Champion Writer OS COMPETITION !!

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Hello everyone. I’m Priya. There will be an OS competition named “Champion Writer OS COMPETITION”. This competition will be held on 1st of May to 15th of May from today onward to 5th May. As you all know only registered members can submit articles so only registered members can participate in this. Rules will be as below.

1. One member can write only one OS.
2. The OS has to be only written in English.
3. Grammar should be atleast understandable.
4. You should not write in your OS that it is written for a competition.
5. Winners are not selected from how many comments they get.
6. The OS has to be published between 1st May to 15th May between today to 5th May.
7. Participants have to send the links of their OS to judges according to the serial.
8. Winners will be selected from each serial and from those OSes last winners will be chosen.
9. Marks are given for each OS out of 100
10. Judges only consider writer’s creativeness , ability in expressing ideas clearly , interest, ability in gaining readers attention etc.


1. Ronumowl – Ishqbaaz, mahek, dil bole obroi, tashan e ishq
2. Soumya85 – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Piya Albela, Chandra Nandini
3. Nikkita0194 – Swargini, Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi
4. Priyaa – Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Naagin, Hindi Songs
5. Varshini – udaan, siya ki raam, saathi nibana saathiya,manmarziaan, suhani si ek ladki
6. Jasmin – jaana dil se dhoor, tashan e ishq

All the members who wish to participate have to comment below (name and the serial of the OS you are going to write)

Special thanks goes to TU admin for giving support to conduct the competition.

If the serial you going to write is not mentioned above or if you have any questions , please comment below

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  1. VHM

    i would also want to give an try…..on IB…….will ping the link as PM to ronumowl……..thanks

    1. ok 🙂

    2. Please note that deadlines have changed

  2. Nature

    Username : Nature
    Serial : Ishqbaaaz

    1. send link to Ronumowl

    2. Please note that deadlines have changed

      1. VHM

        till may 5th right?

    3. yes till 5th may

  3. Somiya

    I am very keen to participiate in this competiton as I have already lost my touch with writing ff’s , since 4 months I have not written anything, but well I am hoping for the future competitons as well, I have a bundle of ideas but I am bound to exams, so can’t do anything about it, go on writers do your best.

  4. Thanks for allegedly who are writing an OS for kkb thanks and all the best my dear di’s and friends for you competition.

    1. hii is this u?? Hi5??????????????????

  5. Hey Priyya…
    nice idea to start a competition…
    i also want to write an os but i have problem in getting registered…
    dear fans plz help me getting registered or even tell me how to get registered.

    1. go to the register page .. it’s in the top of the page.. and follow the instructions given there

    2. CrazyGirlz

      Click the register icon on the top right, or click on the menu options. Fill the required forms.

  6. Hi i am looking forward to write an os on kkb

    1. but you have to register first

  7. Stella

    Hii, I’m Stella and I would like to write an OS on Swaragini serial with Swasan as the lead couple…!!

    1. Seebu_s

      wow stella…so happy to see u participating..all the best dear?

    2. CrazyGirlz

      All the best Stellaaaaaaa. Rock it babyyy ❤️❤️

      1. Stella

        Thank you so much Seebu_s and CrazyGirlz for your support dear…!! I hope you all will like it…!!

    3. Send OS link to Nikkita0194. You can go to her profile easily by clicking on her name in this article

    4. Please note that deadlines have changed

      1. Stella

        Okay…!! Cool…!! Thank you so much Priyaa..!!

  8. Mansi

    Hii….I would like to write an OS on Saathiya couple GoGi(Gopi-Jaggi) Soo whom to send link for that????N I wanted to know OS should be a short one or a long one????

    1. 1. Send link to Varshini . 2.It is your wish ..

      1. Mansi

        Thank u soo much Priya?but to which Varshini??as there are so many Varshini’s……

    2. U can go to her profile by clicking her name in this article

      1. Mansi

        Okz…Thanks u soo much?

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Thnx for changing the style of notice above. I searched for Ronumowl but finally find her after searching like a d

  10. Aastha_Reddy

    Thnx for changing the style of notice above. I searched for Ronumowl( IB judge) but finally find her after searching like a decade of three long days…

    1. Sry for the trouble .

  11. Renimarenju

    I wish i could write for ishqbaaz…but i have a doubt….should i portray all shivika, rumya and priveer of show or can i write it for one pair only……i mean if it is on one pair only, then i will try 2 participate ….. i wants 2 write it for ishkara ….i can’t assure u about whether i can participate or not, but i will tell abt this os competetion 2 my friends….may be they will submit os…

    1. You can add any couple you wish…

  12. Priya12

    Priya aka padmajaa…krpkab

    1. ok send link to Nikkita0194 via private message. Please note that deadlines have changed

  13. AMkideewani

    Should I write an OS too?

    1. it’s your wish

      1. AMkideewani

        Ok I will write one on Ishqbaaz, I still don’t know which couple.

        Name: Crazy akka Sam

  14. Priya12

    Name …rakshita
    I m just saying her name in my behalf
    She is gng 2 write in her own id..
    She is a registered member

    1. ok

  15. Asmithaa

    Hello! i am going to write os for kumkum bhagya..By when i have to send you the link by private message?

    1. Before 5th May

  16. Rashita

    Hii priya I am also interested to write an os for yeh hai mohabbatein and for ishra when should I submit the article???

    1. Hi Rashita… you should submit before 5th may and send the link of the OS to me

  17. Sowji

    We continue the story based on Friday episode..else we can write imaginary oom story based on characters…

  18. A12345

    Hey…aliya here…wanna write os on swaragini…

    1. A12345

      can i give os title in hindi…or i should give in english…

    2. ok send link to Nikkita0194 via private message

  19. ChetanaSamanta

    Hello everyone ! This is Chetana. I am going to write an OS on Piyaa Albela. I will submit it on 3rd may. Will it be ok ?

    1. it’s ok

  20. Deepika12

    Hlo. Hlo. Hlo. My name is deepika. I too want to participate in the competition. I think u may be knowing on which show i will be writing. Then also telling i m writing on IB. And i know know ronu di will judge it. And i will post it today only(it may be posted late). Best of luck judges. Best of luck ronu di, somu di, niku di, Priyu di, varsha di and jas?

    1. Deepika12

      Ohhhh i can never change. Sry for my bla bla bla bla…….

    2. okk deepu best of luck for you too

      1. Deepika12

        Thank u shoooo much diiii. love uu???

    3. no thank u…. i love you too deepuuuuu

    4. i am also judge final wala

  21. Jerry_36

    Hey Priyaa di !! Can I send link of my previous os☺

    1. if you submitted it after 27th april, then you can

      1. Jerry_36

        No it is of March !! Please?

    2. Nikkita0194

      Sry 2 say u have 2 prepare new one

  22. Riana

    Hey Priya ??…I am Riana the FF author of Sns…Yhm…Ishqbaaz…I will write an OS on Saath Nibhana Saathiya…Btw after writing the OS i have submit the Os link on respected judge’s (Varshini) account…am i right??

    1. Riana

      Os Name: Inn Aadato Se Pyaar Nibhaana Hain
      Show: Saath Nibhana Saathiya

      Thankyou ??

    2. You have to submit by your self and send the link to Varshini by private message

      1. Riana

        Thankyou ☺☺

      2. Riana

        Btw…When will be result declared??…☺

    3. as soon as we finish selecting 🙂

  23. Vaishali

    yo!! hii priya this is vaishali and i am gonna write OS for kumkum bhagya just one doubt dude u asked to send u the link so we have to post the os and send u the link or what? just clarify it waiting for ur reply…

    1. ya you have to submit the os normally and after publihing u hav to send the link of that os to me 🙂 via private message

  24. AshaHope

    Hello everyone I am also gonna participate in this competition..
    UserName – ashahope
    Serial – Swaragini
    Pair- Swasan

  25. Orchid

    Hi di I am gonna participate.
    Name Orchid

  26. Rashita

    priya can i directly submit the article??????

    1. yes dear 🙂

  27. Meethi

    Hi also want to participate..i have submitted the article today itself..onn raglak swaragini..and sent the link to nikita

  28. Purvi128

    Hi di… I m gonna participate…
    Username – Purvi128
    Serial – Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
    Couple – DevAkshi
    I m gonna post the os today..
    Nd I guess I have to send the link to Nikkita..
    Reply me soon…

  29. Shaani

    I’m also going to participate
    Category: Suhani si ek ladki
    Couple: Krishna n sayyam
    Name: Kriyam OS- thank u

  30. Aamna_2690

    Hey Aamna here!
    I would like to write on TWINJ-TASHAN – E -ISHQ… But I guess there are changes in Submission Dates… I am confused.. plz help me about dates.. n more over I don’t know how to send link’s… plz could u help me in all this… N do we have to submit it to before 15 May or after it…

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