Chanchan 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 25th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan and Manav looking at each other as if they are deeply in love. Everyone stand and say Ohhhhhh…… while laughing. Manav smiles. Chhan Chhan goes to bring a return gift. Manav comes to Chhan Chhan. She asks what happened, why are yous smiling. Manav says I fell in love. Chhan Chhan, a bit shy, and not knowing how could he say such thing so easily, looks at him. He says, I mean, with your family as your family is so lovely, any one will fall in love with them. Chhan Chhan says it looks like you are from a different family. Maybe there is no one like us in your family. He says, there is, Me. Aashka comes and calls Chhan Chhan as kids are waiting for her. Chhan Chhan gifts the kids.

Manav looks at her, Chhan Chhan meets the kids with love. Manav feels how caring is Chhan Chhan.
She says goodbye to the kids. Manav says I did not know you do social work. She says, whatever I do for them, I think its not social work, but my responsibility as I feel everyone should do something for the society. Manav thinks about his mother Umaben who also does social work. Manav says your thinking meets my mom’s thinking, and when you meet her, who will be pleased. Someone calls Chhan Chhan and she excuses herself and goes.

Manav thanks Chhan Chhan as he had a great time. Chhan Chhan says she felt good he came that too with the cure of his allergy. Manav in a way flirts. They look at each other and Himanshu and simple comes there. They joke on them. Chhan Chhan says Manav was saying she should meet his family and he has met her family, since they are friends now. Manav takes Himanshu and leaves. Chhan Chhan asks him to call her.

Scene shift to Umaben’s house:

Himanshu praises Chhan Chhan’s father’s paintings. He says its an amazing family, father-painter, mother-teacher, brother-photographer, sister-tattoo maker, and the most different is Chhan Chhan.
Manav says yes really. Manav says they are one in a million. There is a lot of difference in them and in my family. Everything is thought before saying. Chhan Chhan’s family has love in them, and they make others their own. Himanshu says they will make you their son-in-law soon. Himanshu jokes.

Umaben thinks how Manav lied to her. Umaben comes there, and asks Manav how was the party. He says it was good. Umaben says its good that first you had fear of dogs, and now you are attending their party. Manav send Himanshu as he was about to tell about Chhan Chhan.
Umaben says enjoy till you want, as you started lying to me, I began looking for a girl for you.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:

Chhan Chhan and her family open the gifts Puch Puch got in the birthday. Everyone say about Manav, as he is a good guy. He is smart, handsome. Everyone say yes. Chhan Chhan says he is praising him much. Chhan Chhan says he is just a friend. Dadi says we will talk about Chhan Chhan’s proposal to Savitaben’s son. Chhan Chhan turns on hearing this, she says Mr. Susu is better than her son. Everyone laugh.
Chhan Chhan’s father says I think Chhan Chhan likes Manav. Dadi asks to call Manav again at home. He says its Chhan Chhan’s life and only she will decide. Dada gives some suggestions. Simple says to leave it on them.

Scene shifts to Umaben:

Umaben is resting and her bahus don’t make a single noise. They bring breakfast for her. Sanjana says she forgot to bring the water. Umaben wakes up. She asks what are they doing here. They say they were thinking to wake up her. They ask is she ok. She says she is fine, she was just feeling sleepy. Umaben says since Manav lied to her, she is unable to sleep. They ask what. She says she was flying in her dream, and they waked up and she fell. Lol.. She asks them to open the door as someone knocked. Hitesh comes. He greets Umaben. She send her bahus to bring breakfast for her. Hitesh says I have come to talk about my marriage. Umaben says don’t you trust me. He says its not like that. Umaben says since your relation broke with Poorvi, you are worried, Poorvi was not for you. Umaben says I’l bring a very good girl for him, and I’m responsible for you. Hitesh tells you don;t need to search a girl for me as you have done it before. She asks what do you mean. He says I want to marry Poorvi. Manav hears this standing upstairs.
Umaben is shocked. She says What? Poorvi?

Scene shifts to Poorvi and Simple:

Simple reads the astrology and says there will be a twist in Poorvi’s life, and her past and future will meet. Poorvi asks about Chhan Chhan’s stars. Simple says someone is about to come in Chhan Chhan life. Poorvi says he will come and take Chhan Chhan away. They give false astrology. Chhan Chhan runs after them.

Scene shifts to Umaben:

Hitesh says before my marriage broke, I met Poorvi 4-5 times, and I think she is a very good girl. She has all the qualities which I want in my life partner. Umaben scolds him and asks him to forget Poorvi. Hitesh requests her saying he really wants to marry Poorvi. Hitesh is firm in his decision. Umaben says then were we wrong? Hitesh says he did not mean this. Umaben says they were wrong people, they insulted her and his family too. Hitesh says you are right but there can be another chance. Poorvi was against dowry, not against the marriage. Umaben says thats why your parents said to look for another girl. Hitesh says I have spoken to my parents and I have said them that I don’t want that land for which they were asking dowry. He says they said that if Umaben says yes to the relation, they will also agree. Hitesh asks for Umaben’s yes.
Umaben asks ok I have understood your heart, you go, I will talk to your parents directly. Hitesh becomes happy. He says thankyou and leaves.
Umaben says I have understood what you said, but you did not understand your Uma aunty. But you will understand.

Manav says Chhan Chhan that he has one friend, whose marriage broke off, but now he and his family agreed to marry that girl. He asks Chhan Chhan what to do now.
Umaben says Hitesh’s father not to think about making a relation with Poorvi.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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