Chanchan 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Chanchan 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 26th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan coming in the hall in a saree. Umaben asks you wearing a saree. Chhan Chhan says she feels clothing dies not show respect, but I think of your happiness and worn this saree. She speaks well, Babuji feels happy. Chhan Chhan says I will always listen to you, as I live in a joint family now. I know how to keep the family united. Babuji says go, be happy. Manav is happy. Umaben says you thought so much, its good, she blesses Chhan Chhan. She asks did you eat anything, lets go. Umaben’s plan got failed. Babuji asks Umaben did you give her permission to wear suit. Umaben lies saying Chhan Chhan pleaded to her so she granted her to wear suits. Umaben says I know you don’t want the family to tear apart, so I permitted her. Babuji says ok, but what Chhan Chhan said, I

can tell she is really good, and have good family values. Babuji leaves.

Manav comes to Chhan Chhan and hugs her. She asks him you came back, he says I came back to take my bag and flirts with her. She says thanks Manav, you helped me in wearing this saree. She thinks how Manav helped her. Chhan Chhan gets a call from her dad. She asks him to go to office. She takes up the call. Karthik says they are missing her a lot, as he lost his spects. He pretends as he is joking. Chhan Chhan tells him it will be on your head, he says yes, I got it, how did you know, Chhan Chhan says daughters know everything. Karthik asks how was your morning, what did you make today, she says Umaben is nice, she does not let me work. She says she permitted me to wear salwar suits, but I said I will obey them and be as her other bahus.

Maithili says now you will make excuses to talk to your daughter. Karthik says I felt good hearing good for Umaben. Maithili says Umaben will keep our daughter happy. Chhan Chhan asks Gomuti to eat, she tells its our fast, we cannot eat. Gomuti says we will eat at night. Umaben comes, Chhan Chhan says Gomuti will be tired by the fast, so I will help them in cooking. Umaben tells them that Chhan Chhan will be preparing food today, that too alone.
Chhan Chhan is shocked that the whole responsibility came on her. Chhan Chhan says yes I will make it. Umaben says her what to make. Chhan Chhan gets tensed. Umaben asks her bahus to go and do their own work. Umaben asks Chhan Chhan to call her when she made the food. The bahus laugh on Chhan Chhan. They start leaving from there. Chhan Chhan thinks how to do the cooking alone. She says I wanted to help you, but now… what to do. Gomuti says this is a ritual, you can do it. Gomuti says I will talk to Baa. Chhan Chhan says no, I will do it. I need help, Chhan Chhan asks will you help me, Gomuti says no, we cannot go against Umaben. Chhan Chhan thinks of an idea. She tells I will not trouble you.

Chhan Chhan talks to her bhabhi on video chat. She says I will see you from kitchen. Gomuti laughs. Gomuti helps Chhan Chhan in cooking. She starts cooking in the kitchen while Gomuti watches her sitting in her room. Gomuti tells her what to do. Chhan Chhan makes the food alone. She prepares all the dishes. She is relieved. Gomuti says all is done. They meet at the dining table. Babuji talks to his sons. Manthan says Manav you might be feeling odd, for you rain means romance, for us rain means profit and loss. Manek says he has Asthma. Everyoen start eating. Umaben tastes the food. Babuji says it looks different today. Umaben asks is it not good. Babuji says no, its better. Chhan Chhan gets happy.

Chhan Chhan’s saree catches a fire, Manav tries to blow if off.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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