Chanchan 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 13th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben saying Chhan Chhan has managed to come to her house, but she will see how long she will stay in her house. She says she will make it difficult for her to stay. Manav comes and Umaben hides the money. Chhan Chhan comes with Manav. Manav says sorry we have disturbed you. Chhan Chhan says for a girl, marriage is the biggest dream and biggest fear. She always think how she will adjust with her in laws. Chhan Chhan says my dream became true and her fears are gone, as Umaben has made her bahu by her heart. Chhan Chhan says I will become your daughter and you can treat me like that. Umaben says why will I scold you. Umaben gets a sms from Thakkar Bhai. She reads that Thakkar Bhai is thanking her to accept his daughter. Umaben says you are my fav bahu. Manav brought you but

I will treat you well.

Manav asks Chhan Chhan to go, and he talks to Umaben. He says sorry I took you wrong, and said you few things in anger. She says enough, all this is not required. You will always be a kid for me, she asks him to go to Chhan Chhan. Manav leaves. Umaben says you don’t know what is Chhan Chhan. You said thankyou for her, tomorrow you will kick her out of the house. Umaben gets Thakkar bhai’s call and she says make your daughter ready. She promises him about Manav’s and his daughter’s marriage.

Scene shifts to Chhan Chhan:

Chhan Chhan is in her room, and tries to cover her face with the Ghunghat. She says she cannot manage it. Manav enters and she is without the ghunghat. She says she was in the dulhan’s pose, and he did not come. He smiles seeing her. He says you be in any way, I like you. She says you did not like me earlier, when we met in Poorvi’s marriage. They recollect how they met for the first time, and their encounters. Manav hugs her. Manav says I was your enemy, but now I love you more than your life. He says he cannot believe they are husband and wife. It looks like a dream.
Chhan Chhan makes him believe its not a dream, its reality. Manav holds her hand and is about to kiss her, when Ranjana and Sanjana come and disturb them. They say Umaben has kept Jagran for them and is calling them.

Manav and Chhan Chhan are shocked to know about the jagran. Sanjana says we don’t understand why Umaben has kept Jagran tonight, Gomuti comes and takes Chhan Chhan with her. Manav follows her.
Umaben says what did you think Chhan chhan, you are guest in my life for 1 month. Manav will change you in a month. Umaben smiles. Umaben asks them not to sit, and she has kept Jagran for them. She asks Chhan Chhan to do the puja and then come and sit. Ranjana says Umaben has not kept Jagran for us till now. Ranjana feels sad, Gomuti tells its for all of us. Manav looks at Chhan Chhan and smile. Himanshu pulls his leg.

Few women dance in the Jagran, and Umaben starts leaving, someone stops her saying you ahve to sit, its important. She says she kept it for Manav and Chhan Chhan. Umaben and Babuji leave from there to rest. Himanshu asks Manav to clap. He signs to Chhan Chhan to meet him. Manav says his girlfriend changed after becoming his wife.

Manav calls Chhan chhan and asks her to meet him in the garden. His brothers asks him with whom is he talking. Manthan says Manav’s everything is secret. Chhan Chhan says she will come. Manav smiles and leaves from the Jagran. Manek asks where are you going, Manthan says he is going to meet his friend. Chhan Chhan makes an excuse and says she will go with Gomuti. Ranjana says the Jagran is for you, you should not go.

Manav sees Chhan Chhan going upstairs. Umaben is sending Manav to his village.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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