Chanchan 17th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 17th April 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 17th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chhan Chhan telling Rugved (Chhan Chhan’s brother) that yesterday night Anarkali fell into a lake and she too jumped into the lake to save Anarkali. Rugved says it all happened and you did not tell me. Chhan Chhan says she did not wanted to disturb anyone. She says she is feeling sorry for Manav as he is allergic to dogs and he was sneezing all night.

Manav stops his car and suggests someone on the road to be friendly with dogs as they are man’s best friend. Maansi is shocked to see Manav touching the dog and she thinks what happened to him.
Maansi asks bhai are you fine. She has not seen him being friendly with a dog. He says I m fine, lets go.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan’s house:
Poorvi says that she had very less students, no one wantes to learn computers from her. Chhan Chhan’s mother pacifies her giving her encouragement. Chhan Chhan comes there and hears them talking. Chhan Chhan asks her mother what problem and what solution.

Chhan Chhan asks Poorvi what happened. Poorvi narrates her the whole Umaben’s story. Chhan Chhan feels sad.

Scene shifts to Umaben’s house:

Umaben is searching for some relative’s son. She says she wants the best girl. The match maker asks why she rejected the first proposal for Hitesh. Umaben says that it was the girl’s fault, not Umaben’s. The match maker leaves.

Manav and Maansi arrive and greet Umaben. She asks them how was the trip and he took care of Maansi.
Manav hears the sound of dogs. Manav thinks who has kept tyhe ringtone of dogs barking sound. Umaben says it might be Himanchu’s act. Umaben goes to bring food for Manav.

Chhan Chhan tells Poorvi that she did not know that Umaben will be doing such thing after she went to the camp. Chhan Chhan asks her whether she has confidence that she can run the computer classes. Poorvi says I don’t know what happened to me. I had full confidence, but when Umabe \n came, all the bad memories came into light. I was worried and felt like she was laughing on me. She says I don’t have confidence like you Chhan Chhan.

Chhan Chhan says we friedns are for each other, and till we are together, we don’t need to worry.
Chhan Chhan tries to help Poorvi. Chhan Chhan calls the students personally. Poorvi gets disheartened as no one would like to attend her computer classes. Chhan Chhan thinks of an idea.

Manav is angry on Himanshu as he has set the dog’s ringtone. Manav receives the call from a watchman thanking Chhan Chhan. Manav comes to know that his phone got exchanged with Chhan Chhan’s phone.
Manav tells the watchman that he will give her his message. Manav dials his won no. to talk to Chhan Chhan.

Umaben comes there with food. Manav says he has to call Himanshu. Umaben tells not to talk to Himanshu.
Umaben makes him eat pakodas.

Chhan Chhan thinks about Poorvi and how she lost her confidence. Chhan Chhan gets a call and she notices that it is not her phone. Chhan Chhan comes to know about Manav’s goodness. Chhan Chhan thinks about him as Manav was also thinking how good is Chhan Chhan.

Chhan Chhan thinks that this is Manav’s phone as it got exchanged. Chhan Chhan thinks due to this phone, she came to know Manav is sensitive too. They both try to call each other and they get busy tone. They think about each other.

Chhan Chhan thinks that she should first Poorvi’s problem. She says she is thinking about Poorvi.
She talks to her Dadi and asks her why the Lord is testing Poorvi. Dadi explains her.

Chhan Chhan goes to mandir to pray. Poorvi shows that Umaben is also present here. Chhan Chhan goes towards her and greets her.

Umaben gets shocked to see Chhan Chhan. Umaben taunts her. Chhan Chhan says she wanted to talk to her. Umaben keeps taunting at her. Chhan Chhan speaks well about Poorvi.

Poorvi stands there and listens. Chhan Chhan asks Umaben to understand as only she can bring back and start Poorvi’s classes. Umaben says what can I do. I have asked some questions and your friend could not answer her questions. Chhan Chhan says as everyone was asking together so she could not manage.
Umaben taunts Chhan chhan saying that why do people do such things which they cannot handle.
Umaben and Chhan chhan argues.

Chhan Chhan speaks with respect but Umaben is adamant. Two women come to Umaben and say that they follow her as an idol. Chhan Chhan gets an idea.
Chhan Chhan receives a call from Manav’s mother on Manav’s phone. Umaben is shocked to hear a girl’s voice on Manav’s number.

Chhan chhan prints some papers. Umaben is shocked to read them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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