Chanchan 18th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 18th June 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 18th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Manthan asking about Manav. Umaben says he knows his responsibility. Manthan taunts Chhan Chhan saying she is sleeping till now. Umaben takes her side, saying she is from a modern family and does not know about these things. Chhan Chhan wakes up and looks out for Manav. She comes out in the hall in her night dress. Everyone are shocked to see her. Chhan Chhan does not feel her mistake and looks at her clothes. Everyone stare at her. She greets everyone. Babuji gets angry and is spellbound.

Ranjana and Sanjana go to Chhan Chhan and asks her to go from here. Umaben says wow, I did not do anything, but Chhan chhan herself is making mistakes. Chhan Chhan asks Sanjana what happened. She asks about Manav. She asks why did you bring me here. Ranjana says don’t you know what you did. Sanjana says you are wearing a night dress and you came in the hall like this. They tell Chhan Chhan that Manav has not told you about this.

They say Babuji will be very angry. Chhan Chhan says I was looking out for Manav, and I did not know everyone would be in hall at this time. Umaben comes there and looks at Chhan Chhan. She comes and says you came there in a night suit. Umaben smiles and becomes polite towards her. She says its not your mistake, its Ranjana and Sanjana’s mistake. They get shocked. They say we are wearing Saree. Umaben says you should have told Chhan Chhan about our rules. She does not know about our rules. Umaben scolds them. Chhan Chhan is silent and sad. She says I did not know this would happen. Umaben says when I came in my house once, I was making food in the kitchen, and my pallu slipped, and my mother-in-law gave me a big punishment. Chhan Chhan says why, for this. If any mistake happens, you should explain it to them. Umaben says rules are rules, equal for everyone.

Ranjana thinks now it will be fun, when Umaben gives her punishment. Umaben tells Chhan Chhan that I’m with the modern lifestyle, but I don’t know what Babuji will do. Babuji is angry. Manthan talks in favour of Chhan Chhan. Manek says our house has some rules, which she broke. Manthan says yes, Umaben will feel sorry as she is responsible for this marriage. Babuji scolds Manthan saying nothing has changed and nothing will change. A plate slips from Maansi’s hands, and Babuji leaves the table. Umaben says she was afraid of this that Babuji will be angry. She says I will save you from his anger.

Ranjana asks about the punishment, Umaben says if you have done a mistake, you have to bear the punishment. Umaben says you both should have the punishment, Ranjana and Sanjana are shocked. Umaben says my mother-in-law punished me even more strictly. She asks Chhan Chhan to come for breakfast. Umaben leaves. Umaben is happy thinking Chhan Chhan will leave in four days. Chhan Chhan feels sorry for Ranjana and Sanjana.
Chhan Chhan gets her family’s call. All of them talk together. Maithili talks first and asks her how she is. Chhan Chhan says she is fine. Maithili says I m not crying and she cries. Chhan Chhan says if you cry then I.. Karthik talks to her and asks did you sleep well. He asks her to take care. Chhan Chhan says I will take care, you don’t worry. Rushaali talks to Chhan Chhan.

Rushaali says I have designed your room, and we have taken your room. Chhan Chhan says its my room, don’t touch it. Chhan Chhan asks about the dogs. Dadi talks to Chhan Chhan and asks her did the family members meet you well. Chhan Chhan says everyone met me well. Dadi says the first day is special. She asks Chhan Chhan to make friendship with Umaben and not worry if any mistake happens. She says Manav is with you to take care of you. Chhan Chhan thinks where is Manav..

Chhan Chhan apologizes to Ranjana. She says she will help them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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