Champion Writer OS COMPETITION !!

Hello everyone. I’m Priya. There will be an OS competition named “Champion Writer OS COMPETITION”. This competition will be held on 1st of May to 15th of May from today onward to 5th May. As you all know only registered members can submit articles so only registered members can participate in this. Rules will be as below.

1. One member can write only one OS.
2. The OS has to be only written in English.
3. Grammar should be atleast understandable.
4. You should not write in your OS that it is written for a competition.
5. Winners are not selected from how many comments they get.
6. The OS has to be published between 1st May to 15th May between today to 5th May.
7. Participants have to send the links of their OS to judges according to the serial.
8. Winners will be selected from each serial and from those OSes last winners will be chosen.
9. Marks are given for each OS out of 100
10. Judges only consider writer’s creativeness , ability in expressing ideas clearly , interest, ability in gaining readers attention etc.


1. Ronumowl – Ishqbaaz, mahek, dil bole obroi, tashan e ishq
2. Soumya85 – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Piya Albela, Chandra Nandini
3. Nikkita0194 – Swargini, Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi
4. Priyaa – Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Naagin, Hindi Songs
5. Varshini – udaan, siya ki raam, saathi nibana saathiya,manmarziaan, suhani si ek ladki
6. Jasmin – jaana dil se dhoor, tashan e ishq

All the members who wish to participate have to comment below (name and the serial of the OS you are going to write)

Special thanks goes to TU admin for giving support to conduct the competition.

If the serial you going to write is not mentioned above or if you have any questions , please comment below

  1. IME

    Swasan os
    of swaragini

    1. Nikkita0194

      send the link 2 me ishu

    2. Mahavir

      god my twin sissy are u going to participate…!! oh god all the best ishu..!! do well…!!

    3. IME

      thank you twinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
      i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh
      thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
      my twin my maha

    4. hey ishu? what about me? i’m the real twin here?

    5. Astra

      all the best don ji..

    6. IME

      Thank you soooooooooo much di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I love u more!!

    7. Seebu_s

      all the best dear?

    8. IME

      thank you soooooooooooooo much
      love uuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Aditi9

    I am Aditi I want to participate

    1. Nikkita0194

      on which serial u would write plz mention

  3. Criz

    Hello my self christy i will write os on dil bole oberoi
    Title: a word that make me alive

    1. ok send ur os link to ronumowl

  4. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi ? Priyaa I will like to participate. For Ishqbaaz, if you are continent then please give the link to ID of the judge maybe here or on my wall as I am a bit confused with the judge’s name. Secondly I will only be able to post after 10 May so that would be fine.

    1. shivika di deadline changed. please notice.

    2. ronumoul

  5. I would love to join..This will be my first writing attempt..donno whether I’ll get a chance..but I’ll try for kaira in yrkkh….not sure..

    1. Nikkita0194

      Register first


    3. Nikkita0194

      chanya its u i mean u r back wellcome back yar

  6. Hw do I register?! N shud it necessarily b a romantic is oly?!

    1. CrazyGirlz

      Register from the icon on top right, or look for it in Menu. Then fill required forms.

    2. No no . u can write it in anything u want.

    3. in the top go to the menu , fill the details and u will a mail to confirm ur registration . ur story need not be romantic , it can be on any genre

  7. Kairalover

    hi.. i am Aswah and i want to write for yeh rishta kiya kehlata hai..
    i have a question, we have to write the os now, or between 1st to 15th may and what type of link do we have to send to the judge plz tell

    1. Deadline changed so u have to submit ur os by u according to the above rules and send the link of that os to the particular judge via private message.

    2. please send the os link through pm to soumya85 and u need to write the os and send the link within 5th os may

  8. I’m in for the competition… I’ll join for ishqbaaz…

    1. Nikkita0194

      Register first

    2. Jaanu???? Register please

  9. Shanitics

    I’ll go with Ishqbaaz… My name is swetha.. Here shanitics!!

    I’ve a doubt so the name of my os can b anything of my like.. Or shld I add anythng with my os title or with os??

    And hw wl I snd link to the cncrn guy??

    1. Nikkita0194

      Pm the link to priyaa k

    2. Is thr any word limit?? Wat if the length of ff wnt big?? Any problem??

    3. sry sry nikkita might have mistaken. U have to send the link to Ronumowl via private message. And use a title that u like.

    4. Nikkita0194

      oops thanks 4 crction priyaa

  10. Jasmin

    Dii can I take tashan-e-ishq plzz..

    1. ya u already took ri8???

    2. do write dear , pm the link to ronumowl

  11. Kumkum bhagya
    Today only we have to send the link of os ?

    1. Nikkita0194

      Register first

  12. NikkiTa

    I want to write a one shot of the serial “Naamkaran” from star plus!
    Who do I send it to?

    1. send me that via private message dear..

  13. I want to participate
    Will write OS on YRKKH

    1. Nikkita0194

      Register first

  14. Fairy

    Hey dear…frst of all awesome Idea about d compitition ???….??
    Heheh I hve never participated in my such compitition…N m not sure if I could participate now also!!!Bt still i want to register my name for dis..
    Name-Fairy(farheen mallik)
    Couple-may be raglak or ragsan!!
    Serial-swaragini ?
    N all d best to all d participants specially swaragini writers????

    1. Nikkita0194

      Send me link on my pm when u will post it

    2. Fairy

      K dear…Bt y u changed d date????

    3. Nikkita0194

      Nope its 1 to 15

    4. Nikkita0194

      Ok lemee ask 2 priyaa i will confirm

    5. Mahavir

      fairy di….!! oh god we didnt talk from months…!! how are u di…!! and all the best do wellllll….!! love u di…!!

    6. Fairy

      Maha???? oh god…’s being sooo long yaar???…….m good sweety??… Wt about u dear???….aww!!!thnx a lotzzz…N r u participating in it???? If u r ,den all d very best to u baccha???love u sooo much..umaaah?

    7. Nikkita0194

      Fairy u have 2 post it upto 5 may from now k

    8. Fairy

      K Nikki dr…thnx for d info?…wl give u d link soon ??…

    9. Mmp

      All the best pari… :-*

    10. Fairy

      Thnku sooo much sweetheart?????

    11. Astra

      hey my fairy dear… all the very very veryyyyy besttt dear.. and write on raglak…

    12. Fairy

      Astru??? yeah dr writing on raglak only…hope so I could make it up till 5th may…!! R u also participating..if so den all d very best my sweetheart?? u”ll rock it???

  15. Tvfan1

    can i write about ek aastha aisi bhee?
    if not i will write about YHM

    plz tell me ASAP!

    1. if u r writing on yhm send it to priyaa

    2. anything u like tvfan1 . I remember u. do u remember me? i commented on yhm page before.. i’m SL too

    3. Tvfan1

      oh yea priyaa!!!!!!!!
      i remeber you..

    4. mamanam hodin.. den skole patan gaththane,,, dennam tikak weda wediyi.. O/L me paara.. Oya liyanne YHM OS ekakda ?

  16. Christie123

    I am participating and I am writing in ek rishta sajhedari ka but whom will send link??

    1. send me link christie…. i was about to msg u this link

  17. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey! I’ll write OS for Ishq ka rang safed (Viplav and Dhaani) is it ok?
    Name: Maha
    Username: Mahaaijaz.
    Kindly tell me the person to whom I’ll send the link via PM!

    P.S: can I give the link of one of my old one shot to the concern guy or if it’s necessary to write something new? Please do tell me!

    1. U can’t give old one…Send link to soumya85

    2. Latha

      Maha all the best dear……

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Di I’m not participating as they need a new OS and I don’t have much time to write a brand new OS so dropped my idea. But thanks for wishing me wesey mai na kon sa jeet jaana tha??

  18. Rj12

    My name is Rithika
    And the serial is Swaragini I’ll write on SwaSan ?

    1. Rj12

      and ya can u please give the clear id of Nikkita

    2. Nikkita0194

      Ritika its me

    3. Rj12

      Oh k actually there are quite a few nikita’s so just confuse but thanks ?

    4. Seebu_s

      all the best rj12?

    5. Rj12

      Thanks a lot ??

  19. ShrutiP

    Hi….I am Shruti…
    I will be writing an OS on kuch rang pyar ke…..

    1. Nikkita0194

      Ha bhai ap ko toh pehle hi likha hai

    2. ShrutiP


    3. Nikkita0194

      I mean i had written ur name in my list send me a pm when u will post ur os got the poin btw i m judge

  20. Prabhi

    Prabhi for kumkum bhagya

    1. ok then send link to me via private message. Please note that dead line has changed

    2. Prabhi

      So I have to post it from now to 5th may

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