Chanchan 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 25th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan getting tensed for making the tea. Gomuti tells her don’t worry, I will make the tea. Chhan Chhan says I will make it. She asks for lemon. Gomuti gives her lemon. Ranjana and Sanjana are shocked.

Manthan, Manek, Mukut and Manav are sharing time, Chhan Chhan comes with the tea. Umaben sees her and laughs. Chhan Chhan greets everyone and gives them tea. Manthan, Manek are shocked to see the lemon tea. Manav holds her hand, Umaben sees this. Babuji comes and everyone greet him. He asks Manthan where is my newspaper, they give him the paper. Babuji asks for cheques and explains Manav to become responsible. He asks Manav to come to office from today. Manthan asks him to learn it soon.

Mukut says Manav where were you last night, Manthan says understand, its new marriage, Gomuti says we were tired. Chhan Chhan gives him tea. Chhan Chhan says its lemon tea, Mukut says its good. Manthan also likes it, he says its better, refreshing. Umaben says drink it, and taunts. Umaben says western people drink lemon tea. Chhan Chhan gives tea to Gomuti, she feels happy. She says I will drink later, I have work. Chhan Chhan says first you sit and have tea. Umaben looks at them. Gomuti sits and Mukut leaves. Gomuti goes after him. Umaben sees Chhan Chhan not able to carry her saree well, she thinks of an idea. Chhan Chhan thinks how do all bahus wear sarees and do household work. Umaben comes to her, and tells her she is not feeling good. She says you can wear slawar kameez, and live without any restriction.

Umaben speaks sweetly to her, she says if you have learnt to carry a saree in your house, you would have not got any trouble, but you are from a modern family, so I want you to think of this house as your mum’s house. Chhan Chhan is so much happy. Umaben leaves from her room.
Umaben comes in the kitchen and Ranjana asks her what to make in lunch, Umaben says ask Chhan Chhan about it, she will tell it. Gomuti says what are you saying like this, Umaben acts saying I have become old. Umaben tells about Chhan Chhan. She makes them against Chhan Chhan. Umaben tells them that Chhan Chhan will be wearing salwar kameez from now on, and this is her wish. Umaben says my house is finished. Ranjana asks Umaben to tell this to Manav. Umaben says no, he loves Chhan Chhan, it would be better if I give the household in Chhan Chhan’s hand, else she will kick me out of the house.

She says you three think what you have to do. Umaben pretends and leaves. Ranjana says it means Chhan Chhan will be doing as she wants, even they have the right to do what she wants. Ranjana talks to Manek about it. Sanjana also thinks of talking to Manthan. She tells Manthan that she wants to talk, she says Chhan Chhan is wearing salwar kameez, even she wants to wear it. Manthan does not hear it. He scolds her. Manthan hears it second time, Ranjana talks to Manek, and says Chhan Chhan will be flaunting the suits now. Manthan says Chhan Chhan will be going against Baa, Sanjana says I will also wear suits. Manthan says let her do, you don’t follow her. He says I’m being late. Umaben hears her bahus arguing with their husbands. Umaben gets happy.

Babuji asks Maansi to sit in car, he will drop her college. Babuji asks Manthan are the cheques ready, he scolds Manthan for writing wrong dates. He says what should I do, its because of Sanjana, he tells Babuji about Manav and Chhan Chhan. He tells Babuji about the partiality done by Umaben. Manek tells him about the salwar kameez issue. Babuji asks Umaben, she says what can I do, she is modern. Babuji gets angry. He says the rules cannot be changed. Babuji says call her, I will tell her, she has to wear saree, if all the bahus are wearing saree. He calls Manav, he comes and asks what happened, Babuji asks Manav to call Chhan Chhan. Manav says she is getting ready, Umaben says let her come.

Umaben gives her bahus holiday, saying Chhan Chhan will make the food tonight. Gomuti feels sorry for Chhan Chhan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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