition. Manav comes home and stands neat the door saying we can’t be annoyed with each other. He brings a red rose for Chhan Chhan. He enters the room and sees candles lighting in the room. Chhan Chhan comes our in the modern dress Manav gifted her. Chhan Chhan hides in the curtains. He says come out, I can’t wait. Manav stares at Chhan Chhan. The music plays in the background. He says you said you won’t wear it. She says sorry, and says I want to do something. They dance on the song jeene laga hoon pehle se zyada……..Manav compliments her dance. Manav talks about Rupali.

Chhan Chhan gets annoyed and says is it good to talk about her. She says you are with your wife talking about someone else. She says don’t compare me with her. Manav says Rupali is better than you. Chhan Chhan says what do you want, shall I dare to wear this dress infront of everyone. Chhan Chhan challenges him to kiss her infront of everyone, then she will wear this dress and go with him. Manav accepts the challenge. The next morning, Manav wakes up and pulls Chhan Chhan. She says your mood changes like a clock. She asks him to complete the challenge. Manthan, Mokut and Manek discuss about business.

Manav comes there smiling and asks them whats the deal. Manthan tells him about the order. Manthan says we have to final this deal today. Manthan says only Manav’s english is good. Manthan thinks to stop Manav. Manthan asks Manav to spend his time with Chhan Chhan. Manav says you are right, and leaves. Manthan smiles cunningly.

Chhan Chhan makes some plans in the office. Vineet stares at her and gives her some suggestions. Chhan Chhan gets a letter. Vineet comes to know that Chhan Chhan is dating someone and gets sad. Chhan Chhan goes to meet Manav. Manthan, Mokut and Manek meets the German clients. They cannot understand their language. Mokut says they are talking in German, how did you talk to them. Manthan says I spoke to their secretary in English. They get puzzled. Chhan Chhan meets Manav in the restaurant. He welcomes her with flowers. They dance on a song. Manav kisses her infront of everyone. Everyone clap for them. The waiters think they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Chhan Chhan you kissed me infront of strangers, not infront of our family. She says you have to kiss me infront of the family. Manav takes her. Manthan tells the client we don’t know german, talk in english or hindi. The clients don’t know their language. Manthan says how to talk. Manek says ask them will they have anything. Manek tries to talk to them.

Manav comes and asks what happened. Manek says they only know German and we don’t know, can you do anything. Manav translates German to english and talks with them. Manav becomes the mediator. The deal is done and the clients leave. Manthan hugs Manav. Manav says the deal is finalized. Mokut and Manek says Manav has helped in this deal. Manthan looks on.

Everyone have a talk in the hall. Everyone laughs as Manthan explains German. Chhan Chhan messages Manav asking him to do the challenge. Manav says yes, sure. Chhan Chhan challenges him again. Manav gets up and goes close to her. Chhan Chhan gets tensed and closes her eyes.

Chhan Chhan and Rupali have a talk over dinner. Chhan Chhan taunts Rupali. Rupali gets angry and leaves. Manav scolds Chhan Chhan for talking to Rupali like this.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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