Chanchan 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 29th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben giving something awkward for Hitesh to his parents. She says it looks as if Hitesh takes drugs, else he would not have spoke to her like this. Umaben says Sejalben that Hitesh went against her, and this led to her anger. She asks them why did you send you here to talk to me, as he took Poorvi’s name. Umaben asks them to realise what he said. Hitesh’s dad tries to speak, Umaben yells at him too. Umaben says don’t even think about making Poorvi your daughter-in-law and says against Poorvi. She asks them to speak to Hitesh and she will look for a better girl for him. Manav hears all this and thinks why Umaben is doing like this. She said something to Hitesh, and now she is saying against Hitesh and Poorvi. Manav thinks this problem’s solution will be with Chhan Chhan.

He calls Chhan Chhan and they meet at a coffee shop. Chhan Chhan asks why he called her. He says he want a problem’s solution. He says lets sit and discuss.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Sanjana and other bahu talk about Manav. Sanjana puts extra water, and Umaben enters the kitchen. Umaben asks for Ranjana. She comes there singing a song and dancing. Ranjana says her kaka called and he said his said who flew from home and married a girl of his choice wants to return home, but his wife is not letting him return to his home. Umaben listens and is worried. Umaben thinks about Manthan’s words about Manav, and how Manav lied to her. Umaben thinks whether Manav also likes any girl, she has to find out.
She says Ranjana to give her butter milk if she is free.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

Manav says her that he has one friend who is ready to marry the girl whom he left at the time of marriage. His family is also ready, but one relative is not ready. Now, what should his friend do? Chhan Chhan says I feel there is no problem according to her. The parents of both the parties are ok with the proposal, then there is no problem. When the boy and girl are ok, then everything can be ok. She says third party like Umaben should not be considered.

Manav says but Mummy, then stops, and Chhan Chhan is saying right. He means that the boy’s family friends should also be considered. As the third person is very good. Chhan Chhan then you do not have to worry, as when she sees the boy happy with the girl, she will accept. She says even elders can be wrong. Manav hears to her. Chhan Chhan gives an example of her mum and her Mama ji.
Manav says your Dadi says right that you know how to win hearts. Music starts playing…

Chhan Chhan asks him whether he wants her to meet that woman, she says whoever is right, they will win at last. Manav says I will handle it.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Umabn makes some eatables for Himanshu in order to ask him about Manav. Himanshu stares at the food, and is very happy and thankful to Umaben. Himanshu says he is feeling proud that she called him. He asks Umaben why she called him. He asks for Manav. Umaben says he is not at home. Umaben says she is talking about a secret and can she trust him. He says yes sure.
Umaben asks what happened to Manav, he looks changed after coming from the camp. Is it because of his new friend. Himanshu is shocked to hear that Umaben is searching a girl for Manav.

She asks indirectlly and cleverly that is there any girl whom Manav likes. Himanshu says yes aunty there is one girl and she is very good. She asks who. He says the one whom they met in the camp, they went to het party yesterday. Himanshu is about to tell her name, but stops. Umaben asks her name. Himanshu tells about the party and what Manav did to go to the party. He says Manav likes her a lot. She asks him to introduce her to the girl. She tells Himanshu not to tell Manav about their talk. Himanshu becomes happy that Umaben is going to give them a surprise.

Himanshu is trying to fix up the meeting of Umaben and Chhan Chhan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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