Chanchan 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 2nd April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Purvi’s dad apologizing to Umaben for everything when she tells him she had already forgave him yesterday. Purvi’s dad is shock to hear Umaben blame him for breaking the relationship between them. Purvi’s dad apologizes and tells her how he is still loyal to his employer when Umaben refuses the gesture and tells them there is only one good thing that happened from all this and it is how if you give young generation the status of older they forget their limits. Umaben fires Purvi’s dad when Purvi pleads not to fire him rather just punish her but she is hell bent on firing. Purvi’s dad asks Umaben if he came meet her husband but she tells him to just give her the keys and everything.

Chanchan is surprised when she hears that Umaben fired Purvi’s dad, on top Purvi tells her Bipinbhai who lended the 25 lakhs to Purvi’s father took their house by fraud and now Purvi and her father are homeless. Umaben who is behind all this insults Purvi and her father and their loss of 50 lakhs. Chanchan is worried and telling her dadi how everything happened because of her but dadi convinces her that it would have been worst if the marriage had happened. Purvi tells them how she will make her father work rather she will manage everything and find work. Chanchan wants to go apologize to Umaben hoping everything might be fine.

Manav and Himanshu are looking at Manav’s wound when Manav tells Himanshu how he won’t leave Chanchan and take revenge. Himanshu calls the doctor to asks whether Manav will need shots but the doctor tells them to asks the dog owner if the dog had been vaccinated. Manav tells him how they are going to use this vaccine as a way to get revenge on Chanchan. Himanshu tells Manav how Chanchan is a dog trainer when he tries to look online for her contact. He calls her and gets mad at her when Himanshu takes the phone and tells her if the dog had been vaccinated when Chanchan gets worried and asks him where did the dog bite and apologizes for it. Chanchan tells him how Mugambo is vaccinated so Manav doesn’t need to take shots.

Chanchan tells her mom and Purvi how mugambo had bit Manav the other day. She also tells them how she will take the certificate herself with flowers and card when her mother teases her for meeting Manav so much. Umabem’s son are telling her how she should have informed them before firing Purvi’s dad as he is the one who manages everything.

Precap: Manav starts acting as if he is in pain when Chanchan goes over. They lock her in a room with dogs expecting the dog to bite her but are shocked when they open the door.

Update Credit to: scarlet.moon

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