Chanchan 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 23rd April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Umaben questioning Manav on who the friend is that he is trying to ignore his allergies and go to the party. When a guest comes in to meet Umaben it gives Manav and Himanshu a chance to leave.

Everyone in Chanchan’s house is deciding on games and theme for the party when Chanchan’s dad teases about Manav and if he will be able to sit. On the other side Umaben is giving money to put benches in the mandir and tells them to not discuss it in the society when the lady tells her how they will still put her name on the bench but Umaben convinces them to put Manav’s name instead, Manav comes there and after finding out that she told to put his name on the bench praises her for her donations. Umaben sees the gift Manav has brought for Puchpuch and tells her how animals are supposed to live outside of the house so why take a gift. Umaben is still suspicious of Manav’s this new friend and tells herself how she is late in finding a daughter-in-law for him.

At Puchpuch’s birthday party everyone is playing around when Purvi and Chanchan teases Simple in Himanshu’s name. On the other side Umaben calls her DIL’s and tells them how she has made a decision on Manav’s marriage/

Manav and HImanshu enter Puchpuch’s birthday when they see a board that says to beware from women rather than dogs. As they are talking about the it chanchan’s mom comes there and they introduce each other. Umaben ton phone tells someone that she is coming over to talk about Manav’s marriage.

Manav can’t stop starring at Chanchan neither can Chanchan stop looking at him. Chanchan goes to them and tells him how she thought he wasn’t coming when Himanshu is about to say something manav sends him away to Simple. Once Himanshu leaves Manav tells Chanchan he was forced to come here by Himanshu when Chanchan teases him how even after being allergic to dogs he is here. Manav tells them how his views on dogs has changed and he doesn’t think they are as bad when Chanchan tells him how she was also too early to judge someone referring to Manav.

Precap: Manav and Chanchan are going somewhere on Chanchan’s scooty when they stop next a traffic light and Umaben’s car is right next to them. Umaben tries to see who it is but Chanchan and Manav’s faces are turned to the other side.

Update Credit to: scarlet.moon

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