Chanchan 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 19th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan thinking where did Manav go without telling her. She gets a note on her side table. She reads it, she imagines Manav in the room. He writes you might be missing me, but he had to go for some rituals. He writes I will come back soon, wait for me, then we will start our love story. She smiles reading the letter. She says I m waiting for you, come soon. She thinks Ranjana and Sanjana got the punishment because of her.

Ranjana and Sanjana are making the rotis in the kitchen. She says the mistake was Chhan Chhan’s and we are bearing the punishment. Chhan Chhan comes in a saree and she says shall I help you. Ranjana says Chhan Chhan is looking very good in the saree. Chhan Chhan says I m not feeling good, she says her saree border is not fixing properly. Ranjana helps her. Chhan Chhan says she will make the rotis. Ranjana says let it be, we will do it. Chhan Chhan apologizes to them. She says I will make the 300 rotis. Chhan Chhan asks them to teach them how to make rotis. Chhan Chhan says I did not cook at home, but if you teach me, I will learn.

Chhan Chhan gets a call and leaves from the kitchen. Manav calls her, she says I m annoyed, why did not you tell me that you had to go. Manav flirts and says some good lines. Chhan Chhan smiles. Chhan Chhan says what you want to say, come to me and say. Chhan Chhan says Ranjana that my Dadi used to make this rotlas. Chhan Chhan tells them an idea of making gthe rotlas with a shortcut. Sanjana says she fears of Umaben, maybe she will punish us again.
Chhan Chhan says we are making what she said, then why will we bear punishment. Sanjana and Ranjana does not understand what Chhan Chhan will do.

Simple calls Chhan Chhan, and tease her. Simple says did you with fight Manav at the first night of marriage. Chhan Chhan tells Simple about the Jagran and how Manav left for the puja. Chhan Chhan asks Simple to wait as she is getting Manav’s call. She puts Manav on hold, she tells Simple some work. Simple says I will come to you soon. Chhan Chhan thinks of the idea. Umaben is in the hall. Manek is having stomach ache, Simple comes with some items with her. She greets Umaben. Umaben says you are Chhan Chhan’s friend, why did you come here. Simple says I had some work, so I came to meet her. Chhan Chhan comes to her, Simple is shocked to see her in the saree. Chhan Chhan introduces Umaben to Simple. Umaben takes Manek with her and leaves.

Simple says did you wear the readymade saree, Chhan Chhan says yes. Umaben hears this. Chhan Chhan asks her did you bring the items. Simple says yes and gives the items to her. Chhan Chhan thanks Simple. Ranjana and Sanjana are waiting for Chhan Chhan in the kitchen.
Chhan Chhan brings the roti maker. Ranjana and Sanjana are happy and thanks Chhan Chhan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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